Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TaGgEd By ZoE

i need to answer these questions and tag 4 people in my list ......

4 places i go over and over :
-My HoUsE.. My rOoM.. KiTcHeN.. n LiViNg rOoM..

4 people who email me regulary :
-fRiEnStEr.. n i DuNnO

4 of my favourite places to eat :

4 places you'd rather :-
-QB.. dUnNo

4TV shows i could watch over and over-tv shows?
-LiAnG PoPo.. GhOsT MoViE.. cArToOn.. n So on. i DuNno dA NaMe..

4 people i think will respond ( let them know u tagged them )
-CaMiLlE.. SaM.. JoAnNiE.. NyEe

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