Friday, November 28, 2008


i'm BaCK!!
yEsTeRdaY wEnT 2 KeDaH 4 cOuSiN WeDdInG CeReMoNy..
BoRiN UnTiL........
MiSs Me???
a PaRrOt iS In My HoUsE... My MoM's rOoM nOw...
iT's gReY In CoLoUr.. n Hv a ReD TaIlS..
SuDdEnLy fLy MaSuK..
n My mOm n My SiS iS pLaYin WIF TaT PaRrOt NoW..
dUnNo wAt ThEy dOiN..
2 BaD LaR!
gT No CaMeRa HeRe!!!
iF Nt CaN TaKe PiC oF iT!!!!
i aDy MiSs aLoT oF tHInGs!!!!



2dAy Is a VeRi VeRi ImPoRtAnT dAy!!!
bT 2 BaD LaR..
KeNoT CeLeBrAtE WiF HeR... T_T
*JOANNIE!! Go BuY a pAiR Of WiNgS n fLy BaCk 2 PeNaNg LaR!!!*
i NoE i nOe.. i'm cRaPpInG... >.<
sRy Ya...
HaVeN RePlY uR mAiL!
bT i'll tRy mY BeSt 2 Be FaSt! xDDD
i DuNno wAt 2 gV u 4 uR BuFdAY pReSeNt LaR!!
bLaMe mE!<
WeLl! nTh 2 TaLk aBt dE...
sToP HeRe LaR..


OwH yA!!

sRy sRy!

4gEt 2 sAy!!





Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TaGgEd By QiU Yu

Those who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.#Tag 8 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse.These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people

1. Name the persons you tagged.
* JoAnNiE
* ZoE
* CaMiLlE
* SaM
* YoLaNde
* EuLeNe
* KiM

2. Describe yourself in one word.

3. Who would you pick, someone who really loves you, or the one you love?*

4. Have you ever loved someone before but never had the courage to tell him/her?

5. Has anyone ever broken your heart?

6. What would you do during your last few minutes on earth?
HmM! sMiLe =)

7. Do you believe in miracles?

8. Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
........ MaYbE?

9. Do you have something important with you all the time?
NoPe.. HahAx..

10. Long distance love ?

11. What is the most important thing in life to you?

12. What makes you different?

13. Tell us of your dream last night?
i dReAm TaT i WaS WiF My pRiNcE?? HahAx.. NaHhx.. 4gEt DE...

14. Are you eating anything now?

15.If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
dUn dArE

16. The last person you talked on the cell phone with?
HmM.. MeLiSsA BoO SiN LiNg

17. What did you have for your previous meal?

18. The last person you messaged?
4gEt DE..

19. The last person you hugged?
4gEt dE xDDDD

20. The last person you yelled at?
My mOm??

21. In the last week have you kissed someone?

22. Think of the last time you were angry, why were you angry?
CuZ MoM SuDdEnLy sCoLd Me

23. If you could do anything or wish anything, what would it be?
aLwAyS Be WiF HiM?? Gt NoKiA N82 oR a CaMeRa hP aSaP n CoNtAcT LeNs!!

24. If you could have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?

25. Are you old fashioned?

26. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
tHe 1 i LuRvE

27. What are you craving now?
i'm bluR NoW

28. Favourite song at the moment?
HoT n CoLd - KaTy PeRrY
If i wErE a BoI - BeYoNcE
I'm YoUrS - JaSoN MrAz
WhEn i gRoW Up - ThE PuSsYcAt DoLlS

29. The last song you listened to?
If i wErE a BoI - BeYoNcE

30. A random fact about yourself.

TaGgEd By JoAnNiE n ZoE!

1. What were you doing 5 years ago
*dOiN sTuPiD tHiNgS...

2. What were your 5 things on your to do list today?
*pLaY CoMp GaMes
*WaTcH MoViE

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
*SuPeR RiNg!!!
*FeRrErO RoChEr
*KiT KaT
*WaTeVeR cHoCoLaTe!!
*HmM.. dUnNO dE..

