Wednesday, October 28, 2009


finally dad allow me to trade in the old phone!!!
finally mom bring me BJ 2 trade in my phone!!!
finally i've my own camera phone!!!
finally i've a phone wif a not bad camera quality!!!
lovin it!!!!
its white + red + slightly blue light =D
nicey nicey!!!
i love it so much!! xP
it has face detection n smile shutter.. show ur teeth n it will automatically take the pic! so Cool!!!!
msg part also cool!!!
hv conversation room.. it's sumthing lyk chattin man! so Nice!!!
the price is nice 2!!!
phone wif 2GB onli RM610!!!!!
love it!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Freedom after Pmr!

in the afternoon of the last day of PMR..

Xuan Mel n me went QB =)

where gurlz love 2 vain~
off 2 jusco 2 c stuff..
the changing room there is so so so colourful man...



Mel veri strong wei.. she can carry it~

*Aaaaaaaaaaaa.. yum yum*


we watched tsunami~
nice movie..
veri veri Qi Kek u noe~
when the tsunami come.. u can even cry =(

off to the top floor of Qb after tat~

i love tis pic~
Next destination : Beech

My darls~



woo~ emo~ PPL!!! I EMO!!!! *nyee, hil n jo. u guys noe wat i mean* xP

together emo~

they din purposely do the same pose..



show ur teeth!!!

post end wif xuan's shoe~


during the second when the pengawas allow us 2 go out from the exam room.
everyone has a smile =D on their face..
the whole block C was full of noise.
students talkin around. cheering. joking n even shouting..
before we came out... form 5 students ady standing outside their classroom at the opposite block n waiting 2 c our reaction. prefects were waiting outside every classroom 2 control the disiplin =S
as usual.. sum of the students were complaining bcos prefects dun allow us 2 go down until we queue up. ~!@#$%^&*

back 2 the topic.. PMR is officially over!!!! ITS OVER!!!!
i'm suppose 2 be lyk others~ cheer around, get high n excited..
i dunno y n i dun understand y i dun feel tat its special tat pmr is over nor the feeling to get high wif friends n do stupid stuff..
sumhow.. i juz hv a lil feeling of excited tat goin out wif Xuan n Mel in the afternoon n happy bcos no need 2 study anymore for the rest of tis year =S
the days be4~ i was wondering wat i gonna do n how i gonna feel during the second tat PMR is over..
keep on daydream of wat 2 do.. asking friends around for their ideas~
now i noe wat i feel n i'm weirdo~~

there is alot of chinese novels for me 2 read~
reunion of primary skool is coming up~
catch up movies in cinema~
n blog more~

P/s: updates of Bufday. 2day's outing n few more are coming up. i might edit the date of my posts 2 the same day of it happen. scroll down 2 the second post of my blog or more if u visit. =)