Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PiCs aT XuAn's HoUsE

HeRe CoMeS dA PiC...

xUaN LoOkS LyK HuGgIn mE LeR... ^^

mE & xUaN

MeLiSsA N Me~

3 oF uS...


BeStIe... JoAnNiE nT heRe... =(


eMo... i tHiNk u NoE wHo RiGhT???

TiS 1 NiCeR =)

3 BeStIe wErE EmO-iNg........


MeLiSsA =)

KiDdO HeR...

tHeY r MaD...

xUaN sO bLuR

sCaRy MeLiSsA..

wE LuRvE OuR eYeS =)

xUaN's eYeS

mY eYeS +)

n TiS iS MeLiSsA's wAn...

mE =)

TiS iS XuAn...


NiCe dAy =)

YeStErDaY mOrNiNg... aBt 9.45a.m....
pRePaRe eVeRyThInG dE ThEn wEnT 2 KeOnG HoE~
uGh~ So DaMn MiSs mY Ex-TeAcHeR n Ex-cLaSsMaTeS mAn~
bT OnLi gUyS WeNt... n i wAs dA OnLi gUrLz ThErE... aLl tHe oThEr gUrLz hV 2 Go 2 sKoOl... sO wEiRd >.<
LuCkIlY i aSk XuAn n MeLiSsA 2 TeMaN mE~
wHeN 1 rEaCh...i sTrAiGhT gO 2 BiLiK gUrU dE... bCoS ReCeSs wAt... sO MoSt oF dA tEaChEr iS fReE... n dA GuYs aDy aT ThErE... [[i NoE LaR... i aM dA sLoWeSt wAn.. sEnGaJa wAn WaT... iF Nt i cAn pReTtT SuRe TaT i WiLl KeNa Left OuT MiA... TaT's wAt CaLl sMaRt.. hEk HeK]]
aFtEr a wHiLe... xUaN n MeLiSsA ReAcH dE...
tHeN mAh gO FiNd tEaChErS 2gEtHeR LoR... [[mE n XuAn wErE nT In dA sAmE cLaSs LaSt TiMe..n MeLiSsA iS fRoM CGL... bT NvM LaR... wE sTiLl cAn FiNd oUr oWn TeAcHer WaT~]]
dA MoSt FuNnY tHiNg iS...
wHeN mE, XuAn n MeLiSsA wErE WaLkIn ... SuDdEnLy... wE SaW dA gUyS wErE sTaNdIn aT dA SiDe GaTe tHeRe... LoOkIn 4 SuM tHiNg n LauGhIn...
oF CuZ... aLoT oF ??? In My MiNd n i WeNt n sEe... u NoE wAt i SaW...
i SaW a dOg Is On tHe OtHeR dOg... eUuUu... cRaZy MaN... n dA gUyS wErE LyK LaUgHiN aT ThEm...
1 Of ThEm EvEn ReCoRd iT!!! EuUuUu!!! TiS sHoW TaT gUyS aLwAyS gT DiRtY MiNd!!!
u NoE wAt ThEy sAiD 2 Me??? tHeY sAiD iTs wAt CaLl *ChUaN ZhOnG JiE dAi* n tHe OtHeR sUmMoRe sAiD... iTs InTeRNaL fErTeLiTaTiOn...
tHeY MeMaNg cRaZy wAn...
tHeN wE WaLk aWaY...
tHeN cRaP CrAp cRaP UnTiL 12 sUmThIng~
mE n MeLiSsA wEnT 2 XuAn's HoUsE...
1sT TiMe gO 2 XuAn hOuSe LeR...
sO DaMn ExCiTeD n HaPi MaN~
HeR HoUsE sO DaMn NiCe n BiG MaN~ *jEaLoUs LeR**HoPe i sTaY In tAt* ^^
wE GoSsIp tHeRe ToGeThEr...
We vAiN ThErE tOgEtHeR...
wE CoOk tHeRe ToGeThEr...
n wE pLaY tHeRe tOgEtHer...
eNjOy LoT LeR...
hMm~ [[aFtEr XuAn UpLoAd dA PiC tHeN i WiLl PoSt HeRe kAy~ Be PaTiEnT]]
WE pLaY TiLl aBt 7p.m... i JuZ ReMeMbEr TaT iTs MoNdAy n I hV 2 Go TtN...
mAn!!! i wAs sO sCaRe TaT i Hv nO tRaNsPoRt 2 gO HoMe bCoS MeLiSsA sAiD TaT HeR MoM WiLl cOmE LaTe...
i wAs LyK sCaRe LyK HeLl LeR... >.<
bT aFtEr a wHiLe...
hEr MoM FiNaLlY rEaChEd... *pHeW...*
FiNaLlY cAn Go HoMe oN TiMe...
tHeN wEnT TtN aT 8.15p.m....
tHeN bYe~


