Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fishy? weee~

Followed Phor Tay skool trip 2 War Musuem n Aquarium wif Jo. WT. Syafiq n Joe
was so exited be4 goin there..
heard tat war musuem is fun n scary n so on.. n get 2 meet fishy all when meet there.
bt ended up.. War Musuem was so boring. =.=
Phor Tay students keep got scared by those patung there..
bt 5 of us were lyk "owh okay" when we saw =S
after tat. went 2 Aquarium.
damn unlucky tat day. they were repairing the tangki inside.. so its CLOSED!!!!
we juz get 2 visit the pond outside there n one part of the aquarium ne =(


i lyk tis pic. look lyk ppl in cinema watching movie =)

Huge fishy~


Fish can Glow wan? O.o

Joe wif his big eyes

Syafiq blur. oppsy.. jo at side


pretty fishes...

the reflection of water is nice =D

small turtle.

Cute one =)

star fish.. wif a small nice blur fish behind

CRAB!!!! my fav food =)

we ended up ate fish biscuit tat jo brought beside the door of Aquarium =S

Monday, November 16, 2009

BOB ttn center?!

HILARY!!! tis specially 4 u =D
found it in my bro*almost type br_ [[inside joke]]*'s skool magazine.
BOB tuituion center? weirdo~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Food Stealer

tis is an evil bird.. who make me scream for lot of times..

its so scary. =S

suddenly came in my house n steal food.
the bird go steps on my bro's lunch n eat it.. muahaha. *thx god tat time i ady finish eating.fuhhh*

no matter how we tried 2 scare it 2 go away.. bt failed..

when i'm taking it's pic.. it look at me out of sudden.. *muka tebal wan. ppl wanna take pic summore pose*
end up. my bro hv 2 korbankan his lunch for tis small bird. LOL!
p/s: its a smart bird.. it came. took the food in the plate. then went sumwhere near balcony n enjoy it... dun wan de.. then back 2 the plates n took other food. =S

Friday, November 6, 2009

Everything go worst

If you love someone alot.. let he/she go free..
if he/she belongs 2 u.. he/she will be urs.. u guys will never seperate no matter how much probs u guys go through..
if he/she doesn't belongs 2 u.. then let he/she go.. let he/she find their love.. u guys will never last long or feel the happiness if meet the wrong person.. don't do stupid stuff behind.. tis will juz make more n more ppl hate u..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Darl's Bufday

its her Bufday~
went 2 QB wif them n celebrate wif her..
oppssyyy.. i cant rmb wat the guy's name tat followed us.. *melissa's peminat. biasa la.. she n xuan got lot of peminat*
went 2 secret recipe be4 the movie..

look at the way we put the candle.. Special ryt?? *say yes plz =S*

she wish....................

watched Poker King..
its damn funny.. damn romantic movie man.. so sweet~ *i realise sumthing.. almost all movie 2 me is nice wei.. nvm.. ignore me. i'm crazy*

went 2 sakae sushi 2 hv dinner after tat..
the guy tat followed us belanja..

on tat nitex.. my keng ppl mia skill suddenly come out wei..
keep keng tat guy till he speechless man... pity him =S belanja us summore kena keng teruk man.
pees in the noodles bowl wif green tea on top?

3 of us hv 2 same shirt =)
*joannie dun jealous yea*