Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Day 1
S : Jie come, i bring u go rob bank :)

Y : O.o y out of sudden say so?

S : U say u wan DSLR wat.

Y : AHAHA! then how much u wan rob? i wan few thousand can de ;P

S : i wan alot of money

Y : y leh? wat u wan to buy?

S : i tot ur DSLR veri expensive?

Next day
S : Jie arr, i think we go rob camera shop better la.

Y : gud idea!! =D

S : tat's y. u can take all kind of DSLR u wan. cheap wan exp wan also nvm. then when u feel lyk using which wan the use the one.


recently, i find tat my sis getting cuter.
n hv alot of weird idea.
n i starting to lyk her. O.o

Sunday, July 25, 2010


The Name Camy is both a boy and girl's name .
The origin of the baby name Camy is Irish with the meaning(s) depending on Gender/Origin being
Irish- Champion.

i love my name =D

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


we plan
we rush.
we got blamed.
we were pressured.
friendship almost gone.
n now everything cancelled.
everything is back to normal now =D
i feel so so so so so so so so happy!!!!! ;P
and i this feeling now. xP