Saturday, August 30, 2008


2dAy AfTeRnOoN gO n Gt mY NeW sPeCkY LeR~
iTs oRaNgE CoLouR n Da SiDe tHeRe iS bLaCk n LiGhT oRaNgE CoLouR iS FaCe InSiDe wAn~ xDDD
i NoE LaR...
KeNoT wEaR 2 SkOoL LaR..
i tHiNk i WiLl OnLi wEaR wHeN sTuDy TiMe oR i WiLl wEaR dA oLd sPeCkY 2 SkOoL...
CaNt LeT u sEe iT LeR... bCoS nO CaMeRa MaH~ wAt 2 Do??? HaIzZzZzZz~
oWh yA... aFtEr mY LeNs ExPiReD~ hV 2 SaY ByE 2 mY LeNs dE LoR...
mY MoM DuN LeT mE dE LuUu~
HoPe 2 WeAr iT So bAdLy~
yEsTeRdAy QuItE eNjOy mY BuFdAy~
cHuN YiInG SuDdEnLy CoMe 2 mY HoUsE WiF a CaKe n sUmThInG~ hEhEx.. dA CaKe iS So CuTe LeR...
iT LoOkS LyK KuNg Fu PaNdA oR PuPpY dE... HeHex...
sRy... i CaNt BeZa iT... xD
ChUn YiInG... tHx 4 uR CaKe yA~
oWh GoSh~ 4gEt 2 TaKe a PiC oF iT aS MeMoRy... hAiZ... 2 LaTe dE... aDy iN mY sToMaCk dE LeR... n i aLsO Dun hV CaMeRa mAh...
n iTs MeRdEkA NoW!!! 12.00a.M NoW... HaHax...
LeT mE EnD up WiF TiS...


Friday, August 29, 2008

BuFdAy!!! mY BuFdAy!!! My BuFdAy!!!

mY BuFdAY~
iF u DiN WiSh mE yEt~ FaStEr WiSh mE!!!
sTiLl gT TiMe~
ThX 4 u GuYs WiShEs n pReSeNt yA~
iTs NiCe =)
i LuRvE iT~


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


F.Y.I... i aM Nt SuPpOsE 2 On9 nOw... HeK hEk
bT i Do~ xD
u NoE y i aM nT SuPpOsE 2 On9 nOw??? i NoE u DuNnO~ xD
eVeN tHoUgH u NoE... i aLsO WiLl tElL u...
bCoS i'm hViN eXaM~
JuZ FiNiSh BM... SeJ... n MoRaL... 2dAy mOrNiNg~
2mOrO gOiN 2 hV BI... ScI... n MaThS...
n i sTiLl DiN sTuDy aNyThIng 4 tOmOrO yEt~
NeXt TuEs gOiN 2 Hv GeO... Kh n SeNi... wHiCh i sTuDy FiNiSh dE... aCtUaLlY TiS iS oN YeStErDaY... bT tHeY LaSt MiNuTeS sAiD gT pUbLiC HoLiDaY(wEe~)~ sO dA eXaM MaKe iT on NeXt TuEs...
wAsTe mY EnErGy 2 PuT LoT oF mY eFfOrT oN tAt 2 sUb...
cAnT wAiT TiLl fRi LaR~ My BuFdAy LeH~
oWh GoSh... i jUz NoTiCe NoW aDy aLmOsT 6 n i sTill DiN sTuDy aNyThInG yEt~
kAy... gTg~
PoSt aBt KL tRiP sOoN~


Thursday, August 21, 2008


i aM gOiN 2 kL 2mOrO LeR...
cAnT EnJoY MuCh LeR~
sTuPiD eXaM LaR!!!
HaTe iT LaR...
sTuPiD sTuPiD StUpId!!!
i wAnNa ShOuT OuT!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MaLaYsIa No HoPe..

hAiZ yO....
MaLaYsIa Hv No HoPe 2 gT GoLd MeDaL iN oLaMpIc dE LaR~
LeE ChOnG wEi LoSe 2 LiN dAn iN BaDmInToN FiNaL dE LaR...
wAt LaR LeE cHoNg wEi... JkJk... xD
KeNoT bLaMe HiM...
AtLeAsT He gT a SiLvEr... xDDD
F.Y.I... LiN dAn iS So HaNdSoMe LeR!!! xDD
i aM nT cRaZy At HiM b.t.w... xD
JuZ SaY tAt He iS HaNdSoMe NiA... PpL gT Gf dE KaY~ HaHax...
hV 2 Go dE LaR...
eXaM AfTeR HoLiDaY~
sO NeRvOuS NiA...
eXaM KiLl mE!!!
Hv 2 sTuDy HaRd LeR~


