Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!!!! Happy Mooncake Festival!!!!!
yesterday when i walked pass my apartment's garden after tuition
the garden was so quiet. there was only one lantern hanging on the plant. so sad =(
remember last time. every year, few day before tis festival i'll surely go down to the garden and play wif my neighbours. *memories coming back =X*
hide and seek~
ice man~
play with fire~
collect dry leaves and burn~
dare each other to touch fire~
drop the burning candle's wax on our hand~
try to surround a small part of garden wif our candle~ *which we always fail doin tat bcos either not enough candle or the candle light out too fast*
although sometimes wat we did scared us and we know tat its very dangerous doing it.
bt at least we enjoyed ourselves. ;P
it was juz so fun.
day by day, year by year, everyone grown up.
the fun time was gone.
tis festival never tat fun to me anymore =(
some of them moved out.
some tat still here will juz feel shy to talk to each other when we meet.
bt the memories of playing together will always be there =D
the laughter. the joyful moment. :)


bendan said...

Great day huh!! ^u^

Happy belated Mooncake Festival!!

Lachmanasegran said...

happy belated mooncake festival!!=D..

Elvin said...

Happy Mooncake Festival! haha

Camy said...

Bendan, Lovesfashiondiva XOXO, and Elvin, same to u guysss

Anonymous said...

Hi. Bet you enjoyed your moon cake festival. Take care yeah =D

Kimberly Cardenas said...

omg! I love autumn!! this is so cute!!! I love your blog baby! Following you now(: Would appreciate so much if you could follow my fashion blog babe!


Camy said...

Anonymous, ahaha.thx

Kim Carfashion, thx =D