4. What are 5 jobs you've had?
*Hmmm! 4gEt dE...
*dUnNo dE..

5. 5 People i want to tag

BoRiNg HoLiDaY

NeVeR bLoG 4 sO LoNg dE...
NtH 2 bLoG AbT bTw... >.<
HoLiDaY iS So BoRiNg!!!
eVeRyDaY sTaY aT HoMe BuAt BoDoH!!! GhHhHhHh!!
2mOrO iS JoAnNiE BuFdAy!!!
n 2mOrO i'm gOiN 2 My MoM's CoUsIn WeDdInG aT KeDaH.. T_T
i WiLl bLoG LaR.. n pOsT iT 2mOrO... xDD
HopE u DuN MiNd yA.. =)]]
aFtER TiS WeEk..
MaYbe My LiFe wOnT Be TaT BoReD dE..
bCoS wEi Yi tHeY aLl aSk Me 2 gO a tRaInInG CaMp TiLl 14 DeC!!
LuCkYlY gT AcTiViTy dE..


Friday, November 21, 2008

ArT CaMp

SrY BcOs NeVeR bLoG 4 FeW dAyS dE...
LaZy 2 bLoG n NtH 2 bLoG aBt BtW... =)
LaSt 4 dAyS [[17th - 20th NoV MoN-tUeS]] mOrNiNg... i WeNt 2 YoUnG DeSiGnEd ArTs CaMp...
iTs OrGaNiZe bY AnAk-aNaK KoTa ..
bT It HeLd aT PeNaNg YoUtH CeNtRe..
TiS CaMp iS aCtUaLlY WaNt uS [[dA YOuNGs WaN]] 2 NoE MoRe aBt HeRiTaGeS In PeNaNg n oF CuZ tHeY aLsO TeAcH Us 2 dO tHiNgs...
In TiS CaMp hV 4 gRoUpS.. SuCh aS RuBbEr sTaMp.. SiKlsCrEeN.. tRaDiTiOnAl cLoThEs n BoArD GaMes...
wE Hv 2 cHoOsE 1 gRoUp In Da CaMp.. BcOs oThEr gRoUp iS AdY FuLl wHeN We SiGn Up.. sO Me N mY fRiEnS Hv 2 SiGn uP 4 RuBbEr sTaMp gRoUp...

DaY 1
wE GaThErEd aT PeNaNg YoUtH CeNtRe aT aBt 8.30...
wE Gt 2 NoE oUr gRoUp LeAdEr - MiSs ChIn cHiN n aSsIsTaNt gRoUp LeAdEr - MiSs QuEeN...
tHeY CoLlEcTeD OuR PuRsE n Hp iN CaSe wE LoSe iT...
aFtER TaT.. We aHeAd 2 cHeAch KoNgSi... bCoS InSiDe Da HaLl Hv No eNoUgH sPaCe 4 4 gRoUpS 2 dO aCtIvItIeS...
dA fRoNt dOoR oF ChEaH KoNgSi.. [[i NeVeR HeAr Be4.. i OnLi NoE KhOo KoNgSi.. xDD]]
Da wAy 2 gO In...

Da TeMpLe... cHeAcH KoNgSi

SuM PaRt InSiDe..
ThErE Hv 2 RoOms BeSiDe Da "HaLl" [[WaTeVeR LaR.. i DuNnO wAt iT CaLl]] aT Da gRoUnD fLoOR...
wHeN We ReAcH... wE WeNt 2 dA "HaLl" n wE Gt 2 WaTcH a sHoRt sHoW aBt PeNaNG HeRiTaGeS...
tHeN... We pLaYeD a GaMe CaLl "u gT 2 NoE eAcH OtHeR"...
AfTeR Da GaMe... OuR gRoUp LeAdEr bReIf uS n We Hv 2 gO OuT aLoNg a fEw sTrEeT 2 sKeTcHeD Da HeRiTaGeS UnTiL 12 SuMtHiNg... [[tHeRe iS a pLaCe WiF aLl Da HeRiTaGeS.. wHeN u gO ThErE.. u gT 2 C LoT oF HeRiTaGeS]]
GaThErEd aT ChEaCh KoNgSi aFtEr FiNiSh sKeTcHiN thEn gO BaCk 2 YoUtH CeNtRe 2 gT BaCk oUr PuRsE n Hp... tHeN bLaHh

