Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Stalking Tools - NUFFNANGX

I've found something new!! Nuffnangx!! sharing it cause i'm lovin it.

"Since the beginning of blogging, millions have jumped on the blogging bandwagon and there grew a population that made the blogosphere rich with information, entertainment and perspectives of journalism and publishing. It has formed a culture where sharing and following knowledge and passions are the norm. Now in 2012, we bring you the new frontier of blogging. With the highly anticipated launch of NuffnangX, going mobile with your favourite blogs have never been more seamless."

"Never before has an application for blog stalking been made with such precision and is so user friendly. Find, follow and converse with your favourite bloggers on NuffnangX with one simple tap on your iPhone or Android. With a layout that is easy on the eyes and loading time that is snap quick, there is no reason why stocking up on the latest blogs have to offer should be a problem. "
--from nuffnang--

I got excited when i found this apps that Nuffnang introduced! 

Most people likes to stalk others blog although they don't blog or just too lazy to blog, just like me! We can find lots of blogger always blog about events, food, fashion and travel nowadays. And i am envy that they always get to enjoy so much. don't worry, i'm happy with what i have to :)

To be frank, it's not that i'm lazy to blog. I just find myself topic-less to blog. That's why my blog is never on the same categories, sometimes can be  those time hanging out with friends, my thoughts and my photography. I don't always hang out, even if i do, for casual event i wouldn't dress up, put on make up and vain with what i wore before i'm out. A simple shirt or t-shirt with jeans or short will do. *maybe it's not the time for be to be totally girlish yet or to be girlish, i just only reach 1% of it.*. So, i hardly will blog about fashion, and event is all those outing with friends :X. Besides, I don't get to always travel around and go to luxurious restaurant to have meal. Travel is my dream and i always remind myself that i MUST travel around the world when i start working and earn money. By that time, hohohoooo, i think my blog gonna turn into travel blog *oh, keep dreamingggggggg*. As for food, mostly i'll have mommy's food or hawker's food. Again, Simple and yummy. Sometimes, daddy will still bring us to restaurant but when the moment the food comes, everyone started snatching*the fun of it:*, by the time i take out and turn on my camera, i'm afraid that i gonna capture empty plates. It sounds like i'm those nerdy that stay home whole day, facing the computer, don't get me wrong, i am very playful kay.

Ever since i come kampar *i think i repeat this phrase for lots of time in my blog*, the place that a little jungle-like with no mall but only lake and hills and my own transport is my leg, other than going to university and out for dinner, those leftover will be in hostel. I bet you wouldn't want to read about my daily routine here, I'll find it boring to blog about it even after 1 day. Curious of what i do here everyday? I stalk in facebook, twitter and blog, get the latest update from the photoblog, clicking around youtube watching videos, sing out loud as if nobody can hear in my room, clicking around those blogshop for fun and not buying it and these few days get addicted to drama that i finish a hong kong series with 33 episode in 2 and a half days.

It's fun reading people's blog. Know about their life and how they go through ups and downs, seeing how people dress up and realising so many pretty girls out there, reading about their travel life and nice food then imagine it myself. Nuffnangx make my life so much easier for me to stalk other bloggers, on my laptop and also my phone :P .

always get the latest update from those blog you followed.

you can also search on blogs depends on the categories you like.

Faster sign up on the website or get the apps!
Dont forget to follow me too! :D

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lemonade Ai Yu Ping

I posted that i've made Lemonade Ai Yu Ping during my trimester break. Few days ago i received comment asking me to blog about how to make it. Since i am facing a topicless problem and i'm too bored, so imma gonna blog about it. My blog can be my recipe book for me too! Thanks June again for teaching me how to make it!

