Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Layout Again

Hi ppl!!! Miss me?? =)
I changed my layout few days ago wif the theme of LOVE..
nice?? If it doesn't looks nice, plz tell me.. i will change another one.. xD
i'm 2 free 2 do such things.. ^^
I've added sum ads beside my blog such as advertlets, nuffnangs n docotorjob..
heard tat these ads can let us earn money.. bt dunno wether is true onot..
juz try it.. it wont cost u =)
if u're free, can u click on the doctorjob thing n register?? plzzzz.. i beg u..
free money! y cant u guys juz try??
i lazy 2 write the word in 1 big 1 small de..
i noe.. i now getting lazy de.. hek hek..
bt seriously i don't feel comfortable wif typing my blog lyk tis..
i'll try my best 2 take pic of my NIKE shoes n blog abt it asap..
n thx Xuan 4 edit tis pic 4 me.. lurve it =)

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