Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bye Kampar

smile even you are at worst

Updating post while waiting for my dad to pick me up!

Final ended yesterday! Time got upside down during exam as usual, so Sing k section is a must right after final with my dearest to release some stress!! *gosh, for the first time my pimples pop out for exam! Finally I am done clearing + packing all my stuffs. So many things :O. I have to move everything back Penang! The ♥ + hate feeling to leave here. It's already 1 year!!!!

Sem break for a month! Schedule full for the first week! Must enjoy before I move to Sg Long!!! Dont worry, I wont leave this blog alone ;) 

oh! i'm hungry now :/

I'm coming home, coming home, tell the world that i'm coming home! :D
Took this at 1st Avenue's Parking! Oh Penang


Time to keep my lappy! :X

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Prelude to Clarity


Prelude to Clarity

The white speck slowly turns to winter frost,
As my heart becomes but a serene commodity,
You purchased my feelings without a cost,
Despite all lost we have gain unity.

I learn to be but an artist,
With your grace beyond my control,
You were just an idealist,
Feeding clarity to my mind and soul.

We cheered and laugh till dusk was dawn,
Flead towards everything that's wrong,
You made me realize that innocence was gone,
Against that fall we still stayed strong.

poem credits to Mervyn!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mario In Action

my current facebook profile pic
Last Wednesday, 10/4/2013, I had my last presentation in my foundation - a sketch. Since last sem in Kampar Campus, image also dont want liao. *nvm la, people wont see me after that.*
First time involving in drama. It was a fun experience tho :)

and also my last assignment/presentation with my pretty ladies. I'll definitely miss you girls alot. We Laugh, we talk, we gossip, we cycle, we argue, we fight but 4 of us still in a group! awesome! :D

Winnie and Hoi San came over support us and record video too!! :D but video still not with me

back to the topic. So our sketch is about "Mystery of Sleeping Beauty's Death"
Sleeping Beauty! We gotta find out how she is dead. She was praised that she sleep very well during our sketch. cause die de have to sleep there most of the scene haha. :P

The main character, Beast, but wasnt serious at all during the sketch.

The CSI agent. Hang Muda. Hang Tua's Sister. Very cute character :P

Our Forensic Scientist, Sugar Caine, Horatio Caine's daughter. Hoho, she is the best in our group :P.

Mario the fairy. They insists to tie my hair up like this! Imagine i screamed so loud when my friend passed by and look at me one kind cause some of them couldn't recognise well :X. Well, until now I got no idea why my role is there. So not logic. haha

the Rock, butler. A role specially for him :P

*hint hint :P now u know why. hahaha

Yes, he should get a punch cause wasnt serious at all!

a group photo of us! :D

butler complain that my eyes are huge. Imma vain with huge eyes and show him! :D

Take me as a role model! ;)

final on the coming week! :O All the best to me! :D
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cute 2D Cartoon bag

edited post

Not Selling anymore

I am really thankful! I've received numbers of emails on asking for more information about these bags and of course manage to get some sales :D! Although not exactly lots of sales but imma happy enough, at least I got myself some extra pocket money! Besides, I'm so proud of myself! I got International Customer! weeee~ My first time doing International Posting, good experience :D! Thanks to that customer that dont mind paying extra for the posting! :D Of course, getting good feedback from them is something makes me very happy! 

Back to the topic, i reedit this post to update you with the latest models 2D Cartoon Bags that still available. :)  

Are you a Cartoon lover? Are you amazed with all those 2D graphics? or are you bored with the normal handbag that almost everyone has it? Wanna has a change or wanna be different from others? Let me show you my cute 2D Cartoon Bags! :D

oh yes. I'm a fan of Cartoon! It's totally a cute, unique and pinky girlish 2D handbag :D *time to be girlish*

This makes me looks young, outgoing and cute! :D

le sister in action!

Gets attracted to them? Guess what?
You can order these Cute 2D Cartoon Bags now!

Interested? Email me at or find me on twitter CamyLHY or pm me on my Facebook Page Vault Of Camy to place your order and if you have any ques! :D I'll get back to you asap.
Oh! there are other model too! contact me if interested!
They are good quality, cute and very unique

 #1. 2D Blue Cartoon Sling Bag.

 #2. 2D Orange Cartoon Sling Bag.

#3. 2D Cartoon Pink Handbag

 #4. 2D Cartoon Handbag 2 

#5. 2D Cartoon Light Blue Sling Bag

 #6. 2D Light Blue Cartoon HandBag.

Still Hesitating? Faster place your order now! :D

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Day out with Princess

Photo credits to the pretty girl!! :D

another long long vain photo post! :D
a day out with my pretty! Wei Yi!
way too pretty and famous and popular that it's so hard to date her out! plan failed for so many times! luckily manage to hang out before we both go kl! 

banyak cantikkk!

I was craving for mille crepe and she never try before, so our destination was Straits Quay! :D
my all time favourite Humble Beginning's Mille Crepe, Swiss Chocolate Velvet! :D

her choice was Lemon Cream Cheese! 
after mille crepe, photo time! :D

i really dont know how to post! #failpost

this is much easier to post :X

the princess want me to wear the same colour shirt as hers. le simple #ootd. 
top : kitschen
bottom : mummy bought from idontknowwhere
Shoe : Champion verdi
loving my new shoe! its so so so comfy! :D 

my turn to be the photographer for this pretty!

want her number? there you go, 012-3456789 :D

if i have a car in KL, i will surely go and find herrrr! :(

tried so many shot but failed for most of it :X

she spammed my camera! :O

#1                                                          #2
#3                                                     #4
time for revenge! she spammed my camera of course i must spam her iphone! :P #girlsbeinggirls

sillyness :D

i stare with my goldfish eyes! :D

trying to look pityfulllll.......

time to give ur eyes a rest now! ;) haha

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