Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Girl VS Boy

http://www.c-a-m-y.com/Girl can live without guys, but guys cant live without girl.
u agree???
tat's wat my BM teacher told us in class.
think properly and you'll realise.
there are so many single ladies who succeed on themselves.
according to him, actually there's only 10% of guyswho succeed on themselves.
most of the guys actually hv a wife who support them.
how can they focus on their work when they need to take care of the family without the wife's help?
as time flies, you can find alot of househusband instead of housewife.
if you watched those old chinese movie.
last time girl used to wear pants while the guys where skirt*i think it called skirt ryt?*.
life will change ppl! =D we'r getting more modern.
girls' requirement for their boyfriend or husband is getting higher nowadays.

guy,tis is what you must hv before you wanna chase after a girl ;P
1) humor - who wants a partner who don't laugh when you tell jokes? and without humor, ur relationship wif be boring~ *bt not too over, sumtimes your partner will find it annoying?*
2) know how to do housework - tis is super important as nowadays girl r lazy or don't like to do housework. bt they worry if the maid may seduces you. so its better if you do it :D
3) talented - girls love romantic. sing a love song for her or play any instrument on ur date will make her fall in love deeply in you.


rebecca said...

Agreed,Camy...Awesome post!!!

Ronnie said...

girls and guys are balanced...!!

Unknown said...

Correct, correct. :) Can't help it larr being attached to a girl. lols

Dori Lukey said...

ehh stereotype! gay guys can live without girls what

Jamie Wong said...

im on your side! hahah :D girls, put your hand up! yea yea

TOLANIC said...

Your teacher is sux. Both genders need each other. =)

Elvin said...

Agree! hahaha. However, i think it all depends on the person, not gender. hahaha

chris federick said...

tick tick and tick :D no wonder im such a great catch haha.

Anonymous said...

What are butlers/maids for then if the guy have to do everything?

Camy said...

wei, hehehe. gud u agree. xP

Ronnie, LOLLLL. never laa

Victor, awwwwww

Lukey, LOL!. gay guys??

Jamie, weee! *hands up!

Tolanic, its the fact. accept it. =D

Elvin, ahahhahaha. maybe?

chris, LOLLLLLL.

Anonymous, who r u?