Saturday, September 27, 2008

GeO TiMe~

TiS TiMe LaGi gEnG~
mY cLaSs MaKe TiLl MUTHU CRY!!!!
sEe PrOpErLy!!! MUTHU CRY MAN!!!
cAnT BeLiEvE rYt~
wHeN He 1sT CoMe iN 2 My cLaSs...
hE aSk My cLaSs StUdEnT 2 gO MaThS Lab...
bT We DuN CaRe HiM...
wHeN He sTaRtEd 2 AnGrY... hE sAy If dUn gO~ He WiLl sAy We PoNtEnG cLaSs...
sUm Of tHeM wEnT~
bT sTiLl LeFt LoT oF sTuDeNt In cLaSs...
tHeN SuDdEnLy aDrIaN sTaNd uP n sAy~ [[TeAcHeR!! DuN gO LaR... wE hV 2 Do oUt SeNi pRoJeCt!! Hv 2 PaSs uP 2dAy!! pLz TeAcHeR!!! ]]
hE WoNdEr a wHiLe... tHen He sAy OkAy laR...
[[u aLl sO LyK 2 dO uR pRoJeCt tHeN sTaY In cLaSs LaR... tHeN aSk 1 PpL gO cAll Da sTuDeNt wHo gO dE...]]
By TaT TiMe... He sOuNd LyK cRyIn kAy~
tHeN hE wEnT 2 tOiLeT dE...
aZeEm ThEY aLl wAs LyK sTaNdIn oUt SiDe dA cLaSs n LoOk aT HiM~
tHeY sAiD He cRiEd MaN!!!
n rEaLi~
hE sOuNd LyK cRyIn~
My cLaSs gEnG LeH~
MaKe UnTiL a MaN cRy!!!
oWH yA~
SeLaMaT HaRi RaYa 2 aLl dA MuSlIm!!!
HaPi HoLiDaY 2 EvERyOnE!!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SuCh a HaPi dAy~

JuZ NoW...
Be4 aTtEnD dA PrEfEcT mEeTiNg~
i gT a NeW JiE JiE~
sHe iS CrAzY JiE JiE-zHu QiNg...
oWh yA...
DiD i MeNtIoN aBt mY JiE JiE...
LeT mE TeLl u NoW~
i gT 7 JiE JiE rYt NoW...
iNcLuDeD dA 2 nEw wAn... [[2dAy OnLi aDmIt wAn]]
tHeY aRe :
sMaRt JiE jIe - JiA YiNg
pReTtY JiE JiE - JeAnEtT
CuTiE JiE jIe - ChErYlL
nAuGhTy JiE JiE - wEi Yi
sWeEtY JiE jIe - gAiK SiM
CrAzY JiE jIe - ZhU QiNg
eViL JiE JiE - CaMiLlE
n CaMiLlE JuZ bE mY JiE jiE Nt LoNg ThAn HaLf aN HoUr...
HeK hEk~
i JuZ NoTiCe TaT 7 LeH...
LuCkY NuMbeR... n rAiNbOw CoLouR gT 7 CoLoUr LeH~
kAy eNoUgH dE...
KeNoT oPen 4 oThEr PpL 2 bE My JiE JiE dE... xDDD [[ i wOnDeR CaN i MaKe It]]
dA GuD tHiNg 2 Hv JiE JiE iS tHeY WiLl sAyAnG n MaNjA u... HeK hEk~ ^^ [[dUn jEaLoUs yA]]
n pReFeCt MeEtIn OkAy LaR...
i KeNa bE MC!!!
wAt LaR...
y i hV 2 Be MC!!!
MaMa aRr!!! HeLp mE!!! [[JoKiN NiA LaR]]


