Thursday, July 31, 2008


TiMe gOeS So sO FaSt~
tOdAy Is dA LaSt dAy In TiS MoNtH - 31th juLy 2008
1 mOnTh pAsT... JuZ LyK TaT...
i aM oLdEr 1 mOnTh aDy~
i DuN fEeL tAt i eNjOy TiS mOnTh...
i DuNnO y...
n Da MoSt sCaRy wAn~
ToMoRo iS dA 1sT DaY oF gHoSt fEsTiVaL....
iTs 7th mOnTh iN cHiNeSe CaLeNdEr LeR~
MaMa yA~
sO sCaRy HuH!!!
SuMmOrE MoSt oF mY TtN iS aT NiGhT wAn... n I hV 2 SiT LiFt aLoNe aT NiGhT~
iTs So dAmN ScArY kAy~
bT i hV 2 gO BaCk HoMe aLoNe... [TaK kAn u wAn Me 2 wAiT TiLl gT PpL SiT LiFt OnLy gO BaCk HoMe...]
mY MoM SuReLy WiLl LaUgH aT Me iF i aSk HeR 2 aCcOmPaNy mE 2 SiT LiFt bAcK HoMe...
i Hv nO iDeA dE...


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

cHeLsEa vS MaLaYsIa

DiD u sEe TaT tItLe???
Nt BaD LeR~
MaLaYsIa InViTe cHeLsEa 2 hV a fOoTbaLl MaTcH~
tHeIr MaTcH WaS aT sHaH aLaM sTaDiUm...
CaNt BeLiEvE~
ReSuLt wAs 2:0...
i tHiNk u gUyS NoE wHo r Da 1 WiN dE LaR~
bT Nt BaD LaR, MaLaYsIa~
DaRe 2 InViTe tHeM 2 hV a fOoTbAlL MaTcH LeR...
gTg NoW...


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


WaT's WrOnG WiF u????
y U aLwAyS gT PrObLeM n MaKe mE MiSs u???
Do u NoE???
WiThOuT u... i CaNt CoNtAcT mY fRiEnS...
WiThOuT u... i DuNnO hOw 2 SpEnD mY On9 TiMe???
WiThOuT u... mY MoM WiLl SaY~ FiNiShIn uSiNg CoMp dE rYt??? CLOSE DA COMP!!! bT aCtUaLlY i Am tRyIn 2 SiGn iN u........
i NeEd u mSn!!! dO u NoE iT???
n Y u LyK nT 2 LeT mE UsE u???
wAt i DiD 2 u???


u MaY tHiNk TaT i aM cRaZy~
bT mY MsN rEaLi gT pRobLeM n i MiSs mY MsN~
y i aM CaRiNg oF rEaDeRs MiA fEeLiNg???
TiS iS mY bLoG!!!
i WaNnA wRiTe iS NoN oF tHeIr BuSiNeSs!!!
tHeY wAnNa rEaD ThEy JuZ rEaD...]]
i sTaRt bEiNg cRaZy AgAiN... >.<

