Sunday, December 14, 2008

TaGgEd By EuLeNe

1.six people to tag;

2.six things i'm passionate bout;
-CONNIE TALBOT! she's awesome
-ppl who hv no worries lyk kids
-tour guide
-ppl who is talent
-dunno de..

3.six things i say too often;
-wat lar

4.six books i have been reading recently
-chinese ghost storys
-chinese novels
-all in chinese
-dun ask summore

5.six songs i listen to again and again;
-songs by connie talbot
-hot n cold by katy perry
-if i were a boi by beyonce
-single ladies by beyonce
-i'm yours by jason mraz
-i kissed a gurlz by katy perry

6.six things i've learned in the past;
-no 1 is prefect
-lurve ourself
-appreciate watever we have
-enjoy our life!
-dun worry, be hapi
-dun trust other ppl 2 much..

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