Thursday, September 30, 2010


Let's talk abt Piranha today. hehehe ;P
somehoe i find tat Piranha kinda amazing. and its a super interesting topic xP *i sound cruel, i noe i noe*
awww. look at the pic above. they hv pretty teeth. =)

From the moment tiny baby piranhas hatch from their microscopic eggs, they come into the world armed and dangerous. Baby piranha will feast on tiny crustaceans, fruits, seeds, and aquatic plants. Once they reach about 1.5 inches in length they begin feeding on the fins and flesh of other fish that wander too closely. As they grow larger they begin to venture out in groups (shoals) of about 20 fish where they use a variety of hunting strategies to kill and eat their prey. Heck, they don't kill their prey first, they just start eating the victim alive - that's what makes them so ferocious. Adult piranha have been known to eat their own babies. Talk about brutal!

When a school of piranha are in a feeding frenzy the water appears to boil and churn red with blood. They attack with such ferocity that they strip an animal of its flesh within a matter of minutes, even taking bites out of each other in the process.

There are approximately 20 species of piranha found living in the Amazon River, with only four or five of them posing any danger. Most piranha species are quite harmless and docile, but the ones with the nasty reputation for aggressive behavior are the red-bellied piranha, Pygocentrus nattereri.

Adult piranha will eat just about anything - other fish, sick and weakened cattle, even parts of people. Sickly cattle that have stooped their heads down to drink from the river have been grabbed by the mouth and nose and pulled into the water, completely devoured minutes later. As wicked as it all sounds, piranha have a useful function in the Amazonian jungles just like any other predators in the wild. They are part of the checks and balances Mother Nature employs to eliminate the weak and sick so only the strong survive.

hehe. sounds nice?? continue reading it. *evil laughs*

Believe it or not, there are people who actually keep piranhas as "pets". Piranhas aren't good pets in the traditional sense because you can't hold or pet them, and they aren't affectionate. Piranha owners still must be extremely careful of the fish's sharp teeth and aggressive nature. Keeping them well fed is probably the key to keeping them mellow.

People who fancy piranhas as pets may be more attracted to the grisly reputation and aggressive manner of these world-class predators, perhaps keeping them for their "entertainment" value. That's O.K. - it's human nature to be fascinated with morbid and gruesome creatures. But piranhas are also very beautiful fish. As long as anyone desires to take a creature out of the wild and bring into captivity they must take the responsibility of treating it with respect and good care.

perhaps i should keep piranhas as pet xD

beware. u might be their delicious food. yummm

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Girl VS Boy can live without guys, but guys cant live without girl.
u agree???
tat's wat my BM teacher told us in class.
think properly and you'll realise.
there are so many single ladies who succeed on themselves.
according to him, actually there's only 10% of guyswho succeed on themselves.
most of the guys actually hv a wife who support them.
how can they focus on their work when they need to take care of the family without the wife's help?
as time flies, you can find alot of househusband instead of housewife.
if you watched those old chinese movie.
last time girl used to wear pants while the guys where skirt*i think it called skirt ryt?*.
life will change ppl! =D we'r getting more modern.
girls' requirement for their boyfriend or husband is getting higher nowadays.

guy,tis is what you must hv before you wanna chase after a girl ;P
1) humor - who wants a partner who don't laugh when you tell jokes? and without humor, ur relationship wif be boring~ *bt not too over, sumtimes your partner will find it annoying?*
2) know how to do housework - tis is super important as nowadays girl r lazy or don't like to do housework. bt they worry if the maid may seduces you. so its better if you do it :D
3) talented - girls love romantic. sing a love song for her or play any instrument on ur date will make her fall in love deeply in you.

Monday, September 27, 2010


i'm stuck now.
have an interesting topic to share.
bt blogger just dun allow me to post the pic.
and my mood is very bad now.
i hate my feeling now. seriously.
the rain just telling how i feel
its annoying.
stay tune kay.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Since we din held any primary skool gathering tis year.
Zuyi Organized it veri last minutes.
the plan was actually Neway *a new KTV in Queensbay* - Movie - take tanglung by the seaside.
bt the tanglung planned was cancelled bcos it might be too late.
and i wont be goin too bcos have ttn after tat.
met up wif friends at 11.45 in front of the neway.
was given a 8 ppl's room at first.
bt people keep coming. and there's no enough place to sit.
so changed to VIP room.
which was veri veri big. hv 3 tv inside and 1 toilet.
the toilet was so nice.
u can look at urself pee-ing there >.<
the food there was suck =.=
thx to kah ho, we went real high tat time. =D
see, most of them actually standing at the sofa there jumping.
u cant c me in the pic. i was the one taking pic. ;P

and ended our wif the NOBODY song. which the 3 siao kia was dancing there.
do u think the white shirt gut in the pic has high potential to be a gurlz? :D
after tat went to starbucks and talked.
around 4.30. left 6 person sitting there and talk. others all went to watch wall street.
i heard tat they regret watching it bcos its all abt financial. LOL
and 6 of us enjoyed sitting at starbucks.
talking abt our stories, our skool and so on~
glad tat tis gathering was kind of succeed =D