For your information, it's gonna have Lemon Tea taste :) Don't worry, it's gonna be super simple. 
Ingredient : Agar-agar, 3/4 Lemon(it's for more than 6-7 bowl), A Cup of Teh, honey/sugar, salt, ice, ice water and gas drink(7up and 100plus)

It's an Ai Yu Ping, of course you'll need jelly as your "Yu" and it's Lemon Tea flavour, so, First of all, prepare Tea flavour jelly. Prepare a cup of teh or you can just go to the kopitiam and buy a pack of Teh. Just follow the instruction of how to do jelly behind the agar-agar packing. *As for me, i dont really like tea, a little taste of it will do, so a cup of normal concentration teh is enough. I find the combination is very perfect when you drink the sour-ish Ai Yu Ping, and bite just a little bitter-ish jelly. If you want to have more taste of it, then prepare a more concentrated teh*

As waiting for the jelly to boil slowly, we can prepare other things too! Just don't forget to stir it *dont waste time :P* 
Prepare to kill those lemons D: . Please dont underestimate 4 lemons! They are more than enough to prepare lots of bowl. Please cut down the number of lemons if there are not much people to eat with you or else you have to eat it yourself for few days O.o

Secondly, cut a few slice of lemon then squeeze those leftover in a container. It's up to you whether you wanna cut those slice in it or not and squeeze it all in, I cut them in slices because i feel that when mix all thogether, the Ai Yu Ping will look much better if there are few slices of lemon in it. wth, just ignore Camy's weird theory :P

When it's done, it will looks very little, but try taste it, it's super sour. Add lot amount of Honey/Sugar. Cant tell the exact amount of it as different people has different preference, just taste a little of it to get your own perfect taste :). Then add just a little amount of salt. Small amount will do, a quarter of teaspoon will do.
Reach this step? Congrats, you'r left with even simpler steps.

Dont forget your jelly that you did at first! Pour them into a container and leave it in fridge to let it turn into solid. *drop a drop of the liquid on a spoon, if jelly is formed in a short while, it means that it's done.*

When the jelly is formed, cut them into cubes and put them in a HUGE container. Mix with the lemon juice that prepared just now. Add in lots lots lots of water, lots of ice cubes, then a tin of 100 plus or 7up(gas drink will makes it taste much better) andddd

It's doneeeee!
much simpler than expected right?? :D
dont forget to try it when you're free! *maybe it wont be that perfect for first time but dont worry, can improve on second time ;) dont give up!*
Tell me how's your outcome!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

End of my Trimester Break

continue of my previous post!
another half of my one week trimester break :)

the cute one phoned in the evening saying that her mock already over when i brought my snow white, and monkeys out to claim starwalk stuffs after their school on Wednesday.

she brought me for supper in Chinahouse. My first time there.
Tiramisu and banana chocolate drinks.
a super nice place for friends to have some talk, hang out and a nice place for couple to date.
Food there slightly expensive but super in Love with the environment there.

those crazy time together!

went out with her again on Saturday!
get my belated birthday present from her - Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt :)
then off to a charity food fair to spend off the RM60 her mom gave her.

Thursday, went out date with this pretty
never meet her ever since i came UTAR :( miss her so much.
she brought me to try Moo Cow since i've been craving for Tutti Frutti :X
walked around and talk all along with her at gurney plaza after that.

glad to hang out with her :)

made the Lemonade Ai Yu Ping all by myself :D on Friday *something that i'm proud of*
 thanks to June for teaching ;)
trimester examination result released right after i made it.
i've got 3.77! Super happy with it! Didn't expect at all! Family got super happy for me :)

had a day out with le dad, mom and bro on Sunday. *parents just phoned, i miss them :(

Sunday night, the snow white, monkey and the pig came sleepover in my house we gonna go for Starwalk on Monday morning :)
it's always fun to have them around. :D
talked until very late and ended up i couldn't sleep tight for the whole night :X
received a dress as super belated present from the snow white and monkey! hahaha! 

stick with these 3 for the whole journey.
Salute that the monkey can just talk, sing, play and bring us fun for the whole journey.

together with the giraffe! :D

off back to kampar after the Starwalk.
i'm extremely happy that get to meet and spend time with all those people i during my Sem break.
  those priceless moment........ :)

P/s: please let my  Second trimester to be better ♥

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1st Trimester Break

currently having my first trimester break. it's only one week. *why so short? :(. better than none la*  It seems like just yesterday that i was still unprepared to go UTAR. First semester over just like this, glad that i've met a gang of nice friends that can accept my weirdness and randomness so that i can survive till now. Most of them are from Penang too! Sadly, most of us will be separated in the next trimester. :( hope to get same class with you guys :O.

