Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zip it

Can u juz keep ur mouth shut???
Can u dun be so kaypo??
Wth u wan??
haiz haizzzz

i'm random O.o

Monday, April 12, 2010

Eat till Burst

1st of April. its april fools..
got fooled by Mag during recess !@#$%^&*.
its 1st day of April which means its Nyee's Bufday too!
we success to pakat wif her mom n suprise her the day before in tgi friday.
had lot of fun there =D
tat was reali Awesome xP

results were out.
i'm happy wif it xD.
went back to Seremban for Cheng Beng during the 1st weekends of April.
was super bored n got stuck wif the few lil kids there =S.

on the 10th April. its my Di's bufday n Jezz's Bufday.
couldn't attend my di's bufday bcos no transport. =(
Jezz last min invited every of us to his bufday party in Hotel Equatorial.
gosh.. i cant rmb goin there be4 even the hotel is so near to my house =X.
the food was nice. got Oyster. Chicken. CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN.
its the first time i try chocolate fountain.. its super delicious. in love wif it. i miss it =(
bt. the particular person couldn't make it. D:

i miss Laksa. Spaghetti. Cheese. Chocolate Fountain. *its fattening*