SkOoL dAy~

hV 2 gO 2 SkOoL AgAiN~ Hv 2 sTuDy AgAiN =((((...
LoOk At dA TiMe... iTs 9.03a.m iN dA mOrNiNg NoW!!!
i aM At Cc Now~ HaHax... JoKiN LaR... i TaK PeRnAh Go CC wAn KaY~
iTs dA SkOoL TiMe NoW!!!!!
n F.Y.I... oF CuZ i'm iN SkOoL~ xDDDDD
i NoE u WILl tHiNk~ [[iTs Da SkOoL TiMe... HoW aM i SuPoSe 2 bLoG]] HeK hEk
oF CuZ i gT mY oWn MeThOd 2 bLoG LaR... xDDD
i DiN PoNtEnG KaY~
i aM a GuD gUd gUrLz TaT wOnT SiMpLy PoNtEnG SkOoL WiThOuT aNy ReAsOn wAn... *KeMbAnG DiRi* ^^
DuDe~ dUn tHiNk aNyMoRe LaR...
LtR wHiTe hAiR aLsO CoMe oUt dE...
LeT mE TeLl u BeTtER...
lTr u bLaMe mE tAt u gT wHiTe hAiR bCoS oF TiS... D=
aCtUaLlY NoW i'm HvIn IT n TeAcHeR LeT uS uSe InTeRnEt...
i'm BoReD!!! bCoS OnLi cAn OpEn bLoGsPoT... No fRiEnDsTeR =(... sO MaH bLoG LoR~
nVm LaR...
JuZ NoW~
OuR nEw PrEfEcT ReSuLt cOmE OuT dE...
aFtER 2 MoNtHs PeRcUbAaN~ tHeY gT 2 NoE wEtHeR tHeY gT OnOt~
CoNgRaTz 2 Da 1 wHo gT...
DiN gT wAn DuN sAd yA~ nExT YeAr tRy AgAiN =)
mAybE i aM 1 oF dA 1 WhO DiN gT aLsO......... i aLsO DuNnO~
tHeY gOiN 2 AnNoUnCe aFtEr PMR...
SuM oF Us WiLl KeNa PeCaT~
sCaRe mAn~
kAy LAr~
gTg NoW~


Sunday, September 21, 2008

cHaNgE LaYoUt

HeK hEk~
i Hv nTh 2 Do n cHaNgE LaYoUt AgAiN~
TiS's aCtUaLlY qUiTe EmO... bCoS bLaCk n wHiTe wAt..
bT It's NiCe~
i LuRvE iT~
gV SuM CoMmEnT aBt iT yA...


Thursday, September 18, 2008

SiCk AgAiN~

hAiZ yO...
CaMy SiCk AgAiN~
fEeL LyK wAnNa VoMiT bT CaNt...
n sHe DiN hV hEr DiNnEr LaSt NiGhT LeR...
n gT FeVeR...
KeSiAn HeR~
n oF CuZ sHe pOnTeNg SkOoL 2dAy~
iTs dA 1sT TiMe sHe PoNtEnG SkOoL SiNcE SeCoNdArY KaY~ *pRoUd oF tAt* xD
CaMy LaSt yEaR gT fUlL atEnDeNt kAy~ ^^
2dAy ShE fEeL BeTtEr De..
TaT's aLl LaR...


