Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feel it With Your Heart

I love my job, not only because of the $$ *who doesn't like money*, but also because i get to meet different kinds of different people all around the world. I'm proud to tell that i'm lucky enough to have these priceless experiences that get to have some little chat with customers from everywhere and listen to their life experiences.

"I'm a driver", A random guy came to me and told me about how cool his job is being a "driver", how beautiful the earth is, how gangster he was and how he managed to keep himself survive studying oversea to be a "driver" of airplanes. From a bad kid to a part time wash plates youngster to get money for studies, and now a successful man that control huge airplanes all by himself with hundreds of passengers, been to lots of awesome places around the world, fly everywhere anytime. Although end up he did not buy anything, but it was a great Wow for me and i'm really thankful that he actually willing to share with me about his life experiences.

*point to the 2 ang mohS in the photo*. They are unique. I sold 2 cameras to them without talking. Yes, they are mute. They asked for a photo with me before they went. They were so proud to tell me where they from which made me got really surprised. The left one from Italy and the right one from Spain. Thanks to them, they reminded me that other than languages that we can speak, Sign language is a very important universal language. Although they can't speak, from the way they communicate, i thought they are from a same country and i felt that their friendship is real strong and close. They were super friendly although i had some hard time communicate with them by writing and making some funny action to show them *btw, they hardly understand english*. Meanwhile, for those that can speak, they don't appreciate with what they have, instead, they use the languages they know like a knife, keep hurting people with different languages, bad words and curse.

praise other people more instead of hurting! that's no harm right? :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Love List

Guess what? school reopened but i'm still on holiday right now. Can't believe that my 5 years of secondary school life already ended.

Still remember that i was reluctant to come to this school. i was kind of satisfied with my UPSR's result but eventually broke down when my mom told me that she gonna transfer me to SMK Bukit Jambul. I am totally a chinese educated girl with bad English and Malay, it's so hard to survive there for me! Imagine that i can't even know how to use is, are, was, were. *although i still cant handle it well, but at least already improved and can crap now!*. Racist is another problem. Well, have to admit that before stepping in this school, i was kind of afraid of other race. I'm surrounded by Chinese and dun really have other races friends. It became a problem for me to join them especially that time i was so immature. Almost every of my close friends are going to the-famous-chinese-girl's school, of course i will want to go along!

after calming myself, i decided to let my mom try to appeal for transferring school *according to those teachers and aunty-aunty sekalian, it's hard to enter this school as this is a control school*. I took it as a challenge for myself to learn how to speak English well, to improve my grammar, make new friends in a totally new place. My first appeal failed and tried for the second time with my friend's dad's friend's help. According to them, it'll take one month time and i thought of enjoying that one month in that famous chinese school with my friends but after 1 week, my mom received the letter mentioning that it's approved and i can just straight away bring this letter and register in that new school. So, i disappeared in Chinese school without saying goodbye to them.

thanks to my mom, i met a lot of awesome people in this school! They are super fun and much crazier than i expected! they are seriously awesome! There are so much memories with all of them!

the Snow White. My super close friend! Although we weren't in the same class for the first four years, but we can get along real well. Camp and activities brought us close :). Someone that i only give some eyes contact and she'll immediately understand what am i hinting her. . Not to forget, she's my English teacher! Very understanding but stubborn girl. She is super nice if you treat her real well ;). Her mood can change very fast and you better don't mess with her especially in the morning! Jodene, i really glad that we still keep in contact alot recently. I appreciate those moments together and proud to have a friend like you! I hope that we can still keep in touch and stay close in the future! you lot! 

Michelle *on the right*! My awesome partner in Form 4 and Form 5 ;).  Super blur but super smart. It's not easy to enter her world and know what exactly what she's thinking. Although i'm not sure whether did i success to enter her world well, but she's definitely a very good listener to me! I sharing with her about my life. The way she laugh is extremely cute! I just love to kacao her cause her reaction will be super cute! She can beatbox kay! I miss those moment that she beatbox and i sing in class! She is totally a daddy's mummy's girl which sometimes i find it cute and i can see lots of family love in her. Michelle, gosh, u are digi line now! please please update my sometimes! You have a really bright future and i believe that your parents already planned your future for you :). Don't forget me yea! All the best in your future kay! ya!

