Saturday, June 22, 2013

威武馆 Wei Wu Guan Cafe

Continue with my previous post after Eighty Tree Cafe 

Let the photo speaks :P
If you like Kung Fu, you'll definitely love this cafe! :D
decided to drop by 威武馆 Wei Wu Guan Cafe after having out tea time in Eighty Tree Cafe

Guess what's their cafe theme?

yeahh. it's all about Kung Fu!

Our tag for them to recognise! 咏春拳 Wing Chun! If you watch IP Man, you'll know what's that :P


Got feel right? Like eating in 80 centuries, those old old movies or kung fu movies :P

Our Combo Set. *we were too full for main course.
Typical fried food. Like fried sotong, nudget, lor bak, friend onion ring, friend chicken. Little bit too oily for me. Fyi, I dont really like fried stuffs.

Outside the Cafe. with le partner- Winnie :D

miniature of the wooden combat machine to train 咏春拳 Wing Chun! So cute right?

and this is the original version of wooden combat machine to train 咏春拳 Wing Chun! So Cool righttt!

Pik Nik has basket, Wei Wu Guan has bird cage :O

antique kitchen utensils!

Another awesome antique! Huge CD Player!

 Cute mini Robot!

mini marry go round.

wooden clogs 木屐

different kung fu name for each table :D

mural art found outside of their cafe :D

Apart of the food we ordered (perhaps we made the wrong choice cause we were still full), personally I like the environment of the cafe very much. I like the unique theme of the cafe, those cute little things and antiques that I never thought I can actually see them in real life, too lazy to walk in antique shops tho *always get to see those antiques in drama or movie only*.

Wei Wu Guan Cafe
122-C,Jalan Burma,10050 pulau pinang, 10050 Pinang George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
operating at 12.30pm-3.00pm., 6.00 pm- 1130pm.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eighty Tree Cafe

Sorry for not updating often, Imma very tired lately. 
Rushed my proposal until midnight 3am for event on last Thursday night, woke up at 7am to class. On Friday noon, I received text from brother telling that Mom was admitted to the hospital and she assigned me to take care and overnight in hospital with her. Again, I didn't sleep well at all. Woke up early again on Sunday morning to my friends' school canteen day. Even until now, I can still feel myself lack of sleep, tired most of the time.

back to the topic, 
I had a date with Winnie during my holiday. *she has been booking me long ago but our time always crash*. After our hard time picking where to go*as usual*, I suggested this cafe cause I've seen quite a number of friends dropped by here and gave good feedback of this cafe. Not gonna elaborate much, let the photos do the talking!
Eighty Tree Cafe!!!
can even feel the cuteness outside the cafe! :D

even the menu attracts me! *spot that mini bear!"

the old school feel interior!

meet my date of the day, Winnie
Coincidentally we were wearing green!

our table number 6 ;)

Winnie's Curry Man Tou!

I Tell you, this is super delicious! I bet you must be wondering why they provide so less curry. It's because the curry is very very thick. Unlike other curry, it won't drip when you eat with the man tou provided. As for man tou, it's very crispy, yet not oily at all. Love the crispy but not oily man tou match with the thick curry, Perfect match!
I seriously miss this badly, went to Eighty Tree Cafe the other day for this Curry Man Tou but the Cafe was closed :(.

Candy Floss Toast!! decided to gave this a try because I saw photo of this everywhere. :X

I bet most of the girls' eyes will go like this . when they see so many marshmallows now, I was excited too! :P. Yeshhhh, Marshmallows with Chocolate topping on top of Kaya Toast. Unique combination right? I dont really like peanut butter, but surprisingly this combination taste yummy! I advise you to share this with your friend, half way trough you will feel very "zai" or "jilat" if you finish them all by yourself tho. I guess cause it's too sweet?

My chocolate drink on the left and her Tiramisu drink on the right.

Yours Truly,

Winnie!! :)

time to show you more of the shop!
According to my friend, it's a nice place to study too! of course avoid lunch and dinner time la..

guess what is this?
it's a mini box to put toothpick if I am not mistaken!

cute little things in the shop.

the old old radio that is still functioning.
Those music/songs in the shop are played trough this!

the cotton candy sky before we left!

83,Lebuh Cintra,
10100 Penang, Malaysia
Operate on Tues-Sun :11am-10pm
04-263 0361

Stay tune on the next post, cafe we went to have our dinner.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pretty fun first week in Sg Long, UTAR

Sorry for the slow update lately, I've been trying to settle down and get myself in the mood to get back with my normal life. It's already Week 2 in my degree life! I already stayed here for a week, Sg Long. I am trying my best to slowly adapt to the environment and culture here.I'm current a degree student in UTAR Sg Long taking Accounting course  :)

This is the view from my room's window. Amazing scenery.
So many huge and nice houses below, my motivation for me to study more and work hard to get house like this! haha! *Camy stop slacking and start studying!

