Wednesday, March 24, 2010

twist ur tongue xP

"three sweet switched Swiss witches watch three washed Swiss witch Swatch watch switches
which sweet switched Swiss witch watches which washed Swiss witch Swatch watch switch"

awesome memory wif hilary on stage *memalukan urself de summore say special. perasan* =S
once we introduced ourselves. i started laughing there.. n so hil too.
everyone was super blur n followed us laughing there bcos we laugh non stop =X super embrarrass
finally we cooled down. n present the 1st part..
Camy : .... swatch watch.
Hilary : *point at camy n say* SWITCHED!
yeah. i Love her.
she made everyone started laughing again =X
we'r the cutest team ever on stage. xD

my phone expired. cant msg..
i miss him badly =(

Monday, March 22, 2010


i'm curious of my results.
i went around the skool find for teachers to ask for my marks.
no no.. i'm not "kia su".
bcos according to my seniors, most of them fail add maths on the 1st test.
so i'm juz curious whether do i fail any sub.
i din fail bt i was super kaypo in add maths.
- become +
i'm not suppose to change the equation bt i changed it =(
end up i got 66.very bad ryt?? :-(
bcos of tis i lost so much marks D: super kaypo.. haizzzzz
i dun lyk sci.. bt i'm satisfied wif my 3 sci marks =D
i din do 2 ques n 10 marks gone. n i still can get 80. muahahaha. i'm siao.
my language subs bad as usual =S
i'm stupid as usual.

i miss laksa

Saturday, March 20, 2010

two zero zero

200th Post!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

weng tatt, me, jo, hil, nyee, chee yang, weng yee.
yeah yeah.
they'r my AWESOME friends =D

owh gosh. i love hil's leg xD

need 3 gurlz to find kutu for him?

let me tell u a secret.. shh.. dun tell anyone yea...
promise kay?
rmb wat u promise yea.. shhhh

everyone look retarded. o.o

weee.. my gurlz.. muahahaha
nyee looks soo cuuttteeee =D

guess which wan is my???

owh i ♥ them.

we watch alice in wonderland..
they look so so cruel as wat i say xP
eyes poking... chop head...
so coolll =D
met Melvyn. Nureen. Pn Wong wif her cute son xD. n Pn Hanne too =P.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Banana is yummy..
bt how do u feel if u'r force to eat it EVERYWEEK???

Friday, March 12, 2010


*negative is nice xD*
noe y no homework for 1 week?
noe y my room is super messy?
noe y my room is full of books?
noe y i'll be holding one book if i go anywhere even if i din read?
yeah.. its exam.. =(
noe y got lot of homeworks during tis holiday?
noe y i'm here?
noe y i can on9?
noe y i'm so free?
noe y ppl asking around "wan hang out?" "wan go watch movie?"?
bcos EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!
weee~ i gonna failll!!!
muahaha.. i'm proud of it *upright*
if ur exams after holiday.. owh.. i pity u...
if ur exams r over.. LET'S PARTY!!!!! wee~

congratz 2 ex-SPM candidates!!
especially Jia Ying Jie n Hoey Wen.. 12A+ *imagine wat i'll get for SPM.. faint*

Malays more than Chinese in Chinese Class?!
owhh... so memalukan Chinese =S

Goshh.. my bro is back from NS..
the house gonna be noisy again.. full of his noisy musiz.. GAH!!
his result??? *close eyes dun wan c*

i wan watch Alice In The Wonderland!!!!
they look Cool... wif their evil n cruel faces. =X *since when i'm so cruel? oh.. so not Camy*

i miss hub hub