Tuesday, March 31, 2009

nth much

p/s: i may be changing my blog link 2 c_a_m_y.blogspot.com after my blog 1 year old birthday. xD

hey ppl!
miss me?
so.. do u support Earth Hour??? hmm..
the house was half dark half bright..
cant blame me. bcos my grandma din support.. lolx..
cheng beng juz as usual.. nth special of cuz.. LOL?
tis whole week hv 2 stay back.. damn tired..
haiz. pity me...
hv 2 kawad for prefect on sport's day. choral speakin practise. skool xtra class. hv 2 pass up sej folio.
got so mad at my friend bcos of my sej folio.. *i din noe she's tat bad.. haiz*
looking foward for 2moro choral speakin competition at SMJK(C) Chung Hwa! *prays hard tat we can win! yes! we can do it! hope so*
gonna be CAMILLE for 1 day.. wee~


Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is an annual international event created by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund), held on the last Saturday of March, that asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. Based on an idea successfully executed in Thailand in 2005, it was pioneered by WWF Australia and the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007, and achieved worldwide participation in 2008.

Currently, 82 countries and more than 2100 cities are 'committed to Earth Hour 2009', a huge increase from people participating in 35 countries for Earth Hour 2008. 1 billion 'votes' is the stated aim for Earth Hour 2009, in the context of the pivotal 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference. There is however doubt over the validity of this "vote" given that no account is given to those who choose to leave their lights on to express a counter opinion. Further, as this is essentially a "publicity stunt" the possibility is that "1 billion votes" will be claimed by the PR agencies involved no matter the true outcome

Earth Hour will next take place on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm, local time.

So ppl! do support yea.. i will be leaving penang go 2 Seremban for Cheng Beng on tis weekends.. of cuz.. my house lights will be turn off.. xDDD

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sukan Tara

yesterday n 2day were Sukan Tara..
everyone is compulsory 2 join.. Tats for sure~
of cuz.. i was forced 2 join.. =.=
i past running only.. lontar peluru still left abit 2 reach >.<. i juz walk 2 the side when high jump *i noe i pro xD*.. long jump wasted ne! BATAL!!! T_T
the fun part was when running..
i ran wif jo nyee. natasha. dharshini n priyana.
tat time.. the grass was WET!
n guess wat..
nyee was shouting all the way we ran tat the grass was veri slippery!!
natasha was laughing all the way >.< color="#9999ff"> made noise 2!
seriously she damn cute nia! lolx.
nth much de la..
i noe i'm nt gonna wakil my house on sport's day enough.. xP


iknewthatuloveme! xP

Awesome garden!

*found these picture in my mom's phone..
i never thought my house's garden will be so nice =D.
maybe shd blame me bcos long time din go down.. >.<*

Sunday, March 22, 2009

End Of 1st Holiday

2day is the last day of holiday..

haiz.... so fast.. its over de..
bt nvm..
tis holiday lyk nth wan.. so dun care.. xD
gt 2 c friends 2moro de.. YAY!
wonder wat i did tis holiday!

1st Sat

1st Sunday
sleep sleep sleep..
damn tired bcos of campfire! =D

choral speaking practise in the morning..
straight went 2 wei yi's house after chorol speaking...
i din walk back home. instead i walked 2 Wei Yi's house wif her..
i hv 2 admit tat i scare the feeling when alone.. =S
mom came n fetched me at 12 sumthing abt 1..
at nitex.. ttn..

went 2 skool for choral speakin practise..
then do nth 4 the ress of the time..

again choral speakin practise in skool..
abt 12.45.. went 2 Jodene's house for Sej folio..
Weng Sim n Zoe 2.. xD
gossip there.. went down buy laksa.. bcos we finish it veri fast.. *actually haven finish lar. juz finish wat we hv 2 do on tat day.*
went home abt 7.

