Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine & Lounge Japanese Buffet @ Autocity Juru, Penang

Are you drooling now? Does this photo tempt you? This is definitely a heaven especially for Japanese Food lover! Even I am missing this badly right now looking at this photo to get inspiration to blog!

Whenever we mention Japanese buffet in Penang, we will definitely think of Tao Cuisine. One is in Penang Times Square and another one is at Autocity Juru, Penang. They have another branch in Kota Damansara Sunway Giza too! It specialized in 70% Japanese and Korean, Chinese, Thai, Taiwan cuisine.

I like their concept of All-You-Can-Eat Ala Carte Buffet. Most of the time, we are afraid if the food already finish or the food no longer hot or fresh anymore when we arrived the venue late. Ala Carte Buffet surely save you from those troubles! All you need to do is just sit at your place, pick and order it from the staff. The chef will then cook it and send it to you.

Last week, I visited Tao Cuisine at Autocity Juru, Penang. It is located above Nandos, beside Starbucks. There are 2 ways to reach Tao which are the staircase beside Nandos and Ice-ice Baby.

Christmas decoration all around Tao Cuisine for Christmas month! 

Self-service buffet

Besides Ala Carte, you can grab some ready food at the self-service section too! :D

Shishamo on the left and Chawanmushi on the right.

Shishamo is grilled pregnant fish with salt and pepper while Chawanmushi is steamed egg with shark fin. They both taste good! It was a cold rainy day, the chef insisted to serve us Chawanmushi to keep us warm, very thoughtful chef!

Deep Fried Mantis Prawn (bottom), Ko Ebi Karaage(top)

Ko Ebi Karaage consists of deep fried baby shrimp. 


Gyoza is panfried minced chicken dumpling. They are served with a dipping sauce. They taste so well with the dipping sauce! 


Japanese Pizza with seafood and assorted vegetables.

Deep Fried Mantis Prawn, Ko Ebi Karaage, Gyoza and Okonomiyaki are Zensai, which is appetizer in Japanese.

Crabmeat Cream Cheese

Deep fried flour skin wrapper with stuffed crabmeat and cream cheese.
This is one of my favorite! I like how the crabmeat with cream cheese melt in my mouth with the combination of the crispy flour skin wrapper!

Soft Shell Crab Karaage

It consists of deep fried soft shell crab with assorted vegetables.
Soft shell crab is one of the must-not-miss-out list when you dine in Japanese Restaurant. It taste good with the chili powder! I like the crispiness and sweetness of the crab!

Wakatori Karaage

Crispy deep fried marinated chicken with fried egg.
The chicken is very juicy and the egg with Mayonnaise melted in my mouth is so yummy! 

Crabmeat Cream Cheese, Soft Shell Crab Karaage and Wakatori Karaage are under Age Mono, which means deep fried food in the menu.

Sake Hamaguri

Clam, or we usually call it "lala" is my all-time-favourite since I was young. Sake Hamaguri is the stir fried clam with Japanese Wine. I think the Japanese Wine plays an important role to remove the seafood raw smell which makes the clams taste sweet. How can we not love those big clams anyway?

Sake Hamaguri is under stir fried dishes, Itame Mono.

Motoyaki Scallop

Baked scallop with spicy mayo.
I am not a fans of scallop but this impressed me as it comes along with the spicy mayo!


Grilled butter fish with miso sauce.
The fish is really fresh and sweet!

Motoyaki Scallop and Misoyaki are under Yakimono, pan-fried dishes.

Beef Bacon

Hotplate beef bacon with cream cheese and spring onion.
I really love these beef bacon! Again, the cream cheese wrapped with beef bacon and spring onion melted very well in my mouth. Cheese and beef lover will definitely love this!

It is under Teppanyaki.

Finally, its Maki, Nigiri or Sashimi's turn!

Sushi Moriawase

Green Dragon Roll

Deep fried prawn, cucumber, kani, avocado, mango.

Sashimi Moriawase!

How can you not scream when you see this? My eyes went bling* when the chef serve the boat! of Salmon, Tuna, Tako, Hokkigai and many more... oh yummy...

Tao Cuisine is a great choice for celebration and a place for Japanese Food lover, big eater!

Tao Cuisine and Lounge @ Autocity Juru, Penang 
Official Website :
Official Facebook Page :
Contact : +604 501 7826
Address : 1820-f1 & 1822-f1, Jalan Perusahaan Autocity, North South Highway,
Juru Interchange, 13600, Prai, Penang.

Operating Hours (Tao Cuisine @Autocity Juru, Penang)
Monday to Friday - RM53++ per pax
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday - RM56++ per pax

Monday to Thursday (5.30pm-10.30pm) (early bird special 10% discount dine in before 6.30pm)
Friday to Sunday, Eve Of & Public Holiday (5.30pm-11.00pm)
RM56++ per pax

Children charges are according to height measurement.
Below 90cm - FREE
90cm-140cm - Half Price
140cm & above - Adult Price

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Catching Sunrise at Penang Hill!

Jump for joy!

The last time I went to Penang Hill was back in 2011 during the holiday after SPM with secondary schoolmates to have a look plainly due to some of my friends as a Penangites never been to Penang Hill. We only stay there for an hour or two cause still nothing much over there and renovation went on at most of the parts.

I kept seeing Mel and Xuan posted on Instagram nice photos they took at Penang Hill this few months, either sunrise or at night view. So after months of annoying them, finally Xuan brought me to view and take photos of the sunrise up there!

In order to make it for sunrise, we reached there around 6am to take the first train up at 6.30am. Don't miss the first train up or you will miss the beautiful sunrise. 

Once we reached the top, quickly find a spot and start setting up our camera and tripod to snap! *Don't forget to bring your tripod along for long shutter if you have one, cause it's really useful! You will know why later for another reason too!:P* It's part of the Pearl of the Orient before the sky starts to turn bright and the sunrise! Can you spot the Penang Bridge? :D

#1 Cotton Candy Sky

#2 Orangey Sky

#3 the egg yolk starts to come out!

#4 It's getting higher, higher, higher off the ground!

#5 the sun goes up, the stars come down~

#6 Like a Spotlight

and I wonder if I ever crossed your mind?
It's time to make used of your tripod and self-timer!

Failed jumpshot of us! Its the best that I can find :/

and Hola to my potato!

Noobie in action! photo credits to my potato!

clear blue sky early in the morning!

moved on to the next spot and photoshoot with spider! Hi huge spider!

yours truly and Potato!

a very ada feel photo of me taken by my potato! #patternbanyak

Where are you when I need you most? There is always a empty space beside me. *emo*

Another place to shoot for my profile picture on facebook!

pretty potato! imissher :(

and a cute candid shot! :D

selfie! :D

Another spot for good photos later on! For couples to place their love locks. Since we are single, so we only snap photos la. #foreveralone

my potato sho pretty

wore a hoodies cause I was afraid that it will be cold up there but I was wrong! It was so hot after the sun comes out!

candid shot of me viewing the photo I took previously! a real candid kayyy, not pattern :P

facepalm for you!

Walked a little bit more and found another spot for great photos!

retarded face

skinny, petite potato

this friendship photos of us!

potato looking excited!

and I end this post with the photo of our breakfast that day! Egg Benedicts and Soya Beens at Roti Bean Cafe, Chulia Street!

It's been so long since I wake up before sunrise. Woke up at 5am just to see the egg yolk and take lots of nice photos, definitely worth it. :)
Don't forget to estimate your time you gonna be up there and put some parking coupons. We got saman cause we completely forgot about the parking coupons and never expect to stay that late up there!