Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BJ Rockz!

looks at the calender..
today is 30th Dec.. tat means its the day PMR results come out.. xD
as i noe..
there r 60% of form 3 students which is 140 students gt straight A's...
n the passring rate also 100%
i heard tat SMKBJ is the best in Penang Island n maybe in Penang..
so proud of tat ler!
BJ rockz! LOL
Congratz 2 all the students who gt straight A's or gud result btw =)
i gonna die de...
next year its my turn.. DAMN!
everyone was telling me next year my turn de when i msg them or wat =(
die lar..
so nervous n scary...
wonder how i gonna die.. xS
anyway.. i'll blog abt yesterday asap =)

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