Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hey ya.. =)
Carrine's bro brought Carrine n I 2 QB 4 BOLT!!!
be4 tat movie start.. we went 2 KIM GARY 4 lunch...
the food at there was nice.. especially the rice in the STONE plates =)
u mux go n try if u trust my taste.. ^^
we stayed there 4 abt 1 hour bcos our movie will start at 3.35p.m n its still early..
when abt time.. we went out.. bought pop corn.. then go in cinema..

tis is da movie.. BOLT!
BOLT n PENNY were so cute ler... n of cuz nt forgetten RHINO the hamster!!! hahahax xD
it's AWESOME! u shdn't miss tis awesome movie!! lalas...

after that movie.. its ady 5 sumthing..
went 2 Master Robot 2 gt Carrine's bro's robot tat ady ordered it...
then off back home =)
Tat's all =)

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