Thursday, August 30, 2012

When I was a Baby!

let photos do the talking :)
viewing through my mom's phone and i found numbers of my baby photos!
i miss when i was young, no worries, no trouble..
i miss how cute i was. *perasan :P*

oh spot that chut chut tao! :P

photo in ferry :)
yes, i have a brother. 
that's why i do all those boyish thing and act like a boy!

 oh how handsome i was. B)

i have no idea that my bro used to so sayang me :P.

looks like little couple right? :3

and when he gone evil. *oh spot where are his legs*

cause we were so cuteeee :P

and there he goes again.
i look like his human toy. O.o

i got no idea what we were doing. dance maybe? :)

and the third little monkey came out when i was 3 :).
super naughty and used to bully me till i got no idea what to do instead of i bully her. O.o

oh wink wink ;D

i told you i was cute! wthhh LOL

if you can spot me on that super huge super bike :P
i was so small! 

and now look like this. *trying to act as cute as last time. failed.. piang*

random update! final next week! oh i cant wait to be back to penang after Final!

Friday, August 17, 2012

I stopped tetris battle for a long time back in secondary. Thanks to the boring life in kampar, when every night i've to struggle thinking of what to do, obviously study wouldn't be my choice, who can stand studying every night especially people that likes to move around like me?? and i started it back again. :X gosh, day and night tetris, even i'm feeling super lifeless. But i just can't help it to finish using my energy! D:
this thing had been appearing on my comp screen almost every night in kampar. gahhhhh.

weeks ago, i found an awesome side to replace tetris. oh yeaahhhhh :)
they will definitely update few posts everyday.. Yes! EVERYDAY!
it's an awesome side full of amazing, inspiring, beautiful photos and videos! lots of idea that you will never think of.

watch it!
i only like to view photos but never like watching video until i watch it in the side! makes me feels like travelling around! :D

another meaningful video made by combination of photos. :)

hope it helps you too! :D
for banana, i know it's all in chinese, but dont worry, the pictures and video already do the talking. After years of not learning chinese, i'm lazy to read long text in chinese too and what i do is scroll through and look at the photos one by one :) 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2# Collection - Insects Photos

2nd post of my collection :)
a moth.
and guess what? it was in my toilet. opps :P


Having wings to fly does not really mean freedom,
As we tend to stick to our ground silently,
Hoping to find something more,
In the place we already call home

p/s:really cant wait for raya holiday. #imisspenang

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My First Presentation!

Last week i had my first Presentation in my life. it's all about economics in Macau and Indonesia. i bet you wonldn't be interested to know about it :P
The next day had my Critical thinking presentation, and we talked about "Where are our manners??"

and guess what? Malaysia is at the bottom of the list of Least Courteous Cities at number 34 out of 36 major cities.
agree with it? there are people that bang me and left without saying sorry, instead, gave me a stare. Just ignore when others need help. haiz. people nowadays....

vain time!
time to intro those that close to me in class!
Xiao Han! oh my very cute tutorial-mate! my first tutorial friend! another Penang-lang :P
my first time wearing formal too! >.< too formal for casual people like me la. me no likey :X

my gang in the class! :D
was super nervous before presentation as i have stage fright! thanks to them that support me! :D
nice experience tho.

Xiao Han, Chiao lyn, June, Winnie, our cute lecturer, Suki, Sally and the blogger
she claimed that we look more like lecturer and she is a student :X

Monday, August 6, 2012

Please don't rain, Kampar

the super moody feel photo
rain rain go away. come again another day
rain rain go away. camy need to go to school.
kampar oh kampar, please dont rain..
at least after this week.
i've test on Tues and Fri!
i dont want to worry about transport to go home during test :(

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#1 Collection - Insects Photos

after weeks staying here and after long time considering it, i've decided to bring my baby DSLR here.
i'm afraid that it will become antique if i leave it in Penang since non of my family member will use it and i'll only go back Penang once or twice a month.
besides, the first few weeks in Kampar is really boring. thought of bringing it here to kill my boredom.
felt so bad after that cause i did not actually make use of it well when i brought it here and i really have no idea what to snap here besides sunset or the sky, which i always did in Penang.

and and, guess what? :D excatly a week ago, finally the dumb me have an idea to ensure my baby wont rot... *wink wink*
if u still remember, i'd mention in my previous post -  My First Week In Kampar that this is what welcome me on my first morning in Kampar, on the wall, because i did not close my window before i sleep *which i smartly thought it's not necessary to close*
Basically if i don't close the window, lots of insects actually will eventually fly in my room and accompany me to sleep at night and surprise me in the morning O.o. and Oh! I have extra work too! I need to help to clean up lots of little insects dead body below my lamp every single morning before going to school :X..

although i started to close my window at night after my first few days here, sometimes, there are still some insects will manage to get in my room. just like the beautiful dragonfly in the photo above!
those 2 photos above were taken with my phone. :)

yes! i'm gonna start my Collection of Insects Photos with my baby!!!
since there are some insects that fly in my room is quite pretty, so why not? :D
This first post of my collection is not taken with my baby but it's alright, i like those 2 photos still!! xD
oh don't worry, i don't own a macro lens, so i won't get too close up with those insects until can see their organs. Me no likey anyway :X

stay tune for more post of my collection :P i'll try not to miss a chance to snap more photos of them!