Friday, December 20, 2013

Gartien Pineapple Cakes for CNY 2014!

One more month and it's time to celebrate Chinese New Year! Have you started to stock up your Chinese New Year cookies? I bet most of you start to crack your brain to think of what to bake or to buy for your love, family, relatives and friends.

Pineapple tart is one of the must-have cookies! In Hokkien dialect, pineapple is called "Ong Lai" which means "Prosperity Comes". 

Gartien (小田佳園), a local pineapple cakes manufacturer based in Penang, has comes out with new packaging design which has Peony/Mudan Flower/牡丹 as CNY 2013 theme.

The box is now in elegant looking red with gold stamping. There are 10 individual packages in each box with Chinese ink painting of ‘mudan flowers’ on its individual packing.

Each box is priced at RM45, available till 26 Jan 2014. (30 Dec 2013 onwards). However, you are able to enjoy promotional price at RM38 per box if you make pre-order before 31 Dec 2013.

Fyi, 500 sets have been pre-booked by their valuable friends and customers even before the production! Now it's left only about 1000 "Auspicious Gift Sets" available for pre-order. In another words, only 250 sets are available weekly! Note down the date!
Week 1: 30th Dec 2013- 5th Jan 2014
Week 2: 6th Dec 2013- 12th Jan 2014
Week 3: 13th Dec 2013- 19th Jan 2014
Week 4: 20th Dec 2013- 26th Jan 2014

Here is an additional Bonus for everyone! For every 10 boxes ordered, you can either opt for another box of pineapple cakes FREE (if you collect them yourself) or get your postage WAIVED (if you are residing within Peninsular Malaysia).

I like the pineapple fillings which are sweet yet juicy. The fillings are made of 100% fresh pineapples picked directly from their plantation in the village of Nibong Tebal, Penang. On the other hand, the golden pastries are made with natural ingredients and pure butter that gives the milky and buttery taste yet light and fluffy feel. I can feel the texture of the real pineapples when eating it. It's perfect to be served with a cup of tea! :)

Guess what? No preservative is added!

Make your order now at here!!

For more information,
Name: GARTIEN @ 小田佳園
Address: 68, Lorong Macalister, 10400 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact: 604-229 0068
Business Hours: 10.00am-5.00pm (weekdays), 9.00am-6.00pm (weekends)
GPS: 5.416195, 100.328433

Sunday, December 1, 2013

We're our own dragons.


"We're our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves."
(Tom Robbins)

RIP.. 1/11/2013

Few dragon years ago, she was born. A kind lady. A strong woman. After 3 weeks of fighting in the ICU, she left us.. to another world.. I believe, she went to the peaceful world, with no pain or sorrow.. :)

Thanks for becoming my granny. You are awesome :). Without you = without my mom, without my mom = without me. I'm grateful to have you in my life, to cook awesome meals for me, take care of me, talk to me even though we hardly understand each others when I was small*we used to try to simplify our language for each other :/*.

Glad that you still drop by my dream before you left. Seeing you recovered, smiling happily and telling me not to worry about you, you are fine in my dream. I hope you really do right now, and in the future too.

No matter what, I really hope you rest in peace. Go to the place where you suppose to, happily. Don't worry about us, we will take care of ourselves :). Make sure you do, at least that's the point of keeping me okay despite so much of dramas happened..

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Stay strong Camy!
Why so much of drama in life? Won't u feel tired? I feel extremely tired although i'm only watching at the side, feeling exhausted. Totally disappointed. Why things happened this way? I really don't understand. :(

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!

i'm back for a short short post! :D
been on hiatus lately.
wasnt exactly in the mood to blog tho. Granny still unconscious. It's middle of short sem now, busy with assignment and test coming soon!

Managed to join le uni halloween party on Wednesday night!
It was fun! Sexy girls, muscular guys dance, drama, and even DJ party time!


Le housemate :O

Xiao Fei, Carmun and Zhi Ying that busy singing after party!

The main purpose we came is to support them! Zhi Ying, the epic Leonard and drama king Shan Jing!

all the committee and performers!

went all the way to Kajang to hunt for yummy Burger Bakar Abang Burn after party! :D

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our Heroine ♥

Back in Singapore Zoo
Our Heroine ♥

Don't ever underestimate her.
She is very very active and hardworking. Despite her wrist bone was slightly fractured, I still always see her moving around doing her work and insist to cook for herself.
She is a huge fans of Hokkien drama. Heard from my aunt that she can wake up during midnight just for dramas. Because of the influence by my little cousins, she starts watching cartoons too! I can still remember when I was young, she started watching Chinese drama to learn mandarin so that she can communicate with my siblings and I. :')
I to eat what she cook, they taste real good!

She is my very cute Ahma!
She is still fighting for her life in the ICU. How I wish I could stay with her in Penang and accompany her.. You will surely win in this war! I know you will be fine. :)
Ahma, you have been sleeping for more than a week. It's time to wake up and play with your grandchildren!! Wa Seow Liam Lu..

In a mess
Everything seems to be in a mess. Hopefully there will be a rainbow in a while. :)

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sector Focused Career Fair

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Last weekend, I was invited by Nuffnang to attend Sector Focused Career Fair (SFCF) which was held at University Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang on 5 & 6 October.

The SFCF is a joint initiative between Talent Corporation Malaysian Berhad (Talent Corp) and local universities, to increase awareness on real life working environment and opportunities among the students and graduates. This Career Fairs mainly focused on science, healthcare and social sciences sectors. This career fairs include job fairs, interviews, career talks, and ICQ Quiz.

There are 32 companies participated in this career fair.