DaY 2
aT 8.30a.m..
We GaThErEd aT YoUtH CeNtRe n WaLkEd 2 cHeAch KoNgSi AgAiN...
AgAiN.. tHeY ShOw Us aBt sTaMp n Da StEp 2 dO RuBbEr sTaMp...
aFtER a sHoRt bRiEf fRoM OuR gRoUp LeAdEr... wE Hv 2 MoDiFy dA ImAgE TaT wE SkEtChEd On dAy 1...
tHeN wE CuRvE iT On dA RuBbEr... [[iT's aCtUaLlY eRaSeR.. =.=]]

TiS iS wAt i DiD.. LoOkS UgLy rYt???
Bt AcTuAlLy qUiTe NiCe wHeN cHoP iT On a PaPer... bT Hv No piC 2 sHOW u gUyS...

DaY 3
On dAy 3...
We GaThErEd aT YoUtH CeNtRe aT 9.00a.m..
TiS dAy.. wE Gt 2 gO aLoNg dA sTrEeT n gUiDe By EuGeNe...
sHe ToLd uS aLl aBt dA HiStOrY aT ThErE...
n Of CuZ.. I JuZ NoE aBt Da HiStORY tHeRe aFtEr sHe TeLl uS... [[bT NoW.. i 4gEt Da sTrEeT NaMe dE...i noE i NoE.. My BaD]]
ThEn wE WaLkEd BaCk 2 cHeAh KoNgSi.. gT PaPeR.. n gO OuT n sKeTcH AgAiN...
gO BaCk 2 GaThErEd..
dRaW aLl Da SkEtCh In 1 PaPer... n wE Hv 2 gO OuT n InTeRvIeW PpL dE..
We Hv 2 gO aRoUnD Da FeW sTrEeT n AsK Da ToUrIsT oR PpL ThErE WeThEr wHiCh 1 TaT wE dRaW RePrEsEnT PeNaNg...
UnTiL 12 sUmTHiNg aLmOsT 1.. Gv BaCk dA tHiNg n BaLiK RuMaH...

DaY 4...
wE GaThErEd aT ChEaCh KoNgSi...
n TiS dAy..
wE Hv 2 cHoOsE 1 iMaGe TaT MoSt Ppl tHiNK iT RePrEsEnT PeNaNg n cUrVe iT On dA RuBbEr...
bCoS MoSt PpL tHiNk MiA i aDy DiD iT On DaY 2.. sO i DeCiDeD 2 dO TiS... [[dA WiNdOw oF MuZiUm IsLaM aT ThErE]]
tRy 1...
tRy 2...
tRy 3.. xDDD

n Of CuZ.. i CoLlEcTeD dA gRoUp MeMbErS HaRdWoRk n tHeIr SiGnAtUrE...
wHeN cLeAnInG dA rOoM At cHeAh KoNgSi.. [[sPoT mY ChOp n BoTtLe??]]xD
sO wE WeNt BaCk 2 YoUtH CeNtRe...
aFtEr aRrAnGeD OuR sTaTiOn.. wE Gt 2 gO OuT n Hv OuR LuNch...
CaMe BaCkk aBt 1 n dA pReSeNtAtIoN sTaRt...
TiS iS gRoUp 1... aBt tRaDiSoNaL cLoThEs...
tHeIr HaRdWoRk...
TiS iS gRoUp 2.. BoArD GaMe gRoUp..
sPoT ChOw KiT???
ZoE!! uR dArLiNg xDDD... sRy.. 4gEt 2 MeNtION TaT i MeT OnG ZhEn wEi.. iRfAn.. cHoW KiT n a MaLaY gUrLz fRoM OuR SkOoL tHeRe...xDD