Priyanna. Started knowing her well and tagged along with her in Form 5! Extremely kind person! Sad to say that sometimes it's a bad thing cause people tends to "use" her. I will bully/perli her all because she started it on me!!! Seriously, i got no idea why i'll be her target. D:. She's a super great friend. She always thinks for others before herself. Babi! Where are you la? Don't even reply my text. Stop being lost! Boooo! Anyway, you are fun to be with and thanks for helping me throughout the whole yea!! I know u definitely be sombong, so i don't ya! :P

Karishma! The Super Pretty punjab! Sit behind me in class this year. Another one that i close with only when form 5. She is super fun to be with! She can go high suddenly and say a lots of funny thing that bring us laughter! Another super kind soul. She feels bad easily and will say sorry even it's not her fault. O.o. Believe in what people say easily too :X. Karishma, owh my sexy baby! don't forget our date! tonight 10pm kay ;). i haven't see you for quite some times de. miss you la :(. Don't forget me kay? I'll always remember my sexy Punjab friend, don't forget that u said u'll hang out with us. wooo! ya sexy girl :P

Hilary! Kecil!!! She's real small. Her hands are tiny :P. Pretty girl :). The craziest friend that i've met! She can bring us to the toilet and teach us her favourite Banana Dance. She can kick her shoe high up in the middle of the assembly square. She can have Burping competition with the guys. She sing real well. :D. She just make me laugh non-stop when i'm with her. A blogger and i just love reading her blog. :P. Can just sit in front of TV for the whole day. Wooo! she's in NS now! Kecik ar kecik, take care of yourself yea! Stay awesome as always!! Don't stop blogging so i can get updates about you kay? Don't forget to stop bullying honey le. xP Love yeaaaa

Jo Nyeee! My Bao bei! Popular and Smart. Get real high at times.My Bendahara partner. Another crazy friend :P. Care about her friends alot. Very understanding friend. :). Bao Bei, wooo! Where are you now? :(. Keep in touch kay? All the Best in whatever you are doing! ;)

Aawaisha! Super Duper Tall! one head taller than me! Makes me feel real short when i stand with her *i know i'm short :X*. She has sexy body shape! Know her more because of tuition. Very Friendly and nice to talk with ;). My group member in prefect board and likes to run away. :X. 

Natasha! Super Sexy and Hot! Have a "mix" look. ;). Speak very fast with British accent until i cant even catch up what she said sometimes especially on phone. Get amuse with stuff easily :X. modern malay. Very friendly and can get along easily :). The way she laugh is super cute! 
Weng Sim. The first girl that i close with in this school. Approached me in moral class. Found out that her mom's shop is super near to my house so i always walk to her mom's shop and find her in the afternoon :X. Patient enough to teach and correct my English and BM. A lot of people thought that we were twins. Thanks for being there with me when i first came in this school and taught me uncountable stuffs. I'm glad that you appear, or not i'm sure that i'll be super lost if you'r not with me :)

Mervyn!!! wooo! the Awesome Black Dude! yay! I got no idea how but i just get close with him when school ends. O.o. Love Singing and learning beatboxing ;P. Super understanding and trustable friend! Super good listener and adviser. Never get bored talking to him! ;). Loves his gf super much which i find them cute together :P. Honestly, i think we should exchange gender. Had great time going out with him :). Hey pretty! don't forget ur awesome buddy kay! i hope that after years, we can still stay awesome as we are! thanks for listening all those crap from me. don't be sad cause u'r black :P

The Twins. Weng Yee on the right. The super cari pasal fella but actually not bad la. Can be super evil at times and Kacao almost every single person :X. Very responsible Penolong Ketua Pengawas. Thanks for your kindness to drop me home sometimes and being patient enough to tahan me for luan you a lot when come to prefects problems :X.Weng Tatt on the left. Another cari pasal fella. Super hot temper. Very very smart. Some yadaa yadaa story behind. Thanks for those memories and hope that you can get a girl that loves you alot and take care of you well ;). and don't forget to control your temper!