View from another side of my room's windows.
even more huge houses...

right opposite my block. *mini version of my block cause this is older, the block i'm staying now is newer and taller.

Swimming pool when I look down!
doubt i'll go... :X

le campus is just a road away from le condo. 

I like how near my campus is with the place I stay. I can just come back to my room and take a nap during break. Of course, I can sleep few minutes more cause I only takes like less than 5 minutes to reach.

As compared to Kampar campus, this is much more smaller, only 1 cafeteria with super small size lecture halls and tutorial classes. The smaller the campus, the lesser we walk, the lesser we burn our fats, the higher the possibilities to get fatter. To keep ourselves do little exercise, my friend and I sometimes will climb up the staircase (this is just excuses la, main reason is cause too many people waiting for lifts and we are lazy to squeeze with them :X) There was once, we thought climbing up to 5th floor is not a problem, but we forget there is M floor, ended up we need to climb 6 floors! :O

I was shock with the culture here. I'm not sure is it because it's the first week, or maybe the typical KL Kiasu attitude the student have. My friend and I reach class 15min before it starts and it's already FULL! We ended up sat behind the pillar where I couldn't see lecturer at all so I wasn't paying much attention to listen :X. We can even hear other people telling their friends to go earlier, like 30min before. O.o 

bear with me to vain with le DSLR, that's my only equipment I can vain now :X
There is a mirror in my room. Why didnt they put lower?? At least for me to see half of my body la :X

Room I am staying like mehhh.. Owner only provide an huge empty room but dont allow me to share room! ghh! *sorry arr no photo of le room, cause its still messy. What I satisfied staying here most is that I have super friendly and good housemates *unlike kampar*!! Sometimes they'll bring food to my room, especially fruits to share with me. Food face again, tsk tsk. I shall treat them with le chocolate then xP

Speak about food, the food here is super expensive! At least so far what i ate wasnt as bad as Kampar's food tho :X

meet this girl, the piggy Xiao Fei!
get HTC one if u want ur face looks longer :X

Imma super duper grateful thank god that I met her and got the same timetable as her! Who on earth can be so helpful and never ask for any return nowadays?! People like that are extincting, Yes, she is one of the extinct species. She fetched me to banks settle my ptptn stuff after class which she can suppose to be home resting. She scarifies her sleeping time waking up early in the morning and brought me to clinic for vaccination at 8am. She offer to deliver me snowflakes on the hot day. She brought biscuits and rice biscuits for me cause she afraid that I'll get hungry*she didnt eat them u know*. She jio her friends and brought me along to the super long pasar malam cause I told her how much I miss the Smelly Tao Fu there. That girl that refused or lazy to get back money from me that she paid first for me for books. :). Somebody that got really crazy with me like we knew each other for n years although we weren't close at all in Kampar. It's only less than 2 weeks but she already did so much for me. She claims that I broke her record of communicating so much with someone she dont know well. :P Gam dong gam dong. :'). Really appreciate her. ♥♥ you :) *i know sometimes u'll read :P

Le San Yi's family :)

When I was wondering how should I spend my first weekend here, or with who before I took my nap, I received a call.
"Camy, you having class now? What you doing?"
"No le, class ended at 10am. I am lying on my bed wanna took a nap now."
"Oh, free? Want go science centre?"
"Science centre? Can also"
"Okay, prepare and I come fetch you now"

I spent my 3 days weekends here with my aunt and her family. :)
She used to sayang me the most, and I bet still do :)
No photo of science centre but Imma spamming you and ending this post with photos of her kids :)
I swear, her elder son and daughter can use Iphone and Note 2 much better than I do :X

Yii Rui, her eldest son!

Angry Bird freak :X

In Science centre.

Princess Luo Jie with favourite line "NO"!

she said cheese with her peace sign but not looking at my camera. :X

Busy arranging her chess that keep saying cheese and dont bother to look at my camera :(

Finally a pic that she's looking at my camera!
She found a platform at the no entry place, brought me there and started singing and dancing with her super cute cartoon voice like she is at her own concert. melts

Science centre is like a heaven to her, so many things to play!

Her second prince, 室醇

2 months old baby!

He is happy! :D

So far so good over here, looking forward to have fun life here! Gotta think positive so I can really enjoy here. No negative thought, Camy!