Friday, December 5, 2008

Qb OuTiNg.. LoNg TiMe aGo...


HoLiDay ToTaLlY SuCkZ!
sRy bCoS nEvEr bLoG aBt 1 wEeK dE..
nTh 2 bLoG aBt aT AlL!
No aCtIvIty n bLaHh..
TaK kAn u WaN mE 2 bLoG aBt My LiFe aT HoMe???
Da BoReD-nEsS cAn KiLl mE...
i Hv nTh 2 dO NoW n JuZ RmB TaT i NeVeR bLoG aBt QB oUtInG TaT dAy WiF SkOoL fRiEn aS i pRoMiSe.. >.< sRy SrY
WeLl.. LeT's sTaRt...
TaT dAy iS Da LaSt dAy Of SkOoL..
aFtER SkOoL..
PrEpArE dE.. ThEn cOmE OuT...
iTs aBt 11 PpL gOiN..
Me.. NyEe.. ZoE.. HiLaRy.. KaRiShMa.. JeZz.. WeNg TaTt.. WeNg YeE.. SaGu.. ChEe YaNg n MeRyVn..

HaHax... vAiN 4 a wHiLe at LiFe ThErE wHiLe wAiTiNg 4 My MoM..

MeEt ThEm aT CiNeMa tHeRe..
sAw KiM.. SaRa.. NaTaLiE n JoSePhInE..

wHeN wAiTiN 4 ThEm 2 cHaT... Me n HiLaRy vAiN 4 a wHiLe..

Go JaLaN jAlAn..
WeNt In 2 KFC...
JeZz tHeY aLl bOuGhT ChEeZy WeDgEs.. [[wOw!! mY FaVoRiTe!!]]

ZoE In KFC..
sHe SuDdEnLy EmO.. >.<

aBt 4 oR 4.30[[i 4gEt dE]] ..
WeNt 2 CiNeMa ThEiR BuY PoP CoRn tHeN wE WaTcH TiS...

QuAnTuM oF SoLaCe.. 4 Me iTs SuCkS!

wAsTed My 6 BuCkS!!!!
bT NvM..
aT LeAsT Me n HiLaRy WaTcH MaDaGaScAr InSiDe.. xDDDDD [[HiLaRy RyT?? ^^]]
BsIdE TaT..
i pLaYeD My bRo's hP GaMes n LiStEn 2 MuSiC WiF HiLaRy.. xDDDDD
pRo RyT?? xD

HmM! HaHAx.. TiS iS Da MaDaGaScAr We WaTcH InSiDe =.=.. pRo???

CoMe OuT fRoM Da CiNeMa.. sTrAiGhT WeNt 2 dA tOiLeT dE... xDDD

TiS WaT gUrLz SuRe WiLl Do.. xDDD

Me n ZoE!!!


KeSiAn dA GuY..
Hv 2 WaIt uS OuTsIdE Da tOiLeT.. xDDDD
aFtER TaT.. Me n ZoE WeNt 2 BaSkIn RoBiN..
We BoUgHt IcE cReAm!! xDD

wE ShArE iT.. TaT's wAt CaLl sHaRiNg iS CaRiNg.. xD

zOe pRoMoTiNg MaDaGaScAr TaT mE n HiLaRy WaTcHeD InSiDe.. =)
tHeN WeNt JaLaN jAlAn..
HiLaRy sAy WaNnA BuY NeCkLaCe..
WeNt 2 dA 4-LeAf-CoVeR sToRe...
sPoT SuM NiCe NeCkLaCe..
i TaK bOlEh TaHaN..
sO BoUgHt TiS..
=) iT CaN gLoW In dA NiGhT =)
HiLaRy aLsO BoUgHt 1 bLuE cOlOuR NeCkLaCe tHeRe..
bT ItS 3-LeAf-CoVeR..
aFtER TaT..
Go JaLn jAlAn AgAIn..
wEnT 2 SiAm ExPrEsS n SaM n Yo aSkEd Me n ZoE HeLp 2 BuY tHeIr DiNnEr..
tHeN Me n ZoE wEnT BaCk 2 Da 4-LeAf-CoVeR sToRe 2 HeLp JeZz BuY cHaRm bRaCeLet 4 JeZz's MoM..
ZoE iS VeRi pRo n sHe AsKeD dA AuNty 2 DiScOuNt..
AfTeR MaKn aT MCD..
tAkE SuM gRoUp PiC..
TiS WiThOuT SaGu..
n TiS WiThOuR WeNg YeE.. xD
aFtEr TiS..
BaLiK RuMaH!

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