Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Independent Day

its MERDEKA!!!
bt sadly, i cant be lyk others, go Youth Jam or sumwhere else to celebrate. Count down wif friends. watch the beautiful fireworks.. AHHHH~
How pityfull.. =(
Instead of Happily Celebrating Bufday or public Holiday, i've to stay at home...
althoughhhh i dun studyyy. n i feel guilty abt it.. bt i juz cant studyy =X.
Haizz.. so sad..
Help meeeee

i'm sure tis exam my result gone

Friday, August 27, 2010

Stupid So What?

no one is STUPID in tis world. everyone is SMART.
juz whether r they hardworking or not. or they haven found their interest.
study in first class, SO WAT?
STUDY IN FIRST CLASS DOESN'T MEAN U'R THE BEST KAY!! doesn't mean no one else cant beat u kay!!
if u've gud result, bt u look down on other ppl means u r LOSER!!! u lose to everyone in the world!!
u dun deserve in first class.

p/s: stop asking me abt her, its annoying!

sum ppl say cant c the diff, so here's the pic.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


i cut my hair.

here the comments from my friends :

GINA funny Weird cute Ugly WILD Different nice


Sunday, August 22, 2010


*look! there's a DSLR!!!*

*Scream!!! the DSLR juz pass by*

*point to the door.. DSLRRRRR*

Conclusion : Camy is scary. she can sense where is the DSLR. O.o Tis also show how much she wants a DSLR.
Anyone sponsor plz???

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Peekaboo! the group pic
its our skool carnival day.
i heard tat few skool held on the same day. i'm not sure. bt who cares.
tis year our skool make it till kinda grand. had concert n all. its the most Awesome carnival day thoughout all tis years xp

as usual. i'll go to join the A class although i'm in B class. bcos most of my friends r there. =D
A class did football n game.
i lyk the pic above tat i took. it juz so nice. the sky n the player wif the ball.
my class sold nudget n french fries n homemade chocolate.
my class earn more than wat i expected :D. bt skool took 60% of it. left veri lil for us. =(

he's late. n he wore tat shirt. so cool.
foods all around n we had Haunted House too.
they earn the most kay.
n my DUMB friends actually lined up for abt 2 hours juz to go in for few min.
i dun mean to say u guys DUMB. bt its reali DUMB. LOL. kidding =)

the concert start off wif this AWESOME band!!!!
OMG. i admire them alot !!!!!
the singer n the drummer r still in primary skool. bt their performance is much more better than all the other band in our skool kay.
the singer wif the Awesome voice.
Ah! they'r juz so so cute!!!!!!

owh look. his hands n his legs juz cant stop playing it.

my skool invited sum MC outside to be our concert MC.
i din noe my skool actually invited so many outsiders to come n perform.

beside the bands all.. our teachers did perform too!
Pn Hanne wif her sweet sweet voice~
Gosh. i miss the performance by Mr Fuad. so sad =(
they said he wore rock kay O.o

n guess wat!!!!
Our beloved headmaster sang Hotel California!!!!
veri veri rare headmaster will go on stage n performance kay!
he's juz so sporting n he has great voice ;D

small MJ owh small MJ.
he can dance lyk MJ. n he dress up lyk MJ too.
so coolll.

Form 2, Form 3 n Form 4 bands performed.

the concert ended Again by their band..
LOOK! i told ya! he's juz so so adorable. Gahhhh
n guys...

TADAA!!!!! Ferrari!!!!!!!!!!!

i noe u jealoussss! WAKAKAKAKA
actually cost RM5 to shoot tis kay. bt i snap it for free. wee~

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hidden behind

wat family say mostly r negative.
wat friends say mostly r positive.
do u agree???
although family always say sumthing tat hurt, bt its true.
only true friend will tell the truth.
am i ryt??

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trust Me

the board will gone next year!!