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

aN AcCiDeNt RiGhT iN fRoNt oF mE

rEaD dA TitLe aDy???
yEa RyT~
aN AcCiDeNt JuZ HaPpEnEd RyT In fRoNt oF mE...
iT HaPpEnEd wHiLe i WaS wAiTiNg 4 mY MoM 2 FeTcH mE HoMe aFtEr SkOoL aT oUtSiDe mY SkOoL...
TaT TiMe~ i wAs LoOkIn aT TaT BiKe 2...
SuDdEnLy... dA iNdIaN gUrLz ( i'm Nt SuRe aBt TaT, i tHiNk MiX wAn ) fElL oFf fRoM dA BiKe...
sHe TuRn n tUrN n TuRn oN dA rOaD UnTiL sHe aLmOsT HiT a CaR n sHe StOp hErSeLf By HoLdIn dA TiAnG oF Da CaR~
HeR HuSbAnD (gUeSs So) QuIcKiLy sToP HiS BiKe n CaMe n sEe HeR...
1StLy wHeN sHe DrOp~ i SuMmOrE ToT tAt sHe's a FaKe pErSoN eH... bCoS oF HeR sHoEs SoUnD wHeN iT dRoP oN dA RoAd KuA~
aFtEr TaT gT 1 bAiK HaTi MiA PaReNt n a BuS dRiVeR CaMe DoWn n HeLp a wHiLe~
aT LaSt dA bAiK HaTi PaReNt SuMmOrE FeTcH hEr 2... i tHiNk HoSp kUa~
n i gT ShOcK tHeRe n SuM oF mY fRiEnD CaMe n aSk mE WaT HaPpEn...
i tHiNk tHeRe r 2 pOiNtS WiLl MaKe HeR dRoP ..
iTs my sTuPiD IdEa lAi~ u CaN dUn rEaD aLso~
bCoS i aM cRaPpIn~ xDDD
1. iS BcOs TaT TiMe WaS dA TiMe tAt sTuDeNt gO BaCk HoMe n LoT oF CaR tHeRe n MaKe HiS HuSbAnD bReAk n sHe fEeL oFf~
2. mAyBe ShE's pLaYin WiF dA UmBrElLa~
HaHax... i tHiNk pOiNt 1 MoRe sUiTaBlE LaR...
i DuNnO~ n i aLsO DuN cArE...
eVeN tHoUgH i aM a sT.John MeMbEr...
bT i aM a LaMe sT.JoHn MeMbEr TaT dUnNo aNytHinG MiA...
bCoS i Hv No InTeReSt oN TiS aT aLl~ i DuNnO y i jOiN sT.JoHn aLsO~
TaT'S mE LaR~


dA 1sT TiMe KeNa TaGgEd~

i KeNa tAgGeD bY DeNnIs, nYeE n PaK~
aPa LaR...
u GuYs hV nTh 2 Do rYt??? TaGgEd mE PuLaK~

Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known fact about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. i HaTe eVeRyOnE wHo BeTrAy, cHeAt oR LiE Me
2. i LuRvE MaThS
3. i LyK 2 On9
4. i HaTe bEiNg SiCk ( NoW i aM SnEeZiNg + CoUgHiN )
5. i LuRvE 2 sLeEp
6. i LuRvE PuRpLe
7. i LaZy 2 Do hW n MoSt oF dA TiMe i WiLl dO iT iN SkOoL bE4 tEaChEr CoMe In n cHeCh aNsWeR
8. I LuRvE MuSiC
9. I HaTe mY SiS ( sUmTiMeS )
10. i LyK 2 SiNg cHiLdIsH SoNg (eXaMpLe : BaRnEy n fRiEnD, PeNaNg BrIdGe iS fAlLiN DoWn n a LoT mOrE)
11. i LyK 2 WaTcH Mr.BeAn, cArToOn MoViE n DiSnEy mOvIe
12. I LuRvE CuTe aNiMaL ( bUt SuMtImE sCaRe Of iT)
13. i SuRe WiLl OpEn MsN, fRiEnDsTeR n bLoGsPoT iF i oN9
14. i LuRvE 2 eAt
15. i LyK 2 ReAd StOrY bOoKs iF i'm iN dA MoOd

Person to be tagged:
1. JoAnNiE
2. YoLaNdE
3. ZoE
4. SaMaNtHa
5. EuLeNe
6. TaShA
7. SaRaH
8. kEwLgUrL
9. wEi LyNn
10. U!!!! yEs!!! iT's u!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

HaRi AnUgErAh cEmErLaNg

aCtUaLlY i pRoMiSe 2 PoSt iT YeStErDaY bT i DiN pOsT iT... bCoS YeStErDaY wAs VeRi TiReD n No TiMe 4 mE 2 oN9~
sRy yA~
mY SkOoL HaRi AnUgErAh cEmErLaNg wAs HeLd iN DeWaN KuRnIa-U iN UsM~
mOrNiNg i WeNt 2 TaT HaLl qUiTe LaR LaTe LeR... aCtUaLlY bE4 7a.m hV 2 ReAcH SkOoL bT i LaTe AbT 5-10MiNuTeS... 7a.m?! 2 eArLy Le bAh...
bT AnYwAy~ TeAcHeR sTiLl DiN sTaRt Da WaRm uP yEt~