Cheng Yeen! oh, i still prefer to call you pak :). same class with him in Form 1. :). Used to be super shy when talk with girls. Always bring us weird surprises. Do alot of weird stuff and can always see him in Queensbay Mall but can still maintain results SUPER WELL! Going to Aus in 2 more days :(. get scholarships before SPM which everyone was curious why he even do SPM. everyone got WOW when saw him during prom! Take care in aus kay? don't ever forget me and u still owe me steamboat! as what Pn Ong said, smart people always bring surprises, so please don't surprise us with a Or Lang Girlfriend kay ;). Don't forget to contact me when u are in Aus!

Adrian! The very good boy. Started studying because of someone *ahem*. Want peace and trying to make everyone in peace badly. Can be blur at times and easily to get bullied. :P. Super funny reaction when he get nervous. Tried to make me study sometimes but failed. Used to be super close with him and blah out my feeling. Adrian, lansi liao you. don't forget. I'm still mad at you! cheh! but thanks those times come sit beside me in class when michelle wasn't there. thanks for being a good listener :D

Chee Yang! Super kind one. Get nervous and blush real fast. My awesome driver! Kind enough to drive us around! yay! merv's gay partner *opps*. Super cute when he's with his girlfriend. stuck in NS now! muahaha! anyway, thanks for driving us around and patient enough to teach me sometimes :P all the best in ur future!

Ru Sern! the super blur guy. know him cause of Photography! yea, our topics are all about photography stuffs :X. Blur but smart. O.o. Stop being blur and showing off u got lens and stuff! :P. study gao gao in KDU kay? :P

Saggu! Super smart guy that can even play during exam. Good guy. Pity him for getting a real lame job. I still want to see luckyyy! All the best in ur future and stop dieting kay!!!

Jezz! My class partner in form 3! super crazy over Kpop recently! although no longer close to you like last time, but thanks for being there with me in Form 3! You save a girl from being lonely :D. thanks alot! i really appreciate that! :D

you people are seriously awesome! You guys really colour my secondary school life with awesome memories! Thanks again!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Battery Store

Introducing you, 

At first when i saw my friends sharing around the page in facebook, i was thinking "Who's the owner that so weird!! Create a website to sell all kind of Batteries. =.=". Sounds lame but seriously that's what i was thinking. :S. Somehow, i found out that i was wrong when i saw people started sharing around those Cute Tee!!! 

The owner is only a 18 years old guy! *owh great! people already started doing business. I still goyang kaki enjoying my holiday :X*. He came out with 4 interesting design!  

The Original Batter Guy

BatteryGuy Like A Boss

BatteryGuy Low On Power

BatteryGuy Dead Flat
the price is very reasonable! One Tee for RM16 and Two for RM30 exclude postage fee.
you can start to place your order now at : (click on the words to link to those page)
Facebook Page
or straight away inbox the owner Darren Ooi
kindly suppose the young boy doing business ;)
i personally like those Tee! i still can't make out my mind to get which one. *owh noooo!*

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Copthorne Hotel Stay

14-15december 2011
had my First and Awesome Hotel Stay with 1 monkey and 1 snow white at Copthorne Orchid Hotel :D.

The snow white made me got up at 7.00am early in the morning. :X *come on, it's holidayyyy! i suppose to sleep longerrr*. followed her to the market to get our ingredient for steamboat! 
before we off to Copthorne Orchid Hotel, we dropped by at Traders Hotel for Education fair. *even think of studies before go play kay :P*

reached hotel! time to vain!!!!!
huge mirror in the room specially for us!
Hilary is too excited with her pillow!
somehow i just like this
me and snow white
another mirror in front of our bed! woo
crazy photos going on and on!

she got amuse with the bed. 
p/s: the bed was seriously HUGE!
Hilary will teach you how to do epic face expression!
wooooo. crazy time :D
the boss!
Hilary's Model agency
teaching you how to post with soy sauce and chicken stok!
her private changing place :D
had awesome steamboat at night!!! it was super delicious! yummy! *look at the residue in hilary's mouth! wooo*
us with COP! stand for Copthorne!
The next day. off to Sakae for Lunch then back home.

bringing the monkey and snow white out is always awesome.
cause we got snow white that will settle our food and organise it properly.
and we got the monkey to settle our game part. we had "drinking game" at night. cups of plain water going on and on. thanks to her and every of us keep go to the toilet at night!  
them alot! thanks for the days! i hope that we can still keep in touch always!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 ;)

a very late wish but better than none.
Happy New Yearrrr! :D
hope 2012 will be a better year! :D