No more Choral Speakin practise! YaY!
went 2 QB wif Xuan n her bro!
meet up wif Wei Yi, Gaik Sim, hansel n his friends be4 Xuan reach..
watched HOTEL FOR DOGS..

reali admire them tat they can juz do watever they like n they r so brave 2 face all the prob! ^^
the dogs were cute 2!
especially.. Romeo n Juliet! LOL!
me n xuan bought same earrings at Vince n Co! yay! xP
abt 6 sumthing..
her mom came..
after buying sum clothes for her bro..
then i folowed her back..
after abt half n hour.. mom came.. so blah..

do nth n sms the whole day =)

went 2 Sir Tian Hong's House for campfire final meeting..
then straight went 2 QB wif Wei yi. Gaik Sim. Cheryll. Li Ying. Lai Sin. Meredy. Caryn. Lam. Siong. n Lam n Siong's friend..
its fun 4 sum times..
juz hang around.. no movie..
Sushi for lunch at Sakae.. xD

n n N N N .. 2day..
nth much.. xD

Friday, March 20, 2009

4th Annual Rover Owl C Campfire 14/3


i got time 2 update =P
on tis 4th Annual Rover Owl C Campfire... is White Valentine~
2 bad.. 2 sad.. i got no present.. huhu.. T_T *jk ne lar..who will wan me?*
let the pic do all the talkin kay?

prepare ur eyes... xP..
2 many pic liao~

pre camp~ the guys r doin works.......

in the canteen.. practising sumthing which i forget wat was it..
look properly.. its melvyn.. eric.. n eng wooi

r they trying 2 perform???

hmmm.. no comment..

the gurlzs' AJK kua...

tis is the chairman of tis Campfire.. Sir Tian Hong.

setting up..

hmmm.. they r practising their dance.. well.. Ignore Boo Leong.. he was HIGH on tat nite..
The MCs on tat nite =)

setting up their banners be4 the campfire start...

Campfire start wif a smile on the sky =D rainbow~

The chairman of the 4th Annual Rover Owl C Campfire - Sir Tian Hong gving speech..

lim sek wah isit?? *watever. dunno n dun care* bt he is the one tat merasmikan the campfire..

gv away $$$ 2 ppl who need it..

lighting up the fire..

campfire officially start..

i guess.. its dance by Rovel Owl C.

no idea its from which skool..


i guess.. its free dance part.. i was bz-ing tat time..

guides from............... i dunno which skool

guess its guides from SMK Chio Min

PBSM Chio Min

no idea who r they..

tis i noe.. guides from PCGHS..


i got no idea y isit wei yi n jia ying bside there... lolx!




look~ pretty gurls singin~
here comes the fancy dress part..
which make me pek cek the most... GHHHHHHHHH...
they keep make-up slowly till i dunno run up n down from the 1st floor 2 the last floor 2 call them for lot of times...
n one thing! my friends... i'm hungry lar... n i dun wan 2 diet kay!

tis r the winner of fancy dress..

Zoe n Ong~ lolx!

pretty gurlz.. wow..

so cute of them.. enlarge the pic! u can actually c the guy was.....................

the gurlz wif yellow dress look cute.. lolx.. *i'm nt les*

*cough cough* Weng Tatt n Camille *cough cough*

hmmmm.. last one liao..


Our Performance!!!! spot the guys standing at the back???

lalala~ i noe u cant c me.. xP


the gurlz wif chicken dance! muahaha..
omg.. i love tis part man!
i miss tis free dance part! damn fun!

lol.. my skool scouts performance! omg! look at NIZA! so CUTE!!!

huh? wat dance lai?

*shou yu* Ying Xing De Chi Bang - Angela.. i wasn't there.. lolx..
the ceremony end de..
i din upload the price giving ceremony part.. sry...
well.. here the winner..
Best Overall : Chio Min Scout
1st Runner Up : Chio Min PBSM
2nd Runner Up : CLS Girl Guides
Best Attendance : Penang Chinese Girl High School (Girl Guides)
Best Supporter : SMK Tunku Ismail Scout
Best Singer : SMK Tunku Ismail Scout
Best Fancy Dress : Chio Min PBSM
Best Dance : Chio Min scout


finish ceremony.. horse shoe.. all the open troop n rover members.. *spot me??*

group pic.. look at sir yee seng.. ishhh

spot me!

the theme~

3 pretty gurlz.. Soo Bee.. MC n Hui Shin..

blur pic.. n sum nt ready..
the high pangkat ppl..
here r juz sum pic..
if u wan more..