cHoIr = oMgOsH~ dA rEaL PeRfOrMaNcE iTs wEiRd LeR... bCoS SuM sTuDeNt(iNcLeDeD mE) DiN nOe TaT sTaRt De~ bCoS wE wEnT iN dA sTaIrS n wE DiN nOe~ No 1 TeLl uS... tHeN i rAsA PeLiK dE... tHeN Go dOwN n SeE MosT Of ThEm aDy On dA sTaGe~ gOnNa sTaRt dE~N i Go uP aLoNe~ So wEiRd~ ThEn aFtEr TaT... Da SoLo-iStS sInG TiLl 2 sLoW n CaNt CaTcH-Up... So MaLu jEr~

cHoRoL sPeAkInG = aFtEr mE, wEnG SiM n aNoThEr MaLaY gUrLz TaKe oUr AkAdEmIc pRiCe~ wE RuSh tHeRe~ bT WeNg SiM LoSt hErSeLf n ShE sAiD sHe Go TaKe PiCtUrE~ sO... sHe DiN pErFoRm LeR~ 2 bAd...aNyWaY~ TeAcHer sAiD wE DiD wElL... wEe~ pRoUd oF iT... [TiS sHoW TaT wE OnLy SeRiOuS wHeN iMpOrTaNt TiMe~ HaHax... tEaChER DuN gT aNgRy yA~]

AkAdEmIk pRiCe = i Gt 3rD iN cLaSs n gT Rm10 vOuChEr... hMm~ OkAy laR... i HeArD tAt ThEy sAy eRiC gT Rm100 SuMtHiNg LeR... cOoL mAn~

i ToOk LoT oF PiC tHeRe~
WiLl pUt HeRe SuM~

sHe iS bLuR~

mE n yOlAnDe~

cHoRoL sPeAkErS~

sPoT mE???

cHoIr So eMo~

sHe mEmAnG NaUgHtY MiA LaR..

mE n mY nAuGhTy JiE jIe~

eRiC~ dA PuTeRa iN SmKbJ~

mE n mY sMaRt JiE jIe~ ^^

TiS iS mY CuTiE JiE jIe~


zHu QiNg = sMaRt gUrLz...

sHhHh~ DuN TeLl aNyOnE i TaKe TiS yA~ gUeSs u nOe WhO iSiT rYt???

mE~ n wEi Yi aLsO vAiNiNg ThErE... xDD

aRtHuR~ a CuTe gUy bT He's aNnOyIn MaN~

TiS sHoW TaT FoRm 5 gUy sTiLl cHiLdiSh~ xDD

mE n aFiNa~

hEy aFiNa~ DuN bE sO BaD yA~

Friday, July 18, 2008


i Hv No iDeA rYt NoW...
i DuNnO y i cLiCk dA WoRd *nEw PoSt* In mY bLoG n i sTaRt 2 cRaP NoW~
i aM sUpEr-DuPeR BoRiNg nOw~
sTiLl wAiTiN 4 My mSn 2 SiGn In... bCoS NoW sTiLl In sIgNiN In MiA SiTuAtIoN~
aRgGgGgGg!!! MsN!!! y U cAnT oPeN?! aRgGgGg...
i DiN oPeN mY MsN 4 aBt 1 wEeK pLuS dE~ sTuPiD MsN~ CaNt OpEn wAn!!! FaKe wAn!!! aRgGgGg~
2mOrO iS mY SkOoL pRiCe GiViNg CeReMoNy~
n i Gt 2 AtTeNd bCoS i gT PeRfOrMaNcE n I Gt a pRiCe 2~
wOnDeRiN HoW MuCh i gT...
2mOrO JuZ bLoG aBt iT laR...


