Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My First Week In UTAR

I'm so sorry that i disappeared for quite some times.
This is because i'm now in a so called jungle place studying,
trying to get used to it, so not much time for blogging. opps

yes, its UTAR in kampar which my friends call this place as a jungle but i find it nice :D.
Stayed here for a week, started my week 1 study in Foundation in Arts. *fyi, i skipped my orientation.*
let me tell you a little of my life over here :D

This is where i stay in kampar.
there's 20 over rooms in my house :X. and each room has private toilet. oh, just imagine my floor has 9 rooms O.o
have to admit, yes, a little grand, its usually for rich people stay in penang. :X oh! even the room i'm staying now its bigger than my own room...
numbers of friendly housemates although at first some of them seems scary :S

this is what welcome me on the first morning here.
I was happily thinking that dont need to close the window when i sleep and ended up wowww....

my life is pretty healthy here thanks to Bicycle!
yes! its my transport here. the only transport other than bus. Everyday about 15 min ride to school under the hot sun, how can i not be healthy reaching home and school everyday sweating?? gosh! getting darker :X oh well, bus cost 80cent per trip. why not i save my money and i can get healthier. i wonder how long i can stand. hmmm.
sometimes have to ride out to the nearest town to get my meal which takes around 15min rides too. :X

this is my hot red baby accompany me in my room. ;)

Critical thinking is to think critically. O.o.
fyi, i took foundation in arts, basically i have to take 5 subjects this semester which is Financial Accounting, Principles of Economics, Basic English, General Mathematics and Critical Thinking.
yes, accounting and economics that i never touch before. Wonder if i can cope with it no? worry about it. :(
Seniors scare me. hopefully i dont fail any subject :'(
oh! my lecture class is pretty huge! around 100++ students in one lecture hall. O.o.
i failed to make friends, the class is way too huge :(. *well, its just the first weekkkk* but i'm glad that at least i've found a coursemate that accompany me during most of my time in school :D

woooo! chocolate cake and ai yu ping from Kampar Pasar Malam every Wednesday!!!
gosh. i miss the ai yu ping so much! super nice! :D *thumbs up!*

Kampar has Super nice scenery! Me likey!
sadly i didnt bring my DSLR here :(

Sunset is only right outside of my house everyday. :)
very beautiful.
Can watch sunrise over here too, if only u want to wake up that early :P
dont get me wrong! i dont mean the sun rise and sun set from the same side.

Full moon. 
huge and round in the air :)
heard that here will have shooing stars :D

worry that no food at night? or wanna have supper?
this lorry is just outside our housing area and if i'm not mistaken, it'll be there till midnight :D
selling very nice fried foods :D