Friday, June 19, 2009


Results coming out one by one~
now left BI... >.<
kindda hapi of my results *jump around*
so far no C yet! wee!!!! *pray hard my BI wont get C =.=*
maybe 2 u its bad.. still i'm happi wif it!!!!!!! *well.. who cares abt wat others think..*
hmmm~ the 1st week of skool okay okay lar...
as usual~~
bt lot of ppl lost their stuffs after tis holiday. including me T_T *i noe.. sounds weird.. bt its true >.<*
Hari koperasi coming soon~ planing 2 do jualan wif friends *come visit me on tat day kay =D*
sej n sivik folio hv 2 pass up next week.. *Die X_x*
due 2 the day they did pameran for sivik folio n i wasn't there for choir comp.. so i've 2 do it wif 2 other group members >.<
i gonna be blur again.. better chao 1st~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last day of Holiday

my blog is so dead =S
blame me tat lazy 2 blog xP
well.. actually nth much 2 blog..
tis holidays is so so so boring~
2 weeks.. most of the time stay at home..
Online~ Finish watching Juz Love ii yesterday nitex~ Msging~ Tv~ Tat's useless >.<
at tat time.. reali wish 2 go 2 skool.. at least i got things 2 do..
bt comes 2 almost the end of the holidays... i reali wish tat holiday get 2 be longer..
the only point tat i wan 2 go skool is 2 meet my friends... hmmm......

skool gotta reopen in few more hours..
results coming out~ *tat's scary.. prays hard tat result got improve*
parents will start 2 nag : Camy! PMR Coming Soon! GO STUDY NOW!!! *actually the previous days ady started. juz dun care abt it. xP*

besides tat..
skool reopen de... cant sleep till 10 sumthing or 11 sumthing morning anymore. D=
almost everyday will yawn in the class de. =S
everyday will miss sleeping alot~
Camy Lives is 2:
2) EAT
how can she survive without Sleeping much??? Ghh~

Bye Queensbay~
no more hanging out wif friends n watch movies in the mall~ Owh No! =S *except special case XP*
Queensbay!!!! we'll miss u!!

Dun get 2 watch tv anytime i lyk!!!!
hv 2 attends activities in skool~ extra classes~ go ttn~ do homework~
still dunno holidays better or skool reopen better :-S

Saturday, June 13, 2009

17 Again

went out wif them last thurs *opps cant c hil*
be4 movie start. went 2 MCD. they haven hv lunch =.=

we watched 17 Again at 2.40..
nice movie.. so cool~
owh yea...
met xuan be4 movie..
she was wif Jin..
the most important is... She was wearing SKIRT!!!!!
Joannie : c... xuan so pilih kasih wan.. went out wif us never wear skirt bt Jin... haizzzzzzzzzz *disappointed at xuan*
hang around wif Nyee they all after movie.. had lot of laughter.

as usual~ pic in the toilet. LOL

Nyee's favourite.. Nt bad. bt blame hil n me.. i was lookin at the screen of Nat's phone. n Hil divided into 2..

in front of Bilabong. dun hv hil.. awww..

went 2 Border's starbucks.. Nat bought drink 2 share...
be4 goin home.. rush 2 hv few snap of pic.. tat's funny.
>> nat, Hil n me

Jo looks blur.. O.o

i lyk tis pic <3

last group pic.. Blame Nyee! y r u in half ne?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Night At The Museum 2

went QB wif Jodene n Nyee last friday..

me n jodene decided the day be4 when she juz reach penang from sing.. wow~
reach there abt 2 sumthing almost 3..
met up wif jodene n went to buy tickets..
7p.m movie.. all bcos of NYEE!! she was on the way back 2 penang from KL.. *jealous jealous. both of them get 2 travel =X*
walked around lyk stupid since Nyee said she'll be reaching abt 5 or 6.. Blame Nyee! *kidding*
went 2 MCD 2 gossip..
moved 2 Borders bcos MCD is 2 cold =S both of us were freezing there.. *Nyee. c how gud we r xP*
gossip till abt 5.. finally Nyee reach de..
hang around n went back 2 borders..
made sumone called us.. muahaha
the line was super duper blur...
n he screamed lyk a gurlz!!! owh no =S
well.. we sengaja waste his credit lar.. *evil laughs*
Jo's phone be the mangsa..
me n nyee keep on pass the phone.. N Jo was so scare tat we'll drop her phone.. owh pity her. xD
end up still she drop her phone went we wanna go out from the borders.. *nt our fault.. fuhhh*

Night At The Musuem 2
movie started at 7.10..
Nice n funny movie. LOL!

be4 goin home =)

Nyee looks so cute.. *pinch*

blur nyee.. blame her!

tis's my fault =S

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monster Versus Aliens

On the Sunday~ went out wif my darling XUAN!

We watched MONSTERS vs ALIENS....
nice n funny movie =D
Derrick was such a lame Bf.. Booooooooooooo!!!!!

Hang around wif her..
went 2 hv Baskin Robbin ice-cream since tat day was 31 May.. 31% discount ma. =)
we walked around..
find for food around~ *we veri pro in makan mia xP*

n n n.. we vain 2~

we wore the same type of shirt~ *we din pakat ler*
Then we went 2 borders... 2 wait for Jin Wee!
woo~ Jin Wee came juz for her man! awwww... how sweet...
luckily when he came.. sumone save me out for nt being lamp post there xD
bt when the time finding for them.. i saw sumthing nt suppose 2 c.. *xuan~ sorry~ opps~ i cant c.. i cant c..xP*
wanna noe more abt them.. juz find me in msn! muaahaha.. well. i dun mind talk abt tat in my chatbox 2!! xP
bcos of them.. i join the other gang till be4 xuan's dad came 2 fetch us. >.<

[[xuan! u mux thx me 4 nt being lamp post wei! cheh.... xP owh yea.. u kenakan me in ur blog so now ur turn! xP]]