Thursday, July 17, 2008

WoW~ No sTuDy DaY~

yEa RyT~
2dAy HoLe dAy~
i DiN sTuDy aT aLl~
WoW~ WoNdErFuL~
HeK hEk...
LuCkY mE HuH...
mOrNiNg~ tEaChEr gT MeEtIn~ sO Hv 2 JaGa KeLaS.. n i JaGa 1 eLiT~
i Go iN 2 1 eLiT n gOsSiP WiF SoNiA, MiA n NiLaShA UnTiL i LaZy dE BaLiK cLaSs...
aFtEr tAt~ wEnT iN 2 Da cLaSs... Pn.ZuRiNa TeAcHiN~ ToT i gOtTa sTuDy bT ThEy aSk mE y DiN gO SkOoL HaLl 4 dA 'RaP tAi' 4 HaRi AnUgErAh~ ThEn i wAs LyK 'HAR?! oWh~'...
wEe~ i Gt 2 EsCaPe mY Bm~ Hek hEk
tHeN mAh bLuR bLuR Go dOwN LoR... n SaW LoT oF PpL aDy At tHeRe~
aFtEr TaT SeE tHeY wEnT iN 2 Da HaLl mAh FoLo tHem LoR~ ThEn sAw WeNg SiM n JoDeNe... n gO SiT WiF tHeM~
SaMaNtHa n hEr GaNg SiT BeHiNd mE~ tHeN tHeY BuAt LaWaK tHeRe~
aFtEr a wHiLe i tUrN BaCk~ oWh gOsH! aMaNdA TaKe oUt 1 Hp n Gv iT 2 a MaLaY gUrLz... i gT sHoCkEd n eVeRyOnE iS LyK lOoKiN at mE n StArTeD 2 LaUgH... >.< color="#ffff33">ReaArAnGe uS WiF oUr PoSiTiOn...
aBt 10.20a.m... tEaChEr LeT aLl oF uS Go oUt n Hv oUr BrEaKfAsT...
n TaT TiMe wAs rAiNiNg hEaViLy~
aFtEr ReCeSs~ wE CoNtInUe oUt 'rAp tAi' UnTiL aBt 12.20p.m...
i WaS bLuR n gO BaCk cLaSs PaCk mY BaG... ToT hViN MoRaL n Hv 2 Go 2 FiTrAh MaH~ MaNaTaU wHeN wAnNa PaSt Up mY aRt TiMe~ gO 2 Da LiBrArY n MeT SuLiAnI...
CaMy : SuLiAnI~ CoMe oUt 4 a wHiLe
SuLiAnI : *CoMe oUt*
CaMy : BoLeH ToLoNg SaYa PaSt Up Ni BaGi CiKgU HaNnE Ke???
SuLiAnI : OkAy~ wHeRe u WaN 2 Go??? y U TaKe uR BaG???
CaMy : Go MoRaL cLaSs LaR...
SuLiAnI : NoW hViN SeNi LaR!!!
CaMy : WaT?! HvIn SeNi?! *WaLk bAcK 2 cLaSs n PuT BaG*
gO BaCk TiMe... TaKe oUt ShOeS n SoCkS n pRePaRe 2 Go In LiBrArY dE... MaNaTaU FiNiSh SeNi dE...
y aM i So bLuR!!!!
tHeN wEnT 2 MoRaL cLaSs dE... n TeAcHeR aBsEnT hErE~ pLaY cHiLdIsH GaMe WiF JeNaI n MiChElLe In dA cLaSs 4 2 PeRiOd iN cLaSs~
tHeN BaLiK RuMaH~
aS CoNcLuSiOn~
2dAy DiN sTuDy aT aLl~ wEe~


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

oRaL n LiSaN~

oRaL n LiSaN FiNaLlY FiNiSh dE LoR~
n yEsTeRdAy FiNiSh BoTh oF tHeM...
i fEeL sO NeRvOuS WhEn tEaChEr CaLl mY NaMe n dA TiMe i sTaNdIn In fRoNt oF aLl mY cLaSsMeTeS~
i gUeSs eVeRyOnE aLsO WiLl FeEl nErVoUs WhEn tHey dOiN tHeIr oRaL oR LiSaN tOo... nT OnLi mE~
i DiD aBt "CaRa-cArA MeNgAtAsI MaSaLaH pEnYaLaHgUnAaN DaDaH" 4 mY LiSaN.. LiSaN tEaChEr LeT uS rEaD... nO nEeD rMb It~ So gUd LeR~
tHeN 4 oRaL... i Do WiF jEnAi n MiChElLE~ oRaL tEaChEr Dun LeT uS 2 rEaD... So wE Hv 2 RmB iT LoR... wHeN wE DoIn oRaL~ wE KeEp sTuCkIn tHeRe... n TaKe uP dA NoTe n SeE HaHax... bT DuN cArE LaR.. FiNiSh iT uP tHeN EnOuGh dE~
oWh yA~
4 oRaL~ wE DiD dA SyNoPsIs oF HaRrY pOtTeR~ xDDD
TaTs aLl NoW~