Monday, September 15, 2008

mOoNcAkE fEsTiVaL~

aFtEr DiNnEr~
wEnT 2 pLaYgRoUd 2 CeLeBrAtE MoOnCaKe fEsTiVaL aT aBt 9.30 p.m...
wHeN rEaCh ThErE.. cAn SeE mY pLaYgRoUnD iS FuLl oF CoLoUrFuL TaNgLuNg n FiRe... xDDD
2 bAd... nO CaMeRa... sO No PiC oF iT... uGhHhHhh~
wAiT 4 a wHiLe... mY fRiEnD CoMe dOwN dE... ThEn wE sTaRtEd 2 pLaY FIRE!!!
FIRE!!!! I MiSs u FIRE!!! xDDDD
pLaYeD 4 a wHiLe tHeN wE DeCiDeD 2 gO 2 dA PoNd tHeRe...
aFtEr TaT...
wE PuT CaNdLe oN sUm LeAf... tHeN wE PuT iT iN Da PoNd... [[oF CuZ oN dA sUrFaCe oF dA PoNd...]]
LeT dA PiC sPeAk... [[gT PiC dE... bCoS MoM FoLo uS]] xDDD

TiS iS dA 1sT wE DiD... NiCe RyT??? LoOkS LyK fLoWeR LeH... GrEaT iDeA HoR [[kEmBaNg DiRi]] ??? xDDDDDD

tHeN LaZy dE... sO pUt 1 cAndLe On 1 LeAf OnLi... LoOkS LyK BoAt HoR...

CuTe bOaT tAt wE CrEaTe~ [[sEe... i CaN pRoVe TaT iTs a sMaLl PoNd.. sEe Da SiDe...]]

n TiS 1 gT rEfLeTiOn OF dA wAtEr...

aFtEr TaT... mY MoM's fRiEn CaMe BaCk fRoM DiNnEr [[hEr fRiEnD's WeDdInG]]
n sHe bOuGhT TiS bAcK...

sHe sAiD ItS dA BrIdE MaKe hErSeLf wAn.. NiCe HoR??
aCtUaLlY gT sMaLl LoVe aT dA BoTtOm wAn.. bT CaNt sEe... aT NiGhT TaKe wAn wAt... oF CuZ CaNt...

n iTs MoOnCaKe fEsTiVaL~
oF CuZ wOnT 4gEt dA MoOn~

YuE LiAnG YuAn~ YuE LiAnG YuAn~ 月亮圆~月亮圆~

YuE LiAnG ZhAo zAi Wo dE JiA~ 月亮照在我的家^^ [[iF u UnDeRsTaNd MaNdArIn... tHeN u WiLl nOe... iTs a sOnG~]]
iF u GeNg... n CaN FiNd oUt wHeRe iS My HoUsE... xDDDD


Sunday, September 14, 2008

HaPi MoOnCaKe fEsTiVaL~

hEy EvErYoNe~
HaPi MoOnCaKe fEsTiVaL~
dUnNo wAt 2 PoSe dE...
eNjOy pLaYiN TaNgLuNg n FiRe yA~ ^^
n yA..
MUTHU kEnA mY cLaSs BuLlY AgAiN..


Monday, September 8, 2008

TaGgEd bT dEnNiS(AgAiN =.=) n ChEnG YeEn~

RULE #1 : People who have been tagged must answer all the questions in their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 : (i'll keep it short) Tag 8 people. Those tagged must tag 8 more people. You CANNOT tag the person who tagged you.

1. if your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
hMm~ gO n DiE?? wOnT LaR... i WiLl bE BeTtEr ThAn HiM sHoWs TaT WiThOuT HiM i sTiLl iS Me!!!!

2. if you can have a dream come true, what will it be?
Gt mY OwN CAMERA, N82 n OwN rOoM~ n Of CuZ $$$... =)

3. what motivates you?
hMm~ fRiEnDs??? FaMiLy?? i DuNnO~

4. what will you do with a billion dollars?
hMm~ bUy WaT 1 LyK n tRaVeL aRoUnD Da WoRlD n eAt NoN-sToP.. xD

5. will you fall in love with your best friend knowing the risk upon break up?