Sunday, August 17, 2008

pReFeCt CaMp~

i CaMe BaCk fRoM PrEfEcT CaMp aT 4..
wHeN i rEaCh HoMe... i sTrAiGhT sLeEp UnTiL tOdAy mOrNiNg~ aBt 11 sUmThINg~
cOoL rYt???
wAt 2 dO??? i'm VeRi VeRi TiReD wAt~ i sLePt aT 3 In dA mOrNiNg n WaKe uP aT 6.30a.M oN TaT NiGhT~

1sT DaY
We wEnT 2 sKoOl aS UsUaL n aFtEr AsSeMbLy wE ToLaK tHeRe~
WE ToOk aBt 1 n HaLf hOuR 2 rEaCh ThErE~ wHeN wE ReACh ThErE~ iTs aBt 8 sUmThiNg aLmOsT 9 a.m
aFtEr wE ChEcK iN~
wE PuT oUr BaG iN dA AsRaMa
dA AsRaMa iS BeTtEr tHeN wAt i tHiNk LaR... xD
wE wEnT 2 Da RiVeR SiDe 2 Hv oUr BrEakFaSt~
iTs MiHuN... n iTs nT cLeAn aT aLl~ i FoUnd SUM hAiR iN iT... eUuUu~
aFtEr TaT... wE Go 4 fLyIng FoX... iT cOoL LeR~ eVeRyOnE tRiEd iT aCcEpT KaLiF~
i DuNnO y He DuN wAn 2 pLaY~
tHeN wE hV OuR LuNcH n ReSt TiLl 3p.m... wE Go 4 aNoThEr GaMe... iN tAt GaMe~ wE brEaK iNtO fEw GrOuPs...
1sT iS sLiPpY WaLk...
ThEn wE hV 2 CrAw In ThE RiVeR UnDeR tHe LeAfs TaT tHeY pRePaReD...
aFtEr TiS iS JuNgLe tReKkIn~
4tH iS wE Hv 2 JaLaN LyK aNaK ItIk iN dA WaTeR...
tHeN wE Hv 2 WaLk oN dA BaTaNg oF tReE~ wE KeNoT FaLl dOwN... iF wE fAlL~ wE Hv 2 ReDo...
tHeN wE hN 2 cLiMb dOwN tHrOuGh a BiG tReE MiA BaTaNg... iTs eMpTy InSiDe... HaHax... DuN gt sHoCk~
LaStLy iS... wE Hv 2 cLiMb uP fRoM dA FoReSt n RuN tIlL dA pLaCe wHeRe wE StArT n RePoRt~
aLl oF Us gT WeT... n wE Go InTO a pLaCe SpLaSh OuR BoDy bCoS wE R wEt... n We JuZ wAn oUr BoDy gT WeT... ThEn dA GuY CoMe iN n SpLaSh uS TiLl oUr hAiR aLsO gT WeT~
ThEn gO BaCk... TiMe... wE aSk 4 TeAcHeR's PeRmItTiOn 2 gO iN 2 Da RiVeR... Da WaTeR gOeS VeRi vErI FaSt TiLl i aLwAyS LoSt mY BaLaNcE n aLmOsT KeNa fLy aWaY... LuCkIlY My fRiEnD PuLl mE...
aFtEr TaT... wE BaTh n PrEpArE... tHeN DiNnEr...
aFtEr FiNiSh eAtIn... wE wAiT n WaIt TiLl 9 sUmThIng n Hv oUr CaMp FiRe... DaMn BoRiNg Ler... tHEy DiN pRePaRe aNyThInG tHeRe... n wE WenT BaCk aT 10 sUmThiNg... n sUm oF Us LePaK aT da CoRrIdOoR tHeRE... tHeN 12a.m... wE CeLeBrAtE JiA YiNg's bUfdaY~
wE GaVe HeR sUm SuPrIsE!!! iTs FuNnY aNyWaY~
i CaNt TeLl u~ iTs dA SeCrEt aMoNg uS~
tHeN wE LePaK TiLl 3a.m...
n wE sLePt~

2nD dAy
WaKe uP aT 6.30.a.m... pRePaRe dE... tHeN 7 sUmThiNg wE Go wAt SeNaMaN~ n Hv oUr bReAkFaSt...
tHeN wE Go 4 dA tReE tOp WaLk~
iTs NiCe...
tHeN wE pLaY iN dA RiVeR AgAin TiLl 11.30a.m...
tHeN PrEpArE dE... hV LuNcH de...
tHeN BaLik RuMaH~

i eNjOyeD MySeLf ThErE...
hV LoT oF FuN tHeRE...
ToOk LoT oF PiC ThErE...
n NoE LoT oF sEcReT... KeNoT TeLl!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