Friday, September 24, 2010

Piranha's Phone

Scene 1
Camy : Adrian, beware of ur toilet bowl kay. i'll put piranha in it =D

Adrian : *think a while* nvm i can flush away *show a smile*

Camy : do u know piranha is fish? they can swim back??*open eyes widely look at him*

Adrian : haaaaaa. *wondering how*

Scene 2
Camy : i usually use my Digi line. Maxis line i use lousy phone mia. same like Priyanna's phone.


Camy : Piya........ LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

if one day piranha use phone, tat must be after few centuries.
when the technology is super advance wei. LOL

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!!!! Happy Mooncake Festival!!!!!
yesterday when i walked pass my apartment's garden after tuition
the garden was so quiet. there was only one lantern hanging on the plant. so sad =(
remember last time. every year, few day before tis festival i'll surely go down to the garden and play wif my neighbours. *memories coming back =X*
hide and seek~
ice man~
play with fire~
collect dry leaves and burn~
dare each other to touch fire~
drop the burning candle's wax on our hand~
try to surround a small part of garden wif our candle~ *which we always fail doin tat bcos either not enough candle or the candle light out too fast*
although sometimes wat we did scared us and we know tat its very dangerous doing it.
bt at least we enjoyed ourselves. ;P
it was juz so fun.
day by day, year by year, everyone grown up.
the fun time was gone.
tis festival never tat fun to me anymore =(
some of them moved out.
some tat still here will juz feel shy to talk to each other when we meet.
bt the memories of playing together will always be there =D
the laughter. the joyful moment. :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Smile is Back =)

My templete cute ryt? :P
actually found a more simple and nice one. bt the stuff stuck down there too.
and super thx to YOUR help, including those who comment or tried to help *you noe who u are. be perasan and juz admit it!* =D
owh yea, my previous templete was provided by blogger =X
so end up i change my layout. which is tis one. =D
not tat messy anymore and nice ryt? ;P
was so down before this. ppl even ask me to delete my blog and redo another one.
bt HEY! how can i delete my blog juz lyk tat? my purpose to blog is to keep those memories.
and i juz got my domain not even one month. O.o
and my smile is back xP
click on my ads yea ppl. thx again. =)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

999! emergency! need HELP!!!

i super dislike my templete now =(
yea yea. the chatbox and so on is all at down there.
bcos once i put is beside my post. it disappear. T_T
which i dunno what happen wif it.
and i am still veri sad abt tis.
any pro for HTML or anyone who noe hot to fix it plz leave a comment to help me.. T_T
i seriously ur helppp.

p/s: i think my blog hate me. yea, it hate me. do u think so? =(

Friday, September 17, 2010

Holiday Mood

i'm still having the holiday mood.
i don't want to go to school when the next day is holiday again =(
bt the good girl like me will feel guilty if i skip school.
went to school with a super duper sleepy face and i was kinda late to school.
thanks to the rain so i won't be recorded. *i'm a prefect which suppose to be early to school.*
school was boring. less than half of the students in my class came to skool as i expected. which is 14/37.
teachers did not teach today.
Some of the teachers still haven't mark out test paper.
Some that is hardworking already finish marking.
My results for this exam are super T_T
can't blame anyone. i've to admit i didn't study much for tis test.

Most of the schools reopen today.
number of my visitors go down. =(
and i just miss my old fringe. D:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First try on Rapid

Its quite some times that penang have the Rapid service.
bt i only tried once wif my mom on the first 3 days tat they provide free service. =X
so my friend organized an outing which one of the main purpose is to try on rapid. *yeah. most of us never try before*
Destination : Gurney Plaza
Time : 11 morning
Bus Stop : in front of Tesco Extra
yea.. its 11 morning. n we girls reached the bus stop at around 11.15.
can see all the guys were sitting there waiting. We are QUEEN!xP

the bus came at 11.45 and we reached Gurney about 1 o'clock.
as usual. we are always the noisiest no matter where we go =X
had A&W as our lunch there.
then the guys went Toy R Us and the girls went shop around.
joined the guys at toy r us and Nat wanted to hv her lunch. she bought us to Manila Place.
took tis pic there. i super lyk the effect. look like forest ryt? =D
watched Vampires Suck after that.
owh ppl. dun ever go watch this movie.
Its super lameeeee n reali SUCK!
wasted my $$ T_T

everyone super regret watching tat.
so to make the day nice. we watched PIRANHA 2D *we got our way to go in the 18 movie ;P*
tis movie was SUPER AWESOME!!! although some screen kinda scary. bt its worth!
and We laughed during the movie when the whole cinema was super quiet. COOL ryt?? :P
went home after tat and its fun scaring Adrian! =D

p/s: click on my nuff ads yea ;P

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raya Open House

Nat invited the gang for the raya open house.
its my first time attending malay's open house. =D
so this is the host :) *sorry for the dark pic*
went there for around 12p.m for lunch.
after eating, the guys went back n left the gurlz playing, gossiping, vaining n joking =D

so this is hilary.
the pretty gurlz bt the craziest wan among us.
she can be blur at sum times and she can go super high at some times.
awww, i tis group pic of us =D.
self-timer anyway xP

