Monday, September 20, 2010

The Smile is Back =)

My templete cute ryt? :P
actually found a more simple and nice one. bt the stuff stuck down there too.
and super thx to YOUR help, including those who comment or tried to help *you noe who u are. be perasan and juz admit it!* =D
owh yea, my previous templete was provided by blogger =X
so end up i change my layout. which is tis one. =D
not tat messy anymore and nice ryt? ;P
was so down before this. ppl even ask me to delete my blog and redo another one.
bt HEY! how can i delete my blog juz lyk tat? my purpose to blog is to keep those memories.
and i juz got my domain not even one month. O.o
and my smile is back xP
click on my ads yea ppl. thx again. =)


Nana Eddy said...

cute blog! like the owner :)

Dori Lukey said...

haha second nana's comment! the owner is way better than the layout! haha

mistarJ said...

hi hi, finally got ur template up and running. Great! :-)

Mel © said...

credit to me...hahahahahaha

SiMon Har said...

nice template! keep up your great work!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Nice template (:

Rachel said...

finally hur, are u asking me to perasan n admit its me? hahaha kidding =]

Ken Wooi said...

yeap.. nice template =)

Janessa said...

Your new template is cute! I'm tempted to redo mine. :P

Camy said...

Nana, LOL! dun say so. i'll shy =D


RJ, yeaa. happy wif it =D

Kehidupan Kita, true. thx alot

Simon, okay ;P

Hilda, Thx

Rachel, yea. gud u perasan! thx yea ;P

Ken, thx =D

Jan, ahahahhaha. go redo =D

Steven said...

This is perhaps my final gift to you. =D Butler will not be around anymore you know. Take care yeah.

Camy said...

Steven kick u

Jamie Wong said...

cubit!! very cute :)