Sunday, September 26, 2010


Since we din held any primary skool gathering tis year.
Zuyi Organized it veri last minutes.
the plan was actually Neway *a new KTV in Queensbay* - Movie - take tanglung by the seaside.
bt the tanglung planned was cancelled bcos it might be too late.
and i wont be goin too bcos have ttn after tat.
met up wif friends at 11.45 in front of the neway.
was given a 8 ppl's room at first.
bt people keep coming. and there's no enough place to sit.
so changed to VIP room.
which was veri veri big. hv 3 tv inside and 1 toilet.
the toilet was so nice.
u can look at urself pee-ing there >.<
the food there was suck =.=
thx to kah ho, we went real high tat time. =D
see, most of them actually standing at the sofa there jumping.
u cant c me in the pic. i was the one taking pic. ;P

and ended our wif the NOBODY song. which the 3 siao kia was dancing there.
do u think the white shirt gut in the pic has high potential to be a gurlz? :D
after tat went to starbucks and talked.
around 4.30. left 6 person sitting there and talk. others all went to watch wall street.
i heard tat they regret watching it bcos its all abt financial. LOL
and 6 of us enjoyed sitting at starbucks.
talking abt our stories, our skool and so on~
glad tat tis gathering was kind of succeed =D


calvinn said...

waaa KTV! i wanna go also! nanged and visited!

Camy said...

Calvinn, ahahahha! let's go!

chris federick said...

wow fun, i love karaoke, can sing alone for 5 hours straight :P said...

School gatherings are very boring for me, most of the people do not meet you like they used to back in school. But it is good that you enjoyed.