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Recap 2014

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Oh Heyyy! Many weird things happened in 2013 and 2014, which explains why I wasn't having much blogging mood lately that made me drag this Recap post until today, the 9th day of 2015. Also I usually take days to prepare a blog post, from transferring photos to processing photos to choosing photos to watermarking photos then upload photos, arrange them and lastly write the post. *Photography freak like me spend most of the time on photos cause nice photos make Camy happy! So, I will usually make sure that I am satisfied with the post especially photos before I publish a post. Anyway, I have made a to-blog-list, hopefully they will be up soon. :P

I wouldn't say that 2014 was a great year for me. There were lots of ups and downs last year, quite neutral I guess? I have the sudden urge to do Recap for last year since the last day of 2014 cause although not many good things happened on me but at least I managed to change my perception or perspective of those negative things happened to good lessons for myself. I think I have grown up in terms of thinking after going through all kind of weird things happened.

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#1 Learned to appreciate people around me more
This sounds very common but yes, I have learned to appreciate people around me more.

I wasn't close to my dad since small. My impression towards my dad when I was young was that he was a dad that bullies us a lot and like to make us cry. He is not a expressive person, I understand that his intention was to play with us but his hands are quite rough that the tickling turned out to be painful, so we cried and dislike him doing that. He did try his best to spend his time with us by bringing us out to the mall or garden every weekend but his placing in our heart won't be high as he work outstation all the while and we hardly see him often.

Glad that things changed since my dad came over to KL to work and stay with me. Staying with my dad is like staying with a kid. I have to bring him out during weekend, mostly for movies so that he wouldn't feel bored, be the driver, wash his clothes and dishes, accompany him for dinner and share food with him. So, I manage to spend more time with him and talk to him more. On the other hand, as a dad, he won't usually help me to settle my problems, instead, he will try his best to guide me on what to do when I have problems cause he wants me to learn to be independent and decisive. Grateful that he forced me to learn and always back me up when things come to a point that I can't settle. He will also bring me to have good food whenever I request.

On the other hand, as I moved to KL from Kampar, time spent with my mom get lesser. I couldn't go back Penang as often as I did in Kampar, cause its quite inconvenient for me to go Pudu, tho I still go back whenever I can. 

Mommy seems older ever since she started her massaging life for others. We tried persuading her to work lesser and accept lesser customers but she still insist to work from day to night. She claimed that she feels happy helping others and communicating with others. But mommy, you gotta take care of yourself with enough rest also ma... Back to the topic, hugging her makes me feel so much better, secure after having nightmares or troubles. Although we usually ended up argue whenever we talk but I am really grateful that she still try to prepare lunch for me whenever I am back in Penang despite she busy with her work.

oh my dear baby sis is in National Service now. I think my relationship with my siblings are getting better nowadays. We can crap more, talk more deeper stuffs of what we feel and blah to each others more these days. Accompanied my brother to Gurney to make a new spectacles,  for movie and to buy Christmas presents. It was the first time that only we both hang out together for shopping and movie. Felt quite weird but it was a good bonding time (y).

I am also very grateful for those who spend their precious time or waste their time doing stupid things with me despite every of us are busy with our own stuffs now. I feel happy and blessed especially when friends take the initiative to date me.

Not forgetting few gathering during CNY, primary school's 90years Anniversary dinner, gathering at class teacher's house and BBQ party after the gathering at my house with primary schoolmates and teachers last year before everyone separates to further their studies. Definitely had a great time with them.

#2 Travelled to Lumut
travelled to Lumut with my family, brought Carmun along. Sadly my baby sis couldnt make it. I miss the Seafood and red wine noodles there now recalling the trip.. D:

It was my first time staying at Villa. It was really huge and comfy!

#3 Travelled to Kuching, Sarawak for the first time with my childhood friends.
Introducing my both childhood friends and the gf.
It was a great trip with them before both of them left to further their studies. One of them left to US and another one left to Unimas in September right after the trip in August.

*in one of my to-blog-list

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 I miss the clear blur sky and breathtaking view in Bako Nation Park, Kuching badly. In August, both Penang and KL were so hazy but the sky was really clear in Kuching, so healthy!

#4 Christmas at Krabi, Thailand, my first time to Thailand!
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It was my first time to Thailand and it was also my first time spending Christmas oversea. I was afraid if I will regret to go along for this trip as I will be the only youngster there. Surprisingly, the trip was cool! I did not regret being a light bulb there!
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Didnt expect that two of my dad's friend's wife also interested in photography! I have photography buddies in that trip! One of the aunty also taught me to snap panning effects for vehicles! So awesome! Stay tune for my post! :D

#5 Learned to manage a house on my own
the view from my house
As my dad bought a house in KL, and I am the only one in KL, so they kindda let me handle everything, from inside of the house to outside management stuffs. As example, things to settle with management for renovation, have to constantly go check out the progress of the renovation, to change name for electric bills, pay bills and management fees and stuffs, to find tenant, to prepare furniture, prepare contract, to collect rental and many more. My dad will check with me how's the things go on from time to time.  