Friend came over and fetch me when i reached Penang on Friday. Bro was stuck in USM for his first week orientation that couldn't make it to fetch me :(. Went off to have lunch in Dave Deli and watched a very weird movie - The Cold Light Of Day, fight most of the time in the movie and it became boring ==

went and get my letter on Saturday. When i saw this logo my heart was sensing, definitely not a good sign. FYI, it's national service. I got it on Saturday and they ask me to register and go for it on the next day which is Sunday like wth O.o. My trimester break surprise. :O. The place they gave me wasn't a bad place anyway, Langkawi!

My Snow White and the Babi came to my place on Sunday evening which was real random plan. They just informed me they coming over like 15 minutes before. O.o. Had some talks with them and watched the sunset with them at my house awesome Balcony. Brought them to dinner and dropped them home. Although was short but super happy with it. :D gonna meet my snow white and some monkeys later on ^.^

My own made spaghetti! :D. Did it yesterday. Thanks to June for teaching me how to do spaghetti without using the prepared paste and with Tomato. Satisfied! Mummy and sister said that it was yummy! Although the taste not exactly like the one she did, but yeah, i can improve! ;). oh! can't wait to try to make Lemonade Ai Yu Ping in this week!

Clumsy as usual. Got myself 3 cuts in not even half of my 1week Trimester break. O.o 

 p/s: more activities  going on  from today! can't wait to see all my darlings!
pps: enjoy all i can :D

Friday, September 7, 2012

3# Collection, Sometimes I Just Wonder

sometimes i just wonder, why did i let go beautiful stuffs in my life....

My personality of asking myself to stay cheerful when things not right seems that its good and allows everything be so positive. But now, i realize, yes i finally do realize, it is also making me to let things go off from my life easily...

Lots questions run in my mind when people telling me that they will definitely get what they want, wondering what did i actually try to hold on? Did i actually fight for once to get what i want? No, basically i did not. I wouldn't blame anyone. I will innocently make myself to think that it's not mine, i don't deserve it and that's why it went away... *why did i actually think it that way???* 

I've learned... or should i say i regretted? Isit too late? and i guess so.. Thinking maybe for once, i have to seriously fight and hold on to what i want. Somehow, every time i tried, i broke my heart again and again #stupidme. Back again, my confident getting worst, felt so breathless holding it on, *oh i dislike the feeling* wondering is it right to hold on, should i hold it on... Is that a sign showing that i'm weak? I don't know..

I'm not sure how long can i stand it. I will still try, maybe till the day i'm totally exhausted, i'll leave it, could be few days, few weeks, few months, few years or even till I die..

i want to runaway
to far far away
or i call it travel
to somewhere people can't find me
take a few weeks/months break
ignore everything for a moment
the feeling is just so great :)
it's always my dream.
and i'll make sure that i'll make this comes true.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

i'm 18.

my birthday just over 3 days ago :) oh i still cant believe i'm officially 18th now O.o
stuck in kampar on my birthday and everyone is busy preparing for final *nooo, i still dont have the study mood, kill me please :O*
housemates gave me a small surprise. :)
totally unexpected. appreciate it super much. love the chocolate chips :D

received this pretty bracelet early of the month from Sarah and a bar of chocolate on the actual day. thanks so so so muchh. :P *gosh still looking for stall that can fix the bracelet :(*
get a bar of chocolate from si ying too! *+ those chocolates i bring from penang, fat die me :X* 

thanks for all those wishes and those in instagram, facebook, blog, call and texts. :)

most awesomely, my childhood friends did this awesome video for me! super unique present ;)
know them for more than 10 years and this is the first time I receive present from them but a super special one *although looks like vocal testing O.o*
seriously thanks alot! i ♥ it super much! i'm grateful that i knew you both :D. super happy when spend time with you guys. and oh! i still want my cake!

hello   18. please be nice :)