Thursday, July 28, 2011


*photo taken with my phone*
not everyone dare to stand out and talk in front of the crowd.
but there are some people who like to be the spotlight.
they like to stand on the stage and speak out.
i admire them, their braveness, the confidence they have in themselves :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Present From Nuffnang

when i scroll trough my picture, i just realise i forget to share something!
hehehe! My 1st Cheque from Nuffnang!
get it months ago, and i still cant believe that! xP

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Birds

last month, a bird came a made a nest on the same plant same spot again!
this time, i'm afraid to go near it. instead, my dad get amused and went and see whenever he's back. =X
after weeks, tadaaaa =D
i'm phobia right now. i'm afraid that i will scare it away.
awwww. =)

after another week, it grew!!
even the nest cant fit in both of them.
they look super cute!
and they are staring at me =X
hehehehe! my artwork.

when i was snapping their photos, my dad was behind there, luan-ing me to snap more.
when i wanted to snap the bird behind, suddenly the trees vibrate a while.
after few seconds, the bird that i focusing was gone.
i was shocked =.=.
but i found one of them was on the roof! and realise that they just wanted how to fly.
it's looking at me!!! =D
the mami bird came. and showed them how to fly *i think so*
then three of them flew away.
luckily manage to snap the photos of them.
blame daddy for being so luan behind that scared them away =X

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Hot Topic!

i got a BIG SURPRISE by our goverment.

you have to admit it, i'm too awesome that they must choose me for this program =X
i don't mind going but it's too long till i feel that it's like a waste of time.
my plans after SPM are all gone :'(
let's just hope that i still alive when i'm back *prays*

p/s:i think i should go but toto right now since i'm so lucky =X any number? =D

Monday, July 11, 2011


Opps. i didn't open the window when i trying the snap a night scene.
This is the result!
somehow i just like it
although it suppose to be a fail picture! but this is ART
IMG_0164 (1)
weee. there's a airplane.
but it looks like UFO. O.o
i assume that's AirAsia =X
Comment about these please?
i will appreciate a lot and please tell me the truth whether is bad onot. thanks

p/s: My First try taking night scene =D and it's the view from my house and i din use tripod. screw me =X

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Joshua the Hero

he is my cousin.
he is special.
a very unique boy.
although we stay far away.
and get to meet only one year once.
but almost every year when i go back to Seremban during Chinese New Year, he'll be shouting Camy Jie Jie and come out to welcome me =)
then he'll follow me whenever i go for the next few days.
sometimes it's quite scary because he has hot and cold temper.
he can suddenly scold me when a second before he was treating me nicely. =X
they are the one who make the house noisy.

at the age of 3, doctor brought a very bad news- he has a tumor in his small brain.
after having war with the bad cells for quite a long time.
he won in that war.
he get to live normally, be in school, play with friends and so on.
but, it only last for 5 years.
the tumor had grown back in this year march, few weeks after i met him during CNY.
he had to go for operation again.
again, the war started.
but this time,, he choose to follow Jesus.
to the world where there's no pain or suffer.
where he get to enjoy and live happily.
ah *sakit hati*

it must be the worst Father's day ever for ku chang :'(
i'm sad for the lost of him.
but well, he gets to enjoy his life, living peacefully up there =)
i believe that he is living happily up there and protecting everyone especially the family. =)
RIP Joshua, i miss you. I you. meet you soon, :)

p/s: stay strong my dear ku chang, ku jie, jing chei and jing yuen