Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's Valentine's Day

Happy Double Valentine's day!

A day that couples brainstorm to prepare their celebration or surprises for their partners.. Of Chocolates, Flowers, Balloons, Presents or Dinner Date. To create sweet sweet memories together. My facebook, twitter, instagram were spammed with those photos of sweet couples.

Where are you my prince charming??? 

Girlfriend to rent on Valentine's Day!!!!! A good idea tho, not only I get to earn money, I can also help those lonely guys to let them try the feeling of having girlf right? hahahahahaha! Nah, its okay. I think they ran away after seeing me :P. Probably they think that i'm too handsome for them. hahahaha *syok sendiri*

Aiya, a SOLO photo to show off to you better than none lar :P. 

“And as ridiculous as it may sound, sometimes all any of us needs in life is for someone to hold our hand and walk next to us.” 

Like Vault of Camy

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dinner Date at 55 Cafe!

Dad always asks me to treasure my friendship with primary and secondary schoolmates. They know you at the time when you have no money and no status. What we know at that time is only PLAY! The worst that they will do are to compare results or to show off what cool toys they have. Yes, we talked about toys, instead of iphone, ipad, ipod or imac. :/. 

Anyway, I am grateful that I still keep in touch with those close ones. :D

Su-E on the left :)

She is a pretty girl that usually sit next to the person behind me in class during primary. As what I remembered, she always sit at second role and I'm always at the first role in class *back then, I was one of the shortest girl in class :(*. She is a very quiet girl and somehow we get close during standard 5 and 6.

We manage to keep in touch during Form 1, but lost contact after our close friend migrated to Australia. For that few years, I didn't really dare to approach her as I thought she had forgotten me. Things have changed when we got back in contact during form 5. We even did study group at her house for the preparation of our SPM! :D

Previously, she jio-ed me out for dinner! I was so excited that she actually asked me out, cause she went missing again after SPM, most of my primary schoolmates got no clue about where she is or what she is doing :/. Finally I get a chance to date her again!

*Sorry for spamming you with such long grandmother story.* So, on that day, I went to fetch her with my sexy antique car after her work. Dropped by her house for her to change while I think of where to have our dinner. Since everyone was crazy about the cute 3D kitty coffee art at 55Cafe, Penang, I decided to have our dinner there.

my Hot Chocolate.
Even the Barista wants me to be more girly. :/

You have to add RM3 for the 3D coffee art and it's only available at certain time only. I didn't know, so oh well.... :/

Our favourite. It made me fell deeper in with Carbonara.

Aglio Olio Meetball
served with 3 huge meetball. We think that they put too much of garlic chips. :/

Love the environment there but I still think that the food there are kind of overpriced for a student without income like me. :/. 

I wanted to bring her to Eighty Tree Cafe to let her try the candy floss toast but they were about to close. We had late dinner at 55Cafe tho. In the end, we went to MCD, bought ice-cream and talked until 12something. I am a talkative person that can talk non-stop, all those crap :O. Btw, its only applicable when I'm in the talkative mood, which is on most of the time :X, of course depends on to who also larrrr.

Fyi, its a super duper belated post :/