#6 Settle problems with my previous owner on my own
Yes, my previous owner gave me so much troubles after I moved out. She didn't want to pay me back my deposit as stated in the contract. My dad forced me to handle it on my on, of course he did guide me on what should I do. I was very annoyed during that period, to the extend that I scolded in Facebook. *Camy don't usually scold people, if she does, you know how frustrating, annoyed, angry she is.* Thank god end up I manage to get it back with help from my friends and family. Learned to be more firm, and confidence through this experience. Don't ever think of bullying students kay!  *oh, its in my to-blog-list too, cause I wanna record down my lesson learned.

#7 First time conducting an interview
Our assignment was to interview a Human Resource Manager for the subject Organizational Psychology. We did it at the very last minute as we didn't get any response from the company we phoned initially. I felt grateful that 2 Human Resource Manage from 2 different companies accepted our interview at the very last minute. Instead of only interviewing one as what our lecturer requested, we manage to interview 2 HR Manager. One is manager from Coldstorage, another one is from MMC Sdn Bhd
HR Manager from MMC Sdn Bhd.
He was so kind that spend his time with us, sharing his stories throughout his 13 years experience as a HR manager. From recruitment process, to job performance appraisal, and training and development for the company to improve the skills of the employees. I really learned a lot during the interview.

#8 First time working for furniture company during fairs
Colleagues from Mylanohaus
It was the first fair that I worked requires formal attire. It was my first time selling such luxury stuffs too! Selling luxury stuffs is completely a different experience for me. Although I didn't sell any furniture during my work, I was so guilty for it, but I have learned that selling luxury stuffs, you got to concern about the way you behave, the way to sales the products, the way you speak, the way you should be in confidence in yourself so customers will have confidence in you to buy your products and of course how confidence you are towards your products and many more are important. Glad that I was given the chance to work with them. :) 

#9 First time watching sunrise at Penang Hill, twice a year.
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The first time I went up was with Xuan. Penang Hill is a nice place for sunrise! You should really try if you havent! Read my post here Catching Sunrise At Penang Hill.

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Second time with Mel!

#10 First time watching Meteor Shower
Sorry If I scared you with this photo XP
USM had a meteor shower event and Xuan, Mel and I decided to go even though we are not USM students. The event starts from 8pm to 6.30am, so you can actually sleep at the stadium till the next morning. We brought our own mat and lie down on the grass, played some musics and stared at the sky full of stars. We were so excited when we spotted meteors! Everyone screams at the stadium whenever they spotted one. Not that we manage to catch up with all the others spotted cause it came at different spots, but don't be disappointed and give up, stay focus! I was so lucky that spotted 9 meteors that night. I was too excited that I forgot to make a wish whenever I spotted one. Oh well, I feel so lucky that I manage to watch meteors shower with both my babes dy and that's enough to make me happy. :)

#11 More opportunities for blog
I would like to express my gratitude to those that gave me the opportunities to food review, gave me chance for sponsored post or advertorials. I manage to attend more food reviews this year and it was my first time doing fashion post this year too! Hopefully there are more to come!

#12 Exercise more, personal record for PBIM
Its the fact that I exercise more, eat lesser compared to last time, but I still get fatter :(. Oh well, fats me, I swam two days once from the starting of the year to mid of the year. Then I started jogging. I actually found my way to control my breathing during jogging now and I am still proud of my personal record during PBIM 2014! I hope that it will continues to motivate me to jog in the future constantly to keep myself healthy!

#13 Got myself an iPhone 6!
I have been eyeing on Apple for 2 years since iPhone5. Get the permission to buy it that time but phone still in the okay condition. Dragged until 2014, finally my phone decided to be half-dead. So ta-dahhhhh! :D Please stay with me kay?

I kindda find my tempered getting bad lately, should think of a way or try my best to control them and improve my patient level.

I don't exactly like to make resolutions for a new year cause I am more of a spontaneous person that prefer things to go spontaneously without planning. This explains why I always complete my stuffs at the very last minute, sometimes I'll start a little by little to ensure myself won't ended up stuck with a lot of undone stuffs, but usually that's like only less than 20% of the whole project. Anyway, here's a very simple resolutions that easy for me to achieve before I end this post :
#1 Eat more
#2 Sleep more
#3 Play more
#4 Enjoy more
#5 Travel more
#6 Take more beautiful photos
#7 Earn more
#8 Exercise more
#9 Spend more time with friends and family more
#10 Love myself more
#11 Appreciate more

I realise that I don't blog very often anymore, but my blog post these days are long. If you actually spend your time to finish reading this, here's my flying kiss to you. *muacks.

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