Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TaGgEd By tZe YeN

1. Joannie
2. Zoe
3. Nyee
5. Yolande
6. Li Ean
7. Camille
8. Eulene
9. Kim
How you know 1?
Primary Skool
What would you do if 3 & 4 dated you?
i dun wan be lesbian ler.. >.<
Would 5 & 6 make a good couple ?
nah.. of cuz no.. LOL
Do you think 7 is attractive?
of cuz...
Do you know anything about 8's family?
Tell something about 9.
a blur gurlz.. can say so..
What language does 2 speak?
English. Malay. Chinese
Who is 3 going out with?
i dunno..
How old is 4?
sweet 15
When was the last time u talk to 5?
hmmm... last month..
Would you date 7?
if i were a boi..
What's 9's last name?
hmm.. nt sure ler..
Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
she's my BF!
Which school does 2 goes to?
SMK Bukit Jambul
What do you like about 3?
friendly. always hug me! cute! pretty.

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