In gRoUp 2 aLso gT a fEw gRoUpS...
TiS Da MoSt NiCe MiA BoArD GaMe aMoNg dA gRoUp 2 gRoUp DiD...
OnG's gRoUp MiA...
TiS gRoUp 3 aBt SiLkScReEn..
n LaStLy mY gRoUp...
aFtEr Da pReSeNtAtIoN...
wE Gt ChAnCe 2 Go 2 oThEr gRoUpS 2 tRy...
n Of CuZ...
wOnT MiSs SiLkScReEn..
Be4 TaT..
wE WeRe aSkeD 2 bRiNg T-sHiRt 2 pRiNt...
n i bOuGhT bLaCk CoLoUr T-sHiRt..
TiS Da ReSuLt.. OnLi CaN C LiGhTlY... >.<
*Be4 TaT...
i aSkEd a gUy wEtHeR CaN cHaNge Da CoLoUr oF ImAgE OnOt... n He aCtUaLlY DuNnO LaR...
tHeN aFtER i pRiNtEd Da T-sHiRt... He CaMe BaCk AgAIn WeNt i pRiNt aNoThEr TiMe.. n wE sTaRtEd 2 cRaP BcOs He wAs AsKiN sTuPiD QuEs... wHeN i WaS pRiNtInG.. n AsK mE wAt CoLoUr... TaK kAn hE MaTa SePaK... sO LaR HoW iT sTaRtEd...
He LoOkS FaMiLiAr.. sO My fRiEnDs aSkEd HiM IsIt fRoM KeOnG HoE... n He sAy Ya...
i ToLd HiM i sTaNdArD 6 He aLsO BeLiEvE..
n He wAs LyK DuN uNdErStAnD y He LoOkS FaMiLiAr 4 uS.. FuNnY CaSe..
tHeN i JuZ NoE hE's AcTuAlLy mY bRo's fRiEn..
ThEn hE GaVe mE a wHiTe T-sHiRt aS "JiAn MiAn Li"..
i aSkEd HiM 2 dO ToN 4 mE 2...
dUn TeLl Da TeAchEr..
hE AcTuAlLy CuRi -cUrI Do 4 mE... xDD*

sHh.. sPoT Da gReEn CoLoUr n OraNgE CoLoUr MiX??? n HiS HaNd pRiNt..
TiS iS dA LaSt T-sHiRt 2 pRiNt dE..
bCoS He LaSt MiN gV Me Da sHiRt...
bT 2 BaD LaR..
i MiSs 2 dO Da LoGo oF AnAk-aNaK KoTa aT dA BaCk... >.<

