Friday, September 24, 2010

Piranha's Phone

Scene 1
Camy : Adrian, beware of ur toilet bowl kay. i'll put piranha in it =D

Adrian : *think a while* nvm i can flush away *show a smile*

Camy : do u know piranha is fish? they can swim back??*open eyes widely look at him*

Adrian : haaaaaa. *wondering how*

Scene 2
Camy : i usually use my Digi line. Maxis line i use lousy phone mia. same like Priyanna's phone.


Camy : Piya........ LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

if one day piranha use phone, tat must be after few centuries.
when the technology is super advance wei. LOL


Dori Lukey said...

got buffalo phone me? and dat adrian is cute :p

bendan said...

Piranha is very scary ok.. they EAT phone!! =="

Camy said...

Lukey, buffalo?? O.o LOLLLL

Bendan, ahahaha. they eat human's meat wooo!

laila said...

LOL! now I cant look at a toilet without thinking about piranhas! xp

Mizzyan said...

O_o quite blurr with the second one but i loike the first hahaa :p

Adrian Lim said...

Ish ish ish :P

Hilda Milda™ said...

LOL then the phone must be waterproof :P

Lachmanasegran said...

HAHAHA..i want a piranha phone!!

Chuckie Cotton said...

Say no to pirahna lor...darn freaky.

Anonymous said...

Lol... speechless =.=

Ken Wooi said...

addicted to piranha? lol

Camy said...

laila. LOLLLL. dun scare =D

mizzyan, the priyanna is my friends. LOL

Hilda, yeaaa. must! LOL

lovesfashiondiva, LOL. go design 1 =D

Chuckie, u scare? AHAHAH

ken, yea. kinda