Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Highhh

weelala~ my prob is solved!
million thx to Blackie for teaching me!!! ;P
i changed my templete =D
it started bcos i accidentely press the wrong button.
i seriously went mad tat time..
then after liking my new templete, sumthing went wrong wif my post again..
tanjung rambutan almost hv a new member. >.<
now its solved!
u can c smile on my face now, juz lyk the smile in tat pic :) :) :)
so now u guys can follow my blog n comment on my post too ^^


Janessa said...

Haha! Such a dark template. But its nice!

Ken Wooi said...

dark is mysterious =)

Lachmanasegran said...

haha..tanjung rambutan ... new member!!HAHAHA..i like tat sentence..wooo..ur tempt very cool wei!

Camy said...

Jan n ken, thx yea ;P
lovesfashiondiva, ahaha. yea. they almost hv new member =X. thx alot =D i like it too

Camy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mel © said... template cutie..

p/s visit mine

Camy said...

the Kehidupan Kita, kay i'll =D

dknypg83 said...

lol... jz dropping by to say hi... so, hi!! :p nice blog u hv here... keep it up!! cheers...