Saturday, November 15, 2008

LaSt dAy Of SkOoL n tRaP In dA tOiLeT

YeStErDaY WaS dA LaSt dAY Of SkOoL!!
SaD wEi.......
MiSs My fRiEnS So MuCh...
fEeLs LyK wAn 2 gO 2 SkOoL bT sCaRe BoRiNg... [[i NoE LaR.. CaCaT.. xD]]
n YeStErDaY gT a FuNnY CaSe!!!
Me.. ZoE... NyEe.. HiLaRy.. MiChI.. EuLeNe n KiM [[7 pErSoN FoRm rAiNbOw CoLoUr! WoW!]] wErE tRaPpEd In dA gUrLz tOiLeT!!
aCtUaLlY mE, NyEe, HiLaRy n MiChI wEnT 2 tOiLeT.. AfTeR TaT ZoE jOiN 2!! tHeN EuLeNe n KiM CaMe In...
n bCoS Of EuLeNe sTrAiGhTeN HeR hAiR.. tHeN wE sTaRtEd dA ToPiC...
Da FoRm 2 wAn WeRe BeGgIn ZoE 2 Let gO HeR hAiR...
i tHiNk MiChI sCaRe LtR ZoE dUn wAn LeT Ppl c.. sO ShE JuZ PuSh dE DoOr n iT cLoSe!!
tHeN wHeN KiM n EuLeNe wAnNa Go OuT...
SuDdEnLy Da DoOr KenOt OpEn...
n zOe Go n LoCk Da DoOr n sHe sAiD tRy UnLoCk It n OpEn...
MaNaTaU LaGi WoRsT...
Da DoOr CaNt UnLoCk BaCk!!
n eVeRyOnE GeTtInG NeRvOuS!!
NyEe,HiLaRy n MiChI EvEN sHouTiN InSiDe!!
n Of CuZ we AsK 4 HeLp...
MeLyVn CoMe n BaNg DA dOoR n KeNoT OpEn...
n We aLl InSiDe wErE TaLkIn aBt HoW wE GoNnA LiVe In dA tOiLeT WiThOuT fOoD n dRiNks... LOL!
aFtEr a FeW MiN...
sUmOnE aSk Us tRy 2 tWiSt Da LoCk...
n Of CuZ..
i tWiSt iT n It SuDdEnLy OpEn!!!
wE TeRuS ruN OuT..
i HeArD SuMoNe sAy FuH!!!
wE No NeEd 2 LiVe In dA tOiLeT dE!!
wE GoT 2 Go QB In dA aFtErNoOn.. xD
FuNnY CaSe LaR...
sRy... LaZy 2 PuT CoLoUr 4 Da sToRy..
WiLl bLoG aBt aT QB YeStErDay aFtEr i gT SuM PiC!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

80th PoSt

sRy bCoS NeVeR bLoG 4 a fEw DaYs.. ^^
LaSt SaTuRdAy!
F.Y.I.. i wEnT 2 JeNaI's HoUsE 4 BeLaTeD DeEpAvAlI DiNnEr... xDDD
i wEnT ThErE aBt 7 sUmtHinG aLmOsT 8 bT rEAch ThErE aT 8.15!!
TaT sTuPiD RoUnD-a-bOuT LaR...
KeNa sTuCk aT ThErE 4 aBt 15 MiNuTeS oR MoRe..
LuCkIlY sHe dIn sCoLd mE...FuHhH!!!
eAt dE aBt 8.45...
dA FoOtbAlL MaTcH sTaRtEd dE!!!
pRo wEi!!
oF CuZ eVeRyOnE gO n WaTcH!!
n tHeRe gT 1 FaMiLy r Mu SuPpOrTeRs!!!
4 oF ThEm WeArInG MU sHiRt LeH!!!
eVeN a sMaLl gUrLz!!!
aT Da BrEaK TiMe...
mY DaD CoMe n FeTcH mE dE...
2 : 1

SkOoL WaS BoRiNg...
TiS TiMe eXaM MaRkS dRoP dE... T_T
n I jUz rEaD JoAnNiE's bLoG...
i'm WoRrY aBt HeR pArEnTs............


Saturday, November 8, 2008

TaGgEd By JoAnNiE dEaR!!

1. The last person to tag you is....
JoAnNiE!! My CuTe dEaR!!

2. Your 5 impressions of him/her?
CuTe!!! cRaZy!!! TaLleR ThAn Me!!! sMaRt!!! n JoKeR...

3. The most memorable thing that he/she has ever done for you?
SeNd mE BuFdAy CaRd eVeN tHoUgH sHe's iN AuS!! [[iTs dA 1sT TiMe sHe Gv mE pReSeNt n sHe's aDy In aUs!!]]