Sunday, July 13, 2008

qB AgAiN~ wEe~ xDD

i WeNt 2 Qb AgAiN...
TiS TiMe iS 2 CeLeBrAtE wEi Yi a.k.a mY dArLiNg a.k.a mY NaUgHtY JiE jIe BuFdAy~
GaIk SiM's MoM fEtCh mE tHeRe aBt 12p.m... i Hv 2 TuMpAnG PpL's CaR bCoS mY MoM dUn LeT mE gO UnLeSs gT PpL FeTcH... =.=
rEaCh ThErE dE... wE wEnT 2 DiGi sHoP 1sT... bCoS gAiK SiM wAnNa ReLoAd... tHeN wEnT 2 dA ToP fLoOr 2 MEeT uP sWeE HoN n De oThErS... bT MaNaTaU tHeY wErE JuZ RiGhT BeLoW uS... =.=
wEnT DoWn n MeEt wEi Yi dA BuFdAY gUrLz, CaRyN n JoShUa... oWh GoSh... wEi Yi gO sTrAiGHTeN hEr hAiR LeH... bT iTs 4 ToDaY MiA LaR... ShE iS sO pReTtY LeR~
oF CuZ sHe iS pReTtY~ ShE's aLwAys PrEtTy MiA LaR...
aFtEr TaT... wE wEnT 2 Da tOiLeT bCoS gAiK SiM n CaRyN wAnNa MaKe-uP...
wEnT iN 2 dA tOiLeT~ wEi Yi sTrAiGhT tAkE HeR MaKe-uP tHiNg n HeLp tHeM MaKe-uP dE~ n aFtEr ThAt sWeE HoN aLsO MaKe-uP...
ThEy sEe i aM dA OnLy 1 DiN MaKe-uP n PaKsA mE 2 MaKe-uP WiF tHeM!!! aRg!!!!! I HATE MAKE-UP!!! bT wAt 2 Do... wEi Yi sAiD ShE aDy BoOk mE 4 YeStErDaY!! n i DiD pRoMiSe HeR~So i Hv 2 LiStEn 2 HeR... n ShE aLsO nOe i DUN Lyk dE mAh So sHe PuT a FeW 4 mE n VeRI vErI LiGhT MiA wHiTe eYeS ShAdOw 4 mE...
tHeY aS UsUaL LaR... tHeY vAiN iN dA tOiLeT~

mE n CaRyN~

mE CaRyN n dA BuFdAy gUrLz wEi yi~

tAt's Y I WAN A CAMERA!!! oWh yA... iN Qb i SaW tHeY gT pRoMoTiOn!!! 8 MeGaPiXeR MiA CaMeRa OnLi RM199 NiA~ WoW!!! So cHeAp!!! i wAN!!! aNyOnE BuY 4 mE!!! pLzZz... i CaN sUrE TaT mY PaReNts WoNt bUy 4 mE MiA LaR...
tHeN wE Went 2 SaKaE sHuSi~ eAt a BiT NiA... bCoS LtR sUmMoRe hV 2 Go PiZzA 4 LuNcH~