6. which is more blessed? loving someone or being loved by someone?
bOtH~ Of CuZ LaR...

7. how long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
UnTiL i dIe???

8. if the person you secretly like is already attached, what will you do?
pReTeNt nTh n CoNgRaTz HiM... bT aCtUaLlY iTs HuRt... oF CuZ...

9. is there anything that has made you extremely happy?
hMm~ gT tHiNgS i WaN~ wEe~

10. what takes you down the fastest?

11. How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
hMm~ a nOrMaL gUrLz... oF CuZ...

12. what kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
hMm~ No idEa...

13. would you rather be single and rich, or married but poor?
MaRrIeD Bt pOoR Of CuZ...

14. what is the first thing you do when you wake up?
gO n cLoSe dA aLaRm n sLeEp baCk 4 5MiNuTeS.. xD

15. would you give all in a relationship?
hMm... oF CuZ...

16. if you fall in love with TWO people simultaneously, who would you pick?
dA 1 WhO LuRvE mE~

17. would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
sEe 1sT...

18. would you suffer now and enjoy later or the opposite?
hMm... SuFfEr NoW aNd EnJoY LtR LeR...

19. Have you ever been in an accident recently?

20.Which wan comes first?A special someone u loved?family? or friends?
My LuRvEd wAn... tHeN FaMiLy n fRiEnDs SaMe LvL~

CaMiLlE, mRs .... ....
Li YuN JiE

Friday, September 5, 2008

gEo n cHiNeSe cLaSs

LeT's sTaRt WiF GeO TiMe...
GeO TiMe...
MuThU KeNa mY cLaSs BuLlY UnTiL hE SpEeChLeSs n SuRrAnDeR mAn!!!
iTs LyK tEaChEr sAy A 4 dA AnSwEr n ThEy SeNgAjA FeD BaCk tEaChEr WiF aNoThEr aNsWeR eVeN tHoUgH tHeIr aNsWeR CoRrEcT... eVeRyOnE iTs LyK LaUgH LyK HeLl mAn...
n tEaChEr WaNnA ShOw TaT dA AnSwEr rEaLi iS A... He aSk tHeM 2 TaKe oUt TeXt bOoK n cHeCk... u NoE wAt ThEy DiD??? ThEy sAiD No nEeD LaR tEaChEr... n KeEp Pn sAy TaT tHeIr AnSwEr r RyT~ n EnD uP... tEaChEr sPeEcHlEsS n SaY hE WiLl aSk aDiBaH!!! HaHaHax...
oWh yA...
Da MoSt FuNnY wAn iS TiS...
gO ChEcK uR GeO PaPeR qUeS NuMbER 34 iF u R Bj sTuDeNts n FoRm 2...
hErE iS dA QuEs

Antara berikut, manakah faedah pembinaan rancangan pengairan di Malaysia?
1)Menghapuskan penyakit tanaman padi
2)Padi yang berMUTU tinggi dihasilkan
3)Padi ditamandua kali setahun
4)Dapat meluaskan kawasan pertanian

aCtUaLlY dA AnSwEr iS C... bT ThEy SeNgAjA BuAt KaCaO sAy AnSwEr iS B... bCoS tHeRe gT MUTU tinggi!!!
aZeEm Keep On sAy BeRmUtU tInGgI!!! BeRmUtU TiNgGi!!! n nOe wAt TeAcHer sAY???
He sAiD sAyA x TiNgGi Lar... eVeRyOnE LaUgH LyK hElL MaN!!!
kAy... GeO wAn FiNiSh dE...
HeRe CoMes cHiNeSe cLaSs...
bT u CaN gO n sEe PaK's bLoG Lar...
hE sAiD eVeRyThINg dE...
cLiCk HeRe 2 gO 2 HiS pRoFiLe...
kAy TaTA...
LaZy PuT CoLoUr~


