Tuesday, September 7, 2010


so.... tis fella asked me to blog abt him *sorry for the blur pic* =X
he is a super blurr n cute guy.
he's the DSLR ownerrrr.
he own a Nikon D5000. I'm super jealous abt it.
as u noe i siao DSLR bt i dun hv 1. sad case ryt? =(
tat's y i lyk to steal his DSLR away when its wif him xD
he promise to buy me a DSLR in the future. *ppl be my saksi kay* xP
he's willing to sell his kidneys to buy me a DSLR too. so any of u who wanna buy kidneys plz contact Me or Him. =D

n lastlyyyy.. The blur fella own a BLOGGG
livebyblurness.blogspot.com *sern. c i so gud. promote ur blog* =)

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