Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year 2011

opps, didn't blog for so long.
don't get to online for so long =(.
my new year eve was boring and working of new year =)
it's a new year.
1st day of school today for year 2011!
can't believe that it's the last year of school already D:
looking forward for this year ;P

what i hope for this year :-
#1, a fun year!
#2, get P for driving!
#3, study constantly.... *which will never do it in the end =X*
#4, do well in school exam!
#5, do well in SPM so i can get a DSLR!!!!
#6, get a DSLR!!!! *that's impossible T_T, but at least a camera*
#7, blog more!! *hopefully*
#8, stay healthy =)