4. The most memorable words that he/she spoke to you?

5. If he/she becomes your lover you will....
ShE aDy Is My LuRvEr...

6. If he/she becomes your enemy you will....
wOnT !!!

7. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on.....
ShE's pErFeCt In My HeArT!! xD

8. If he/she becomes your enemy, its because....
wOnT LoR...

9. The most desirable thing for him/her to do is....

10. Overall impression towards him/her is.....

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
ThEiR's pRoB

12. The character for you for yourself is...
JuZ Be MySeLf...

13. On the contrary, the character you hate for yourself is?

14. the most ideal person you want to be is....
hmmm.. nO 1.. i aM WhO i Am.. i wAnT 2 Be aLsO CaNt!!

15. For the person who cares and likes you, say something about him/her
HmM... HoPeFuLlY iS GuD tHiNg...

16. Ten people to tag
-3.CaMiLlE a.k.a eViL JiE JiE a.k.a MrS wEnG TaTt

17. who is #2 having a relationship with?
nO 1???

18. is #3 a male or a female?
FeMaLe Of CuZ!!!

19. if #7 and #10 got together, would that be a good thing?
GoD!!! gUd NeWs!! [[sRy KiM n PaK.. i SeRiOuSlY DiN MeAn 2 PuT u 2 ToGeThEr!!!]]

20. how about #5 and #8?
OmG... oF CuZ BaD!! LeS u NoE???

21. what is #1 studying about?
aSk heR???

22. when was the last time you had a chat with them?
hMm! dUnNo

23. is #4 single?

24. say something about #2..
HmM!! a gUrLz TaT LyK 2 CuBiT mE >.<


pReFeCt DiNnEr

yEsTeRdAy aBt 4..
wEnT 2 SkOoL bCoS Hv pReFeCt DiNnEr...
wHeN rEaCh SkOoL... pUt sTuFf dE.. sTrAiGhT wEnT 2 FiNd JiA YiNg 2 tRy sHiRt n sHoEs..
i CaN MaKe uP mY MiNd 2 wEaR fOrMaL oR tRaDiSiOnAl...
n aT LaSt.. i cHoOsE 2 wEaR fOrMaL aT NiGhT..
aBt 5...
Da GaMeS sTaRtEd...
Da mOsT AwEsOmE tHiNg iS We pLaY n RuN In Da rAiN!!!
sYoK wEi!!
bT CoLd.....
n i eVeN RuN TiLl i VeRi TiReD n JoDeNe gT sHoCk TaT My LiPs SuDdEnLy Go wHiTe...
ToTaLlY wHiTe TaT tYpE KaY!
TaKe SuM gRoUp PiC [[dA PiC nT WiF Me]] n wEnT 2 pLaY SuM oThEr gAmEs...
tHeY AcTuAlLy aS uS cLoSe OuT eYeS WiF bLiNd FoLd n tHeY gOnNa tHrOw WaTeR BaLoOn n WaTeR aT Us...
iTs FuN.. bT... hmmm.. BoRiNg LaR.. gT wEt aLl...
aBt 6 sUmThiNg...
tHeY LeT uS gO BaTh n pRePaRe...
Me,JiA YiNg n JoDeNe HaLf WaLk HaLf RaN 2 My HoUsE 2 TaKe BaTh n pRePaReD...
My MoM gT sHoCk wHeN sHe SaW uS.. xDDD
n YeA.. sHe bRiNg uS bAcK 2 SkOoL.. xDDD
bT wE wErE LaTe... WhO cArEs???
TiS Da PiC

Be4 sTaRt... In Da HaLl..

wE vAiN WhEn HeAdMaStEr wAs Gv sPeEcH.. xDDD

AgAiN... Bt wE sTiLl nT rEaLi PuAs WiF TaT...

