Wednesday, July 29, 2009


*Merdeka!! cheer n jump around!*
finally exam over!!!
alot of skool straight hv trials.. our skool donkey wan! summore got tis test! Ghh ~!@#$%^&*
one month more 2 go.. trials........ =(
studied last min 4 tis test as usual~ hek hek xP
my bm get 52/80. =S
maths.. haizzzz.. drop alot T_T.. luckily still B.
Geo? weeeee get 80 n above man! Lalalala~
watever isit.. still... i hate test!!! =X
*skip exam topic*

Cuppy Cake
click on the words n watch the video!!!
Cuppy Cake!!!!! so CHUBBY!!! ahhhhh~ i wanna pinch her!!!
Mr Bean Conducting n Invisible Drum Kit super duper FUNNY!
Love Story & Viva La Vida is AWESOME!!!
juz click n watch la! booooo xP
*yummmm yummmmmmm xP*
The Chocolate Cake n Cookies tat my group did during KH were YUMMY!!!!
*proud of myself* Camy actually can bake?! yeah, she can!!! xP.. wif help =S
did the cookies wrongly at 1st actually.. so end up.. my group got x2 cookies than others. =D

Owh yeah! Result Day!
i got 4th in class n 36/207 in form!!!
my puratar was 79.2%..
i still cant believe till now btw =X
guess wat teacher comment abt me?
Surprisingly.. she said i'm QUIET in class!!! WOO!!!!
friends laughed abt wat she said.. bcos i'm not tat type!!! =S
owh well.. i'm quiet in her class bcos her class was damn boring... n I HATE BM!!! so dun got shock xO

DONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dun get shock if i scold DONKEY in front of u ppl!!
i dunno y i started 2 scold donkey few weeks ago.... n nowadays i keep on scolding Donkey =S
well.. i noe tat's bad D:

wee! i noe how 2 solve RUBIX CUBE de!!! yaaayyyyyyy
Rubix is fun 2 play!
well.. i noe how 2 solve weeks ago.. almost a month? *proud*
bt i noe.. how 2 sum ppl.. its ady outdated =S
Current addicted :
you belong wif me - Taylor Swift
you r not alont - MJ
I juz cant stop loving you - MJ
*y i addicted 2 MJ's songs? O.o*

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wei Yi Surprise Party!

hv surprise party at Red Box, Gurney for Wei Yi~
Organize mostly by Lam.. aww~ tat's sweet..
tumpang Gaik Sim's car wif Meredy.. reached there abt 11 sumthing.. =S
owh no! we were late n Gaik Sim go gila at first =X
reached there de... settle at Red Box de.. then went 2 tipu Her..

Gaik Sim : Lelong~ Lelong~
Me : *evil laughs* we gonna sell u away.. Muahahaha!
Meredy : Uncle.. wanna buy here onot? *act as sum uncles ady there n askin them whether wanna buy her onot*
Cheryll : Lelong~
Alvin : *dun care abt we gurlz.. =.=*
Wei Yi : *as usual* Weiiiiiiiiii
she was surprise 2 c me.. they din tell her tat i came also =.=

Sang song 4 her n asked her 2 make a long wish..
Closed her eyes again..
then surprise her again wif Lam holding the cake~ awwwww... *be4 tat.. lam lie 2 her tat he need 2 go hospital check up =.=... n she planned 2 visit lam after tis outing*
Owh yeah! tis cake was exactly the same cake as Wei Yi bought 4 Lam when his bufday n he dun noe... wat la.. =.=
sang bufday song 4 her again n as usual.. pick up the candle by mouth.. =D
then she gave the gurlzs n Lam a hugg..
then Meredy started wif the song Girlfriend *i guess.. cant rmb*
Siao there till abt 1... sumthing happened.. n i went 2 the seaside myself 2 find ppl =.=
after Red Box.. Meredy went home.. Cheryll went wif Alvin..
the rest of us went 2 buy tickets 4 movie ltr..
since we still hv lot of time.. we hang around..
walked till the place those Thailand ppl sell stuff there..
came back again.. hang around again =.=..

we watched Ice Age 3! not 3D btw..
movie started at 5.30..
the movie was veri veri funny!!
after movie.. went home >.<
story end~

