Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hapi New Year

Hi 2009!
Bye 2008!
Tat's wat i can say.. >.<
I'm 15 de.. Huhu.. i dun wan be older... T_T
i still wan 2 be a kid.. i miss my life in primary...
the life dunno wat call pressure.. the life tat dun need worry anything.. =)
Tis year.. i'll be takin PMR! Damn..
Pressure!! T_T i dun wan...
Hmm.. 2 years more.. SPM..
n 3 years more.. yeah.. no more skool life.. LOL
skool gonna reopen in 4 more days..
miss my friend so much.. bt hate study =.=
hmm let's c..
last year.. i'm onli 14 [[LOL.. of cuz]]
last year.. i gt the most present in my life when my bufday..
last year.. i broke my record tat my maths din gt 90 n above..
last year.. i started 2 blog..
last year.. i'm veri veri stupid n blur
i dunno wat more.. LOL
wish tat tis year can be much more better than last year =)
wish tat i can gt straight A's in PMR
wish tat i can gt 2 find more true n close friends..
wish tat i can gt more LURVE.. lolx..
wish tat i can find My One =)
n wish tat i can gt Nokia N82..Camera..Contact Lens..n watever i wan [[i'm crazy.. LOLx]]

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