Tuesday, March 27, 2012

第三届 MY Astro至尊流行榜颁奖典礼 [Music Award 2012]

i still cant believe that i actually attended 第三届 MY Astro至尊流行榜颁奖典礼 [Music Award 2012] on 17.03.2012.
Brother went get the tickets in Penang Times Square, mom got 4 genting outdoor theme parks tickets for free! What else? Book bus tickets and hotel then lari diri! :D

those fans took most of the seats and we've to stand down there. luckily i got the right spot that get to stand right in front of the side stage :). it's just that sometimes get annoyed with those taller people in front and focus on their hair. *Gahhh! why i so short?*
oh! thanks to Li Ean for borrowing me 55-250mm lens that i get to zoom so close to those singers :D.
to be honest, i don't even know which singers were coming even i was there :X

林德荣, 尹匯雰, Bernard邱文博 and Royce陈志康
EMCEEs of the night!

1st Performance by AK!
they got silver for 至尊组合/乐团.

吴彤, 罗忆诗
super close shot cause they were at the side stage! :D
they won 至尊金曲 with the song 相爱不到老.

钟舒漫, 洪卓立
they won 至尊合唱奖. :)

they both are performing 傻瓜-a super sweet and cute couple song :)

东于哲. they have lots of teenage girl fans :D. they both won 至尊专业表现大奖.

Alvin 钟瑾桦. i dont really know him well but he won 至尊新人(大马).

纪佳松. He won the best producer. 至尊制作人. p/s: he looks quite cute :P

至尊创作歌手 - 严爵

another cute guy :P

Linda 谢语晴. She won 至尊金曲 with 爱喔爱

She looks super hot and pretty! :D

Geraldine Gan 颜慧萍.

She was so wild up there! i love looking at her :D

KY 赵洁莹 performing together with Geraldine Gan 颜慧萍

 张诒博. He won 至尊新人(大马)

马嘉轩. She got famous after she went perform in One Million Star in Taiwan singing 征服. She won 至尊大跃进歌手(大马) and 至尊全新演绎大奖. She performed 认错 on that night. *thumbs up*

陈势安. He won 至尊单曲 and 至尊大跃进歌手(大马).

If i'm not mistaken, he was performing 势在必行.

杨宗纬 Aska Yang on the stage!!

The winner of  全台主持联颁至尊专辑演唱奖 .

opppsssss. Funny faces :P

Yisa 郁可唯. Yay! She won both 至尊电视原创歌曲 and 至尊大跃进女歌手(海外).

She finally sang 指望. If you read my previous post, you'll know how much i like her :D

张智成. He won a 2 prizes like 至尊演绎男歌手(大马) and 至尊专辑.

林宥嘉 Yoga Lim. he wore the specs and i couldn't recognize him :X. He won 至尊大跃进男歌手(海外)

oppssss, i don't mean to capture such face but well.......... :P. but i dunno why he looked old that night :X

Jess 李佳薇.Although she only won one 至尊新人(大马), but her songs are awesomeee.

She sang "I'll always Love You" on that night and it's seriously a WOW! super powerful and nice! *double thumbs up!*

梁文音. She won 至尊MV.

She looks super sweet! Her voice too! :D

I've been stalking her since she was in One Million Star :D

梁静茹 Fish Leong! She won quite a number of prizes! 至尊情歌, 至尊演绎女歌手(大马) and 至尊女歌手(大马) !

She's much prettier in real life! :D. she changed 2 dresses on that night, one off shoulder one low cut dress. woooo.

Nicholas Teo 张栋梁.

After quite some times, he haven't won any prizes yet and he claim himself as a performer that night, LOL! End up he won 全台主持联颁至尊歌手(大马) and 至尊男歌手(大马) both grand prizes! :D

Yes! Surprisingly he's cute mannnn. awww. :)

丁噹. I din expect she'll come! She won grand prizes 至尊人气歌手, 至尊演绎女歌手(海外) and 至尊女歌手(海外).

She sang a small part of 我是一只小小鸟. Super great and powerful voice she has :)

the way she laugh :D

Wilber Pan 潘玮柏. He won 3 prizes man! 至尊舞台表现大奖, 至尊男歌手(海外) and 全台主持联颁至尊歌手(海外)!

awwwww. Melts my heart. He looks so cute and handsome! Actually i thought that he don't look that good. :X

siao liao! :X

Seriously i don't expect Twins will be there that night! They took away 至尊组合/乐团(金), 至尊人气歌手 and 至尊表现专业大奖.

i was shock when i knew that they were here!

she's just so cuteeeee!

the ceremony ended around 11pm :)

Photo to prove that we were there! :D
seriously a great night that get to see lots of pretty and handsome singers with their great voice! awesome experience! ^^