Monday, December 22, 2008

99th Post~

so fast comes 2 99th post de..
its actually slow ler.. i've been started 2 blog since April tis year.. n now(dec) onli reach 99th post.. xD
times past realo fast.. its almost 2009 de...
Christmas left 3 days..
New year left 10days..
Skool reopen left 15 days..
N PMR left 10MONTHS!
yesterday nitex..
i dunno y.. suddenly think alot..
its lyk so many things i haven do!!!
i haven read MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! yet..
i haven read THE PRISONER OF ZENDA yet..
i haven setle my form 1 n form 2 Sejarah yet..
n i haven decide shd i take extra sub tat is chinese in my PMR n tell my teacher yet..
i dunno how i goin 2 take PMR next year ler..
thx 2 LI EAN..
she advice me alot...
Thx Li Ean!!! Lurve u!!! *ppl who lyks her dun gt jealous har.. i'm sry*
She reali helped me lot..
i think i will prepare chinese 1st.. then after tat if i reali cant do tat i onli gv up....
n 1 important person!
thx her 4 listen 2 me 4 sum prob.. xDDD
Joannie.. its a secret between us ya... shhh kenot tell anyone yea.. if nt.. ahaha.. u noe! xD

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