JODENE!!!!!!! *the spelling corrector of my blog*
the crazy time.. *c i told u, she can be super crazy*
and the vain time xP
the 3 girls behind was playing sperm game. O.o and burger game.

p/s: got over 100 unique visitors yesterday. weee~

Monday, September 13, 2010


look at my link now!! *smile widely*
its WWW.C-A-M-Y.COM!!!!!!
exabytes gave free coupon to get 1 year domain! thx thx =DDDDD

n of cuz... thx to Blackie, Simon and Daphne for helping me =D
or else i'm seriously dead for doin tis.
n u'll c me in heaven *flying in the air wif wings lyk angel... awww. how good my imagination is =X*
i'm just so happy tat manage to get tis domain! AHHHHHHH!

p/s:i've a poll beside, go fill it up =D thx

Sunday, September 12, 2010

FEATURED POST on innit!!!!

i got featured post on innit!!!! weeee!!!!
thx for all the nangs ppl =D
although i got featured post on innit n hv alot of nangs, bt yea i agree wif Jamie.
comments and permanant readers are more important than nangs >.<
i can't get alot of nangs all the time.
comments allow u to know what ppl think abt ur blog.
permanant readers will read ur blog constantly. =D
so people!! do comment of my post yea ;P
u comment on my post often = i'll read ur comment = i'll noe u drop by at my blog = i'll click on ur link n visit ur blog = i'll stalk you if u always comment = u hv a reader lyk me! ;P
anyway, million billion thx to my readers =D *although i think its veri less*
u guys

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Special Raya Celebration

firstly, i would lyk to wish everyone
so how did u celebrate ur first day of Raya? niceee?

so i celebrated Raya on top of the Hill wif my friends~ *special ryt?* xP
the Bukit Jambul
planned to go wif so many of them, end up left 6 of us.. =X
suprisinglyyyyy. my stamina not bad weii. O.o unbelievablee wooooo
we managed to reach up there after hiking for half n hour. weee~ its gud kay xP *of cuz we can't compare wif those prooo*
the view from up there. can spot Queensbay Mall =D
Nyee's awesome shoe. xP
nyee, sorry cant wait for u. bcos once i stop too much. i'll be super super tired de =X
weeee! my houseee!! xP.

the Penang Bridge =D
i juz now tat i'm lame on coming down the hill, my legs will be shivering =(

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Highhh

weelala~ my prob is solved!
million thx to Blackie for teaching me!!! ;P
i changed my templete =D
it started bcos i accidentely press the wrong button.
i seriously went mad tat time..
then after liking my new templete, sumthing went wrong wif my post again..
tanjung rambutan almost hv a new member. >.<
now its solved!
u can c smile on my face now, juz lyk the smile in tat pic :) :) :)
so now u guys can follow my blog n comment on my post too ^^

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Step Up 3

watched STEP UP 3 yesterday wif my friends!!!!
Its super super super awesome movie!!
Its a MUST to watch if u haven!!
i'm not kidding.
the first movie tat i so siao kay!
owh the Pretty n Hot main acter n actress.
wif the super romantic story inside... awwww
the Cute couple tat crazy over dance so so much.
the cool PIRATES team tat dance so so WOW!!!!
n few lil kids tat dance lyk OMGGGGG..
it juz so so awesome! shdn't miss it ppl!!! especially to those who Dancing

Canon DSLR price drop. OMGGG! drool

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


so.... tis fella asked me to blog abt him *sorry for the blur pic* =X
he is a super blurr n cute guy.
he's the DSLR ownerrrr.
he own a Nikon D5000. I'm super jealous abt it.
as u noe i siao DSLR bt i dun hv 1. sad case ryt? =(
tat's y i lyk to steal his DSLR away when its wif him xD
he promise to buy me a DSLR in the future. *ppl be my saksi kay* xP
he's willing to sell his kidneys to buy me a DSLR too. so any of u who wanna buy kidneys plz contact Me or Him. =D

n lastlyyyy.. The blur fella own a BLOGGG *sern. c i so gud. promote ur blog* =)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tweet Tweet Tweety Bird

weee~ i juz joined TWITTER!!!
for fun?? hehe
follow me if u hv one too ;P