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

TaGgEd bT dEnNiS~

Three names you go by :
2.HeR yUaN
3.LaU >.<

Three screen names you have had :

Three physical things you like about yourself :
1.mY eYeS (JuZ DuN LyK tAt mY EyEs gT PoWeR... )
2.My hAiR (oKaY laR... bT iTs 2 ThIcK >.<)
3.mY wEiGhT (HaHax... i PuAs WiF TiS... xD)

Three physical things you DONT like about yourself :
1.My hEiGhT (i aM 2 ShOrT LaR)
2.mY LeGs (2 sHoRt..)
3.No MoRe dE... xD

Three parts of your heritage :
3.CaNtOnEsE (uSuAlLy i WaTcH CaNtOnEsE MoViE..)

Three things that scare you :
1.EXAM!!! (wHo wOnT???)
2.SICK (Its Da MoSt Ma HuAn wAn)
3.DARK (i'm sCaRe oF GhOsT aCtUaLlY)

Three of your everyday essentials :

Three things you are wearing now :
3.eAr RiNg

Three of your favourite bands or musical arts :
1.No 1
2.i aM FaIr!!!
3.iF wAn Me LiSt oUt... sUrE x HaBiS-hAbIs wAn...

Three of your favourite songs (right now) :
3.rEaLi aLoT Lar...

Three things you want in a relationship :
1.LuRvE(oF CuZ)

Three physical things about the preffered sex that appeals to you :
1.i duNnO
2.i Hv nO iDeA
3.I DUNNO!!!!

Three of your hobbies :
1.RiDe BiCyClE (SiNcE TiS wEeK xD)
3.sLeEp (i AdMiT i aM PiGgY)

Three things you wanna do really badly right now :
1.gO QB WiF fRiEnDs
2.sHoUt!!! (JoKiN LaR)
3.DiE??? (aHaHax... i WoNt LaR)

Three carreers you're considering / considered before :
1.aCcOuNtAnT (i LuRvE MaThS xD)
2.pHoToGrApHeR (hEk hEk)
3.HoUsEwIfE (wHo DuN???)

Three places you want to go on vacation :
2.SiNgApOrE (I wAn 2 gO!!! i DiN gO Be4!!!)
3.PuLaU TiOmAn (a NiCe pLaCe)

Three things you want to do before you die :
1.i wOnT dO AnYtHiNg
2.LeT iT gO fReE bA...
3.TeLl u dE LoR...

Three ways that you are Stereotypical a girl/guy :
2.i DuN uNdErStAnD!!!
3.aNyOnE eXpLaIN???

Five people that you would like to see take this quiz now :
2.CaMiLlE (mRs .... ....)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ExAm FiNiSh!!!


FiNaLlY eXaM FiNiSh De~
gT BaCk mY fReEdOm De~ YaY!!!
LaSt SuNdAy iS oUr CoUnTrY (MaLaYsIa) MeRdEkA n NoW iTs mY TuRn MERDEKA De~
LeT's ShOuT MeRdEkA 3 TiMeS...
iSiT i Gt HiGh FeVeR dE Or WaT??? SuDdEnLy So HaPi...
nT LyK LaR PaSt 4 dAyS i DiN pLaY... sWt~
*CaLm dOwN MySeLf*
kAy nOw i BaCk 2 nOrMaL dE...
DuN gT sHoCk yA... eXaM FiNiSh MeMaNg LyK TiS wAn...
oWh yA~
LeT mE ShOw u SuMtHiNg...

NoE wAt IsIt???
HaHax... i tHiNk nOrMaLlY PpL NoE LaR...
iF u DuNnO... nVm... i TeLl u...
iTs Da TiCkEt Of dA ToL iF u UsE HiGhWaY...
HoW i Gt iT??
hMm... uSe uR bRaIn 2 tHiNk LaR... xDDD
oWH yA...
i LaZy 2 wRiTe aBt dA tRiP 2 Kl dE LaR...
sRy yA...