CaRyN~ sWeE HoN~ mE~ wEi Yi

mE n mY dArLiNg~

aFtEr TaT... wE sTrAiGhT wEnT 2 PiZzA 2 BoOk pLaCe~ iN fRoNt oF oUr LiNe iS FoRm 1 MiA JaMbUlIaNs NaMe RuBeN lAi~ tHEn NaTeLiE, DeXtOr, bOo YeOnG n ShAmI aLsO CaMe 2 CeLeBrAtE 4 wEi Yi~
wE BoOkEd aDy ThEn SuM oF uS FoLo wEi yi WeNt 2 NiCii ShoP 2 Gt hEr BuFdAy pReSeNt froM JoShUa~ iTs a sHiRt... n RuShEd bAcK 2 PiZzA~
rEaChEd PiZzA~ wEi Yi'S MoM aDy at ThErE... WiF a Cake... HeR MoM rEaLi saYaNg HeR n CeLeBrAtE HeR BuFdAy WiF uS aT PiZzA~

LeNg lUiS~

lEnG lUiS n LeNg zAi~

tHeN mE, CaRyN n MeReDy WeNt 2 PoPuLaR 2 BuY sUmThinG a wHiLe n wEnT 2 BeAcH wIf SwEe HoN 2 MeEt dA oThErS LoR... sEe We So kUaI~ CoMe Qb aLsO bUy BoOkS~
wE vAiN aT ThErE 4 a wHiLe tHeN wE WenT BaCk Qb~
uS AgAiN~

aT dA SeAsIdE~

HeK hEk~



tHeN... tHeY DiCiDeD 2 Go T.G.I FrIdAy pUb ThErE~ n we vAiN AgAin...

sWeE HoN~

CoMe oUt dE... LeFt mE , SwEe HoN , wEi Yi n ShAmI oNlI... n wE DiCiDeD 2 WaTcH a MoViE... wE NoE iTs LaTe dE... bT wE Hv nTh 2 Do MaH... xDD
mE. sWeE HoN. wEi Yi. sHaMi~

wE WaTcH JoUrNeY 2 De CeNtEr 2 dE EaRtH~

JoUrNeY 2 dE CeNtEr Or ThE eArTh~

iTs SuPeR-DuPeR NiCe MaN~ ... iTs So 'QI GEK'~ cOoL MaN~ n MaKe mE sWtInG tHeRe... HaHax... we So CoLd iN dA CiNeMa LeR... LuCkIlY i BrIng My JaCkEt!
aFtEr TaT aBt 7.30p.m dE... wE WeNt BaCk HoMe LoR... n wEi Yi's DaD FeTcH mE BaCk~
bE4 BaLiK RuMaH~

i LoOk SO bLuR =.=

iTs a NiCe dAy~ n HaPi WiF iT...


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

wEeHeE~ WaTeR BaLoOn~

WaTeR BaLoOn iS SuPeR-DuPeR cOoL~
wHeN kK TiMe...
aFtEr Da WaT PeNyAmPaIaN HaDiAh n bLaH tHiNG aT HaLl sMkBj... wE sTaRtEd oUt WaTeR BaLoOn GaMe~
aCtUaLlY dA PeNyAmPaIaN HaDiaH TiMe aLsO qUiTe FuN LaR... bCoS gT Da pArTiBaN bUaT LaWaK tHeRE mAh... xDDD
mY gRoUp DiD wOn 4 dRaMa... bT 2 bAd... dRaMa TiMe i wErE nT tHeRe... i gO 4 cHoIr pRaCtIsE dE...
aFtEr TaT... wE WeNt 2 pLaY WaTeR BaLoOn aT dA sPaCe In fRoNt oF KoPeRaSi~~
i Nt rEaLi gT wEt... OnLi mY bACk wEt aLl~
iTs MuCh mUcH BeTtEr ThAn dE oThErs...
bT AcTuAlLy i HoPe i cAn Gt wEt LaR... oF CuZ... iTs FuN... n fEeL So sYoK~
gT 2 gO 2 do mY SeJaRAh FoLiO dE...
bYe ThEn...


