Saturday, October 29, 2011

My New Bloggg :D

yes yess! finally i did it!
wanted to have it for long ago to show my passion towards photography and in case my computer break down and lost all my folders. ;)
drop by if you are interested!
peekaboo. i'll still update here of course.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When The Sun Shines

Hello Sunshines :D
remember to smile every time you wake up and get to see the sun shines.
the sun allows us to see the colourful world.
do you ever experience the feeling of being blind?
when the whole world is totally black, you can't see anything even yourself?
be grateful that you can sit in front of the computer and enjoy reading my blog now :D

Monday, October 24, 2011

Domain Give Away!

after considering for quite sometimes whether how to use the domain i've got it, i've decided to give it away!
can't deny that as a blogger, i wanted a domain badly for my bloggie.
it's just so awesome having your own domain!
but having it is quite troublesome for me.
cause i'm just a secondary school girl that don't have much money and i don't have much earning for my blog that enough for it to renew it every year..
i also need my parents help to settle for me but i got a feeling that they wont allow me to do so.
maybe i'm gonna have it in the future, but it's so not now.
let's skip all those crap...
so for those who wanted a domain long ago, it's your chance now! :D

To get the domain .com, please answer my question honestly, positive or even negative answers are acceptable :) 
1. How you found my blog?
2. What do you think about my blog? why?
3. How often do you visit my blog?
4. Do you read every single words of my post or just scroll trough it? 
5. Which is your favourite post in my blog? why?
6. Leave me your e-mail so i can contact the lucky one!

Good luck! contest ends at 31th October. =)

Friday, October 21, 2011

New Driver!

driving test was so scary!
but I still got my P!!!!!!!
proud to tell, there is a new driver on the road now! :P
beware if you see me :D
p/s: i'm not sure whether do they purposely make the car weird or what. but i still think Viva sucks!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Down The Street

walking down the street in Penang Heritage Town.
old folks are all around. hardly can find teenagers or young people there.
numbers of thoughts came trough my mind.
wondering why are they still staying there..
wondering who was the great one that have the idea to build houses. let us, the younger generation have a comfortable place to stay, yet, there are still a lot of people that never appreciate what they are having right now.
a simple shop and a space to sleep are what they have in their simple life.
small business or trading done by them.
having daily needs is already more than enough for them.
life without air-con every night. without electricity nor lights.
no plasma TV, handphone, computer, mp3 nor PSP.
no comfortable bed nor bolster to hug but their life still going on well.
almost everyone have their own religion.
and they truly believe with their exist.
go to temple consistently and pray to God sincerely.
helping out there without asking for any repay.
get blessing from God
healthy and happiness are what they usually ask for.
usually their parents will arrange their partner for them.
yet they rarely go against it.
trust and loyal to their partner.
the love will grow, only after their marriage.
most of them even don't mind sharing a husband.
although it's just simple life, but they still enjoy their life to the fullest.
some still staying at the old house, just to preserve their culture.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Work For It!

everyone have brilliant ideas in their mind, but to make it happen, we have to work for it.

"i wan to be a teacher! pilot! doctor! lawyer!"
i bet everyone used to say that at least once when we were young :P
so are you working for it now? or you have changed your mind?
ask yourself honestly, do you believe that what you think will come true?
for me, i strongly believe in that. it happened on me for quite some times :D
cause when you think of it, and dream of it.
there will be a strength or power that will motivate you to work hard for it.
sooner or later, you will achieve your dream.
please bear in mind that it only happen to those who are determined and patient for it and never give up.
chase for your dream!
it may takes time, maybe months or years.
but if you never give up, the possibilities for you to achieve is still very high!

p/s: my friend made the ballerina by using sweets wrapping paper. cool right?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Transparent Spectables

those that didn't choose the spectacles properly according to their face shape will only make themselves look uglier especially those pretty girls out there.
besides, i find that spectacles are quite annoying when doing sports. it'll keep on slide down and make me feels dizzy. :X
they also limit my vision. *big eyes will have wider vision :P thick face*
and that's how i'll be if i'm spectacles-less.

For people like me who have high eyes power and need to wear spectacles everywhere but wanna get rid of those ugly spectacles,
First Choice : 
go for laser which will cost few thousand $. but i heard that it will bring some side effects after few years and there's no 100% for the operation.
Second Choice : 
contact lens

i started wearing contact lens since last year after complaining to my mom how annoying my spectacles are.
started off with a not-so-famous brand contact lens. *not gonna tell what's the brand*
but my eyes will feel dry after a while.
asked my mom to get me Acuvue to try as friends recommended me Acuvue's contact lens.
surprisingly, they are much softer than i expected and they are really fresh and just nice for me.
i feel very comfortable wearing it.
my eyes rarely feel dry even i wear it for long hours.

Focus Point is now giving out free trials for Acuvue Advance Plus or 1-Day Acuvue Moist.
Introducing ACUVUE® ADVANCE® Plus. This innovative lens features HYDRACLEAR® Technology** for exceptional comfort. And, since you use a new pair every two weeks, your eyes will keep feeling fresh. Plus, a 24-lens package makes it easier to get your annual supply at an affordable price.
1 • DAY ACUVUE® MOIST is the only daily disposable contact lenses with proprietary LACREON™ technology which locks* a moisture-rich agent that acts just like natural tears, into the proven Etafilcon A material. As a result, your eyes feel fresh and remarkably comfortable, all day long! No matter if you want to make the world your stage or give life your best shot, 1 • DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® gets you ready to move ahead in life!

for those that never try out Acuvue or any contact lens before, it's time for you to try out now!
Go to FocusPoint , like there page and sign up for it, choose which type you want, print out the e-mail and go to the shop and get it! *i'm not sure still available or not. hopefully ;)"

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beautiful Moments

The only thing that will stay remain in us and in the flow of time is memories. :D

when things are over, those left are memories.
there are many ways that we can keep our memories.
diaries, blog, drawing, photography ..........
some people choose to forget their bad memories.
but no matter what, everyone will have their own ways to keep their memories.
as for me, blog is where i keep my memories and photos pause those awesome moments :D
so how about you?

Penang, the awesome place that full of my memories :)