Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bedtime Stories

juz now..
went 4 QB wif Swee hon..
QB was crowded.. bcos BOSCO coming.. n summore countdown 4 new year..
wanted 2 watch 2.40 show n guess wat..
the line was veri long n ady fullu booked when i reach..
so i went down 2 wait Swee Hon at borders..
on the way down..
i saw Seng Ming n Chow Kit.. LOL
guess wat i saw summore???
i saw Orange.. LOL! the superstar gurlz champian few years ago organize by 8TV..
she passed by me =)
meet up wif Swee Hon. she straight pulled me 2 the toilet..
n i guess u noe wat she wanted 2 do.. MAKE UPS..
swt case..
wonder y they lurve Make Ups >.<
gt the tickets.. BedTime Stories 5.05p.m shows..
watlked around till the show started..

its a funny show =)
Lot of laughter inside the cinema..

Bugsy - the big eyes dude on Skeeter Bronson's head.. LOL
Patrick n Bobbi were so CUTE!
saw kat, li ying, cindy n seng meng in the cinema..
show finished.. went out..
wanted 2 go QB's clinik n guess wat..
suddenly i heard lot of gurlzs shouted...
tot tat they fell down in the skating ring.. bt looked down!
yea.. i saw Bosco.. in Kim Gary.. eating =)
Kim Gary was crowded bcos of Bosco..LOL
summore tot he went back de.. bcos he came at 5..
bt 2 bad.. i dun hv Camera.. Ugh.. so no PIc of it.. T_T
after a while.. then went back home.. n here i am 2 blog =)

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americanbluesscene said...

I always love bedtime stories. This is something remind me of my mother and this blog is really good i really like this blog.Nice effort :)