Saturday, July 5, 2008

SkOoL CaNtEeN dAy ^^

Hi bLoG...
YeS!!! i aM BaCk~
ToDaY So TiReD LeH...
LeT mE sTaRt 2 TeLl sToRy aBt 2dAy - CaNtEeN dAy~
LaDiEs n GeNtLeMeN~ OpEn uR BiG eYeS n rEaD!!! xD
mOrNiNg wEnT 4 RoKoL wHeN i ReAcH dA SkOoL~ iM LaTe 4 It LeR... Bt... wHeN i ReAcH... OmGoSh!!! WaT HaPpEn tHeRe?! iT JuZ LeAvE a fEw PrEfEcT ThErE... HaHaHax...
hMm... i tHiNk ItS JuZ a QuArTeR oF aLl pReFeCt LeR... eVeN KP aLsO Nt ThErE... HaIz... ToO bAd LaR... eRiC cRaP a BiT dE ThEn We SuRaI LiAo...
mE, wEnG SiM n JoDeNe hV nTh 2 Do... n wE MeRaYaO aNyWhErE... SeE HoW "NiCe" dA sTall Is... tHeN wE sTOp n SiT iN dA MiDdLe oF AsSeMbLy SqUaRe ThEn wE cRaP tHeRe...
i Am LaZy 2 CoNtInUe dE... sRy yA...
JuZ RiNgKaS iT EnOuGh...

> I MeT a LoT oF Bj eX sTuDeNtS... KiNdA MiSs ThEm
> i gT 2 NoE SuM nEw fRiEnDs... hMmMm~ iTs GuD 4 mE~
> i mEt My fRiEnDsTeR fRiEnD, jAsMiNe
> i HuGz LoT Of PpL~
> i PoNtEnG mY LaSt sHiFt TuGaS n Go oThEr sTaLl TuGaS... HaHax... FuNnY LeH >.<
> i WhEN 2 TaKe mY RePoRt CaRd WiF mY MoM... n ItS oKaY~ lUcKiLy TeAcHer DiN gV BaD CoMmEnT... iT nT i gOtTA DiE...
> i aTe PiZzA, cHaR KoEy TeOw(wEnG SiM BeLaNjA), SpAgGeTi n cHiCkEn
> i dRiNk 3 CuPs oF OrEn SoFt dRiNk(1 oF ThEm iS DoH wEi BeLaNjA)[ i NoE iTs nT gUd 4 hEaLtH... bT WhO cArEs... i GO iS 2 EnjoY MySeLf] n IcE bLaNdEd(wEnG SiM BeLaNjA)
> i BoUgHt 1 HoG dOg... bT SuDdEnLy Nt In dA MoOd 2 EaT n i GaVe iT 2 OtHeR PpL...
> zHu QiNg WoN 4 dA jAmBuLiAn iDoL bT 2 BaD... i MiSs iT... n ShE iS nT TaT HaPi WiF iT aLsO... bCoS... gT LaR... SECRET
:+: i EnJoY MySeLf ThErE :+:

hMmMm~ GuEsS tAt'S aLl LaR...
ThX 4 u gUyS BeLaNjA mE EaT n dRiNk yA...


Friday, July 4, 2008

No iDeA >.<

Hi bLoG...
SrY 4 So LoNg DiN pOsT yA...
i LaZy mAh...
n I aLsO DuNnO wAt 2 wRiTe...
gV mE SuM iDeA 2 bLoG LaR... =.=
i DuNno wAt i aM cRaPpInG HeRe...
oWh yA...
ToMoRo iS mY SkOoL CaNtEeN dAy...
CoMe LaR SuPpOrT!!!
SmK BuKiT jAmBuL... nT oThEr SkOoL... Dun gO wRoNg SkOoL yA... HaHaHaHax...
sTiLl gT SeJaRaH FoLiO eLeMeN 2 Nt yEt FiNiSh...
TeAcHeR JuZ TElL uS hV 2 Do LaSt wEeK...
n aCtUallY 2dAy We r SuPoSe 2 PaSs uP... bT OnLy a fEw oF ThEm PaSs uP OnLi... tHeY So kUaI NiA... So tEAcHeR LeT uS dO TiLl 10 oF JuLaI...
TeAcHeR So gUd HuH... xD
eRm... wAiTiN 4 ToMoRo CaNtEeN dAy...
wOnDeRiN HoW NiCe iT WiLl bE... n i GoTtA eAt a loT tHeRe... HaHax... i x TaKuT FaT wAn... >.<