Thursday, July 9, 2009


*open newspaper*
me: Ko.. MJ's bufday on 29Aug ka?
Bro: wait. i go check in internet.
Dad: yeah! wanted 2 tell u bt 4get..
me: sure onot?
*few minutes ltr*
Bro: yeah... 29Aug..
*started 2 laugh*
i never realise our bufday is on the same day when he's alive man!
i'm weird..... i noe.... realise it after ppl pass away =.=
well... not reali hv interest abt him.. watever isit...
R.I.P Micheal Jackson~

Sunday, July 5, 2009


wow~ finally get 2 update~
let's the pic talk~

well.. 4/6/09 *i noe tat's long time ago de =.=* went hiking wif the aussie teachers~

Mdm Mary introducing them~
owh yea! be4 tat we did senaman pagi~

mel intro us~

start our journey~


on the way up~

*point* spot pengetua?

*fuhhhh~* finally reach the 1st place 2 rest~

Donkey Haze!!!


Rambutan!!!!! Rambutan!!!!!!!! Rambutan!!!!!!!!!

gonna reach the second spot! lot of aussie teachers went down at here =S

look properly!!! haizzz... mempersiasuikan us man!!!!


i'm not in the pic =(

No idea tat i post for arthur.. =S

woo!! tiring

finally~ we reach the top!!!!

Go Pak Cik!!!!!


Pic be4 goin back~ the aussie teacher tat made it!!!

group pic~

on the way down~

Wow~ the guy waiting for the Princess a.k.a JY??

Pak Cik open durian. looks yummy.. bt no one tried =X

Miss Pheona wif the Rambutan!

i got no idea tat he stalk me =.=

look at wat mel holding.. =.=




Saturday, July 4, 2009

ramdom again~

96 days more 2 pmr~ n i study nth!! wth!!!!
exam coming soon~ three weeks more.. hmmm.. shd start study!! *say ne. everytime also last min mia >.<*
shocked of my mid-term exam results O.o.. average 78.9%. [[omg?! never get so high be4 man.. wat's wrong wif Camy? hmmm.. cant believe]]
our skool came 2 aussie teachers~ cool~
they gonna teach Eng. Sci n PJK 4 2 or 3 weeks..
din involve my class *sadddd =(* bt nvm.. hiking wif aussie teachers on sat~ wee~
baked Sosej Gulung on tues during KH.. lovin it~ *proud xP*
Cookies n Chocolate Cake next week~ lala~ *cant wait*
Rock Legenda!! Nice game in Fb! =D
currently addicted 2 sum songs~
火柴天堂, 如果的是n 树上唱歌..
scared numbers of ppl wif tis songs~ they tot i'm crazy! Woo! yes! i'm crazy~ lala~

Love You~ xP

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hari Koperasi

finally i'm in the mood 2 blog again after so long~ =.=
i'm getting lazy 2 blog de..
sorry~ blame me =S
our skool held Cooperative Day tis year bt nt Canteen Day..
the different is Cooperative Day for our skool students ne.. no outsiders~ weird =.=
Hari Koperasi was boring.. >.<
bt get 2 spend time wif him *jumps around~ lalala~*
walk around wif him~ hang around wif him~ wee! xP
voice club sold sumthing on tat day~
the La-Ku wan~ mashmallow! nice man =D rm1 for 1!! cheep ryt? bt got ppl say exp.. !@#$%^&*

Mashpotato also veri nice=) rm1 for 2!!!
we started selling at 9.++ bt not until 10a.m we ady finish selling... cool ryt?
our profit not reali high.. =S. bt okay okay lar.. as long as we dun rugi is okay de =) saja play ne ma.. xP *guess we rugi for mashmallow*
abt 11.. my batt low de.. realli got no mood 2 walk around anymore =S
the day before i slept at 2a.m bcos of the stupid Sej Folio. manatau go 2 skool~ others say they gonna pass up on monday.. GHHH ~!@#$%^&*
abt 12.30p.m.. cabut earlier wif wei yi n cheryll for open troop meeting..
[[ food is back. chao~]]
Dolphin~ u'r the best! xP