One of the activity there is ICQ Quiz. Answer 10 Questions and you are given 10seconds for each question. The top scorer with the fastest answering speed and most correct answers get to win an iPad!!!

photo credits to Amelia
Me and Ann trying out the ICQ Quiz.

We left the fair and moved on to the career talk. Look at the crowd there! 

 En Mohd Redzuan Mohd Sofian, the Senior Vice president of Business Eco System Division in IRDA was speaking about the Talent Landscape in Iskandar Malaysia!

 Bean bags were prepared for the students and graduates to interact with the key person of the companies participated.

Meet the Penang Bloggers! Shelyn, Christer, Kharnyee, Constance, Amelia, Fione, and Camy!
oh! not to forget the photographer, Henry! :D

For more information on TalentCorp and SFCF, please visit

Sunday, September 29, 2013

In a Blink of an Eye

Hardly get to see beautiful scenery in Sg Long anymore compared to Kampar. Anyway, I still manage to snap a few. :D
Sunrise at Sg Long 09.9.2013

Sunrise at Sg Long 07.6.2013

Sunset at Sg Long 07.9.2013
FYI, finally its Sem Break!! 3 weeks plus for me to enjoy! :D After I completed 14 study weeks and 3 weeks final. I dont get to come back Penang often like I did in Kampar. I missed Penang very very badly. :(

le Year 1 Sem 1 is Overrrr!

It's alright, imma gonna enjoy myself to the fullest in these few weeks :D

With the cigarettes model
One of my assignment is to held event. In the very short time given, we held the Anti-Smoking Campaign.

Despite homesick, I get to enjoy myself with few of my coursemates in Sg Long. :D I am really really thankful that I get to meet trustable and awesome friends wherever I go. They will be there to help me when I need. :)

Xiao Fei!!! *blogged about her in my previous post*
Yes yes, she is still here for me, being there with me throughout the whole semester :D. My partner in class but always left me alone especially those early morning class. She brought us to the mall to watch movies :P. I will always like to kacao her no matter in Fb or Whatsapp. She always bring us out to have good food *cause most of the shops are closed at night in Sg Long, hardly get to eat good food :/*. Not to forget the one that fetch me to and from bus station. Still remember there was once after Raya holiday, I was stuck in the jam until 2am and she stayed up late to fetch me. Damn touched and guilty tho. :X

in the class :D
Carmun. Yours Truly. Zhi Ying

Carmun. *i didnt purposely wink you know! :P I was just trying to close my eyes
She was in the same tutorial class with me and Xiao Fei. A great friend tho. :). A strong lady. The No 1 fans of hello kitty and pink!!! The one that not afraid of ghost or to watch haunted movie, but afraid of roller coaster. Always accompany me to wherever I want to. She always say something epic that make us laugh real hard!

Zhi Ying. *she purposely make her eyes till so cool eh!
Carmun's housemate. A very straight forward girl. Another very funny friend. Quite epic too eh! Very clear on how to sit LRT or rapid tho. Always our tour guide when we wanna go somewhere :/. 3 of us can just sit there and talk for hours non-stop cause we are talkative.

Mei Sham. Qonstance. Camy
Not to forget le these 2 housemates aka the Future Doctors :D. With them, I need not worry about my dinner. They will bring me out for dinner or cook for me :P. Just like big Jie Jie taking care of me. When I was having final, Qonstance came back for a while, she cooked for me before she left to her boyf place. She even fried extra eggs for me even I dapao fried rice dy. I feel loved :D 

Signing off.
I shall continue enjoy my Sem break before I am back to Sg Long :X

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Irresistible moments & Unmissable events at ESCAPE

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I cant live without Drama or Movie! Yes yes, and it started since I am very very young! During holiday, i can finish watching a 30-40 episodes drama in 2 or 3 days :X. I bet most of you are like this too!

Movies and dramas had become my best companion to kill my time after I move out since I started my Uni life. Sometimes I even dare not start to watch the 1st episode of a drama, cause I know I will definitely stay in front of my lappy and watch it all day long lifelessly, not doing anything else. :X. Then my next thought will be "finish the movie asap so I can start doing my stuff!" which usually last few days or up to a week depends on the internet connection. Nevertheless, I STILL cant leave without drama or movie. :X

Introducing you the new apps that Celcom has just launched - ESCAPE!

ESCAPE is your personal entertainment world that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime as long as you have Internet connection on your laptop, smartphone or tablet across Malaysia. Exclusively for Celcom customers nationwide!

With this apps, you can enjoy all sorts of Concerts, Red Carpet Events and movie genre like Action, thriller, comedy, drama, horror, romance and many more.. 

ESCAPE is an online movie library with a variety of Hollywood, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi and local movies. You can enjoy over 500 movies with Escape from only 80sen per hour. How cool right? Besides movie, you can enjoy live events, live news, concerts and TV series on your mobile devices too! I think guys will definitely love it as they can watch their favorite football match anywhere!

Have you watch Jack the Giant Slayer and Iron Man 3?

With the awesome technology these days, ESCAPE delivers high resolution, high quality and high impact images via adaptive streaming technology for excellent video quality across devices!

TV Series like The Little Nyonya are available too!

The best thing is, ESCAPE has the unique Pause & Play function too! You can pause the selected movie on one device and continue watching on another device as you please so you never miss your favourite show again. Just add them in your watchlist or bookmark the movie or show will do! :)

Attractive right? Download the app-ESCnow for FREE on your mobile devices now! Register at to ESCAPE!
1. Sign Up for Free!
2. Validate your Celcom mobile number
3. Watch

** Available exclusively to Celcom subscribers nationwide.
For more information, visit