*rUb EyEs*

So FaSt!
pReFeCt CaMp CoMiNg dE... HoLiDaY CoMiNg dE... eXaM CoMiNg dE... n MY BUFDAY CoMiNg dE...
KeSiAn mE~
y pRiNcIpAl wAnNa PuT eXaM AfTeR HoLiDaY???
bCoS TiS... i DuN tHiNk mY MoM WiLl LeT mE gO Qb LeR~
i MiSs u, Qb!!!
WaT LaR... pRiCipAL!!!!!
i OnLi sTuDy SeJaRaH fOrM 1 BaB 1 n 2 aLmOsT FiNiSH NiA~
gEnG LeH???
HoPe cAn FiNiSh sTuDy LaR~


Sunday, August 10, 2008

oPeN cErEmOnY oF bEiJiNg oLaMpIc

OpEn CeReMoNy oF bEiJing oLaMpIc~
iT wAs So AWESOME!!!
aLl dA PeRfOrMaNcE wErE So gEnG n cOoL~
ThEy MiGhT pRaCtIsE 4 LoNg TiMe aGo LeR...
i tHiNk eVeRyOnE DiD wAtCh TiS rYt???
iF u DiN... n KeSiAn u... u MiSs iT!!! u SeRiOuSlY MiSs It!!!
i LyK dA LaSt PaRt Da MoSt...
wHeN Li NiNg fLyIn iN dA AiR~
aCt LyK RuNnInG On dA AiR...
n aFtEr TaT u NoE wAt HaPpEnEd LaR...
iT sO cOoL n YeNg LeR...
bT 2 bAd...
iF HiS BoDy iS sLiM tHeN MoRe NiCe Ler...


Friday, August 8, 2008

oLaMpIc bEiJiNg~

aBt 10MiNuTeS tOgO TiLl 8.08p.m dE...
CaNt wAiT 2 sEe Da OpEn CeReMoNy oF oLaMpIc LeR~
gUeSs iT WiLl gT aWeSoMe LeR~
F.Y.I... TiS yEaR oLaMpIc Is iN bEiJiNg, cHiNa LeR~
n It WiLl sTaRt 2dAy... iT iS 2008yEaR.08MoNtH.08DaY 8o'cLoCk.08MiNuTeS.8SeCoNd LeR...
cOoL rYt~
8 aLl~
oWh yA~
Da MoSt iMpOrTaNt ThInG iS... Da 5 "Fu wA" iTs So dAmN CuTe LeR!!!
i'm FiNdIn 4 a KeY-cHaIn tAt iN 1 KeY-cHaIn gT 5 "Fu wA" tOgEtHeR wAn LeR...
bCoS iF 1 kEy-cHaIn 1 "fU wA" VeRi eXpEnSiVe...
n TiLl nOw i sTiLl cAn FiNd yEt~
aNyOnE cAn HeLp mE???
LeT mE ShOw u Da PiC LeR...

CuTe rYt??
oF CuZ~
HeK hEk~

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Am i cRaZy???

*cLiCk nEw PoSt*
yEa RyT... i cLiCk TiS WiThOuT aNy ReAsOn AgAiN... >.<
aM i cRaZy???
SuDdEnLy cLiCk *nEw PoSt* bT Hv No iDeA wAt 2 PoSt...
i MeMaNg cRaZy MiA LaR~
iF u cLoSe 2 mE ThEn i tHiNk u NoE~


Sunday, August 3, 2008

CuTe LaYoUt

u R iN Da RyT bLoG!!!
CaMy's bLoG!!!
DuN gT ShOcK~
YeA... u R iN Da rYt bLoG~ cHeCk dA UrL oN uR LeFt HaNd SiDe... xDDD
iF i MiSs 2 LiNk u oR wAt... TeLl mE yEa...
i Hv 2 ReDo eVeRyThInG... bCoS i 4gEt 2 SaVe iT~ n ItS dA 1sT TiMe i cHaNge mY LaYoUt... i DuNnO Hv 2 ReDo EvErYtHiNg iF i cHaNgE dA LaYoUt... So sRy Ya~
u UsEd 2 dAyS 2 dO Da LiNk n bLaH kAy~ bT Of CuZ... i DiN cOpY Da bLoG LaYoUt fRoM 1 WeBsIte WaN laR~
n NoW~
FiNaLlY dOnE dE..
So HaPi!!!
LuRvE iT sO MuCh~
iTs CuTe!!!
n SMILE~ =)