Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pixus oh Pixus!

thanks for allowing me to enter this company and gave me chances to work with you guys :)
i never expect that part time job life could be this awesome.
it's my pleasure that i get to work with you guys, seriously.
giving me experience of work and allowing me to see what's call reality.
been through ups and downs.
Thanks for bringing me go around Penang and get Ho Liao. *oh i miss tom yam now :X*
Thanks for the farewell. Thanks for the supper.
i miss you guys. :(

Sorry for not updating for such a long time, school started, still busying get used to the life over here :X

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sisters Madness

that's what happened when i tried to take a proper photo with my sis
and ended up we gone wild. :X

i guess she just cant stay kuai kuai and let me take a proper pic with her :X

sometimes she will just makes me hate her
and at times very lovable

the naughty little girl that super protective over her family

oh! i'm leaving for kampar Utar so soon. 
i guess i will miss this bad girl :'(

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Awesome Tuition Gang

I'm super proud to tell that i have a gang of super awesome and weird tuition friends!

Just like other students, i spend most of my time in tuition classes after school in secondary. So its important to have crazy friends and hard working at the same time in tuition classes that will make your time in tuition goes real fun and nice for study, and i'm glad that i've found them. Although all are from different places and different school with different personalities, we still get along very well :).

especially this 4 girls that i heart most!
We knew each other and together since Form 1. Some of them quit and tried other tuition but they ended up back here with me!

 we had lots of outing together! this was steamboat gathering specially held to treat and thanks our teacher.

Which tuition teacher will be so good that always treat us domino pizza, prepare chocolate and sweets in class in case we are tired or sleepy, held BBQ specially for us to enjoy, buy cakes and some cookies for students? Yes, our tuition teacher did it all!

That's a funny little thing that my class did for teacher before Form 5 ended. I hope he still keep it well @.@

Had farewell with them last week since lots of us are leaving penang real soon to further our studies. I'm super happy that almost everyone manage to make themselves free and attend this farewell that night! Had dinner together and move on to my house to have chit chat. Very glad that i get to meet them back and catch up with them ;)

I sincerely hope that their  future will go smoothly and will have lots of great chances waiting them ahead. I hope that all of us still get to meet together again!
i you guys!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meeting Henry And Nicole

Henry and Nicole think those quotes in my previous post are too deep, i believe some of you thought so too. so here's a little explanation for it, i have photos and blog, my friend has skill and love to write, we combined and so lots of "deep" post appeared in my blog. *Dont worry, i wasn't emo*.

Since it happened this way, ladies and gentlemen, i'm gonna crap grandmother story in this post. Please be prepared :).

Once upon a time, there's a girl name Camy that started blogging with the link http://c-a-m-y.blogspot.com in the little island - Penang. She loves being kaypo and read other's blog. She heard about Nuffnang that held lots of event for bloggers from Daphne and envy those bloggers that always get to attend event or meet up with bloggers especially those in KL because there are super less blogger in Penang :(.

Somehow, less bloggers doesn't mean none at all right?? In the little island, a Penang blogger found her!!
Big round applause to Henry Tan!!!
He always wanted to meet me up but there are something that will always stop us from meeting up :X.

Chances changed when i blogged about "Eye On Canon"
Nicole found out!!!!!
She brought Henry along to Gurney and gave me a surprise while i was working for that fair! Seriously, i was super shock and excited when i saw them :D! 6 days working there and they came over twice and even waited for me while i was serving customer :'). Felt so touch.

On the previous Thursday, while i was right stalking Nicole's instagram during work, looking at her vain photo she posted saying that her presentation just over, she whatsapp me and asked for a meet up :D! So why not? I am super thankful that they dropped by when i work :D. Finally i get to meet bloggers!!!

They both came over and fetch me after i work :). I was so high that i actually crapped lots of nonsense in the car although i'm voiceless *opps* but what i crapped actually helped us in deciding where to chill :X. We had our drinks in Northem Beach Cafe. "Dont judge the book by it's cover" Sorry to make you guys, especially Henry and Nicole dissapointed that i'm totally not quiet type, instead, i'm super duper talkative :X. Nicole is super cuteeeee! She's thin and small! Leng Lui!!! Henry is super tall O.o. Loves facebook super much and likes to shoot Nicole.. tsk tskkkk. Although it was short but i seriously Had real lots of fun with them during the night :D 

Milk fall the way from Koh Lipe! Thanks to Henry for that souvenir! ;)

looking forward to meet with Nicole when i go Kampar study! ;)
p/s:regret for not taking photos with you both :X

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Secret of the Petals


The petals in a flower represents the pinnacle of love,
Its states the beauty that both paramours see in each other
It symbolises the unity that they strived to achieve with each other,
It vividly embraces the bond that in all glory defines commitment.

But like the petals,
Once love is torn apart,
All that's left is the empty space,
That may (or may not) be filled again.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eye On Canon

oh yes yes! it's one year once super huge Canon camera fair! Eye On Canon!
it'll be held in Gurney Plaza from 1st-6th May!!!

trust me, you can have lots of great deal if you purchase camera here!

this is only one of those awesome deals!

not to forget, Simon Yam is coming over too!
on 1st May, 12pm!
don't hesitate anymore! if you want a camera! grab it here!

p/s: you can find me over there! ;D