Friday, September 17, 2010

Holiday Mood

i'm still having the holiday mood.
i don't want to go to school when the next day is holiday again =(
bt the good girl like me will feel guilty if i skip school.
went to school with a super duper sleepy face and i was kinda late to school.
thanks to the rain so i won't be recorded. *i'm a prefect which suppose to be early to school.*
school was boring. less than half of the students in my class came to skool as i expected. which is 14/37.
teachers did not teach today.
Some of the teachers still haven't mark out test paper.
Some that is hardworking already finish marking.
My results for this exam are super T_T
can't blame anyone. i've to admit i didn't study much for tis test.

Most of the schools reopen today.
number of my visitors go down. =(
and i just miss my old fringe. D:


Jual Pakaian Murah said...

jangan malas pergi skola maa.

Jual Pakaian Murah said...

jangan malas pergi skola maa.

CzChooi said...

Im always in the holiday mood! lol

Camy said...

Uzair, ahahaha. memang malas la x)

Czchooi, kenot always la. ltr kenot study =X

Steven said...

lazy boss ~~ but it must be a crime to ask people to go to school when it should be a holiday right?

EggieYeen said...

So weird, ur cbox gone o.O

Glo-w~* said...

have fun in school ^^

Jamie Wong said...

you look cute in school uniform! wink wink

Camy said...

Steven. haiyo. reali sien wan u noeee.

Jia Yeen, i dunno wat's wrong. my side bar gone T_T

Glow, ahhhh. no fun no fun T_T

Jamie. LOL! thx

Natasha MDG said...

i also malas! haha. i didn't do my assignments yet. tomorrow class starts! what to do! haha