ThEsE r JoDeNe ChEh cHeH n CrAzY JiE JiE-ZoE.. =)

SaBrI iS aCtUaLlY gViN SuM sHoRt sPeEcH bCoS He HaS Song ReQuEsT!! eVeRyOnE WaS LyK pErLi-iNg HiM n aT LaSt He sAy.. 2 My KeKaSiH - JoE 2!! xDDD

aFtEr JaMuAn.. wE FiNaLlY gT a PiC TaT wE LyK!!! wE JuZ TaKe RaMdOnLy KaY!

aFtEr JaMuAn n cLeAnInG.. sRy.. iN mY DoCuMeNt iTs oKaY.. bT COMe heRe.......... TuRn uR Head 2 c.. wOnder WhO u sPoT... xD
TiS Is wAt tHeY GaVe uS...
a KeYcHaIn WiF dA WoRd n MoTo... PrEfEcT BoArD SmKbJ 2008 "PREFECT PERFECT"
iTs SO niCe... LuRvE iT..

Thursday, November 6, 2008


wEe LaLa!!!
eXaM FiNaLlY FiNiSh eVeRyThIng dE!!!
LeT's sHoUt 2gEtHer!!!
JuZ rEaD ZoE's bLoG..
DiD u rEaD TaT 2???
nVm.. cLiCk HeR NaMe n u WiLl gT 2 HeR bLoG...
n JuZ NoTiCe TaT PeNgEtUa SeArChEd 4 My SkOoL KiD's bLoG...
i NoE.. i nOe... i DiN pAy AtTeNtIoN DuRiNg AsSeMbLy...
SrY.. sRy.. i Gt rEaSoN wAn KaY...
i DuNnO y DuRiNg AsSeMbLy.. sUmTiMeS i WiLl fEeLs SuDdEnLy HaRd 2 bReAth... n Of CuZ i hV PeRmiTtIoN 2 SiT DoWn 4 a wHiLe...
I'm SeRiOuS!!
i DiN LiE u aLl..
i DuNno y..
SrY PeNgEtUa bCoS i DiN PaYiN aTtEnTiOn WhEn u gV sPeEcH..
y I SuDdEnLy TaLk aBt TiS??
[[AnYwAy.. PeNgEtUa..
iF u SeArChEd mY bLoG.. ThEn EnJoY UrSeLf HeRe LaR.. u CaN aLsO Gv sUm CoMmEnT iN My cHaT BoX.. HaHax...
i NoE mY iNg VeRi pOoR...
i bLoG iS 2 ImPrOvE mY InG.. xDDD]]

kAy TiLl HeRe...
OwH yA..
ZoE! I LuRvE u 2!!!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


FiNaLlY eXaM FiNiSh aLl dA ImPoRtAnT sUb dE...
sTiLL LefT SeNi 2mOrO..
WoNdEr aFtEr FiNiSh dRaWiNg HoW iT LoOkS LyK... hmm....
sRy 4 sO LoNg NeVeR bLoG dE..
sTiLl RmB..
LaSt bLoG iS on 18 oF OkT...
JuZ rEaLiSe sO LoNg dE wEi...
iTs aBt 3 oR 4 wEeKs dE...
HeK hEk...
CaNt wAiT 2 gO JaMuAn PeNgAwAs n JeNaI's HoUsE 4 pArTy!!!
bT DuN wAn 2 wEaR BAJU KURUNG!!! iTs HaRd 2 WaLk!!!!
MiSsIng Qb NoW...
So LoNg NeVer gO dE...
TaLk aBt QB tHeN WiLl tHiNkS aBt JoAnNiE dE...

fEeLs LyK WaNna WoRk DuRiNg HoLiDaY..
i WiLl bE BoReD iF aLwAyS sTaY aT HoMe..
SuMmOrE KeNoT aLwAyS Go OuT.. LtR MoM sCoLd...
LiFe WiLl bE UsElEsS iF eVeRyDaY sTaY aT HoMe.. xDDD
aNyOnE NoE aNyShOp wHo nEeDs WoRkErS.. n DuN MiNd i'm 14 yEaRs oLd... [[i nOe Da cHaNcE iS VeRi vEri sMaLl LaR..]]
pLz TeLl Me!!!