Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First try on Rapid

Its quite some times that penang have the Rapid service.
bt i only tried once wif my mom on the first 3 days tat they provide free service. =X
so my friend organized an outing which one of the main purpose is to try on rapid. *yeah. most of us never try before*
Destination : Gurney Plaza
Time : 11 morning
Bus Stop : in front of Tesco Extra
yea.. its 11 morning. n we girls reached the bus stop at around 11.15.
can see all the guys were sitting there waiting. We are QUEEN!xP

the bus came at 11.45 and we reached Gurney about 1 o'clock.
as usual. we are always the noisiest no matter where we go =X
had A&W as our lunch there.
then the guys went Toy R Us and the girls went shop around.
joined the guys at toy r us and Nat wanted to hv her lunch. she bought us to Manila Place.
took tis pic there. i super lyk the effect. look like forest ryt? =D
watched Vampires Suck after that.
owh ppl. dun ever go watch this movie.
Its super lameeeee n reali SUCK!
wasted my $$ T_T

everyone super regret watching tat.
so to make the day nice. we watched PIRANHA 2D *we got our way to go in the 18 movie ;P*
tis movie was SUPER AWESOME!!! although some screen kinda scary. bt its worth!
and We laughed during the movie when the whole cinema was super quiet. COOL ryt?? :P
went home after tat and its fun scaring Adrian! =D

p/s: click on my nuff ads yea ;P


Hilda Milda™ said...

woots someone sneak in to a 18+ movie :p

Jaerragus said...

Piranha's ok...and Vamps Suck suck... said...

hahahaha i had a funny memory abt the rapid bus....

Weird Dan said...

To me, the movies not scary at all the phirana... coz I prefer watching ghost stories

Steven said...

naughty boss =D

Camy said...

Hilda, hehe. shhhhhhhhh

Jearragus, piranha is fun scaring ppl. LOL. yea. super suck , wat memory? share?

weirdDan, ahahahha. its not ghost movie, its lyk disgusting movie.

Steven. u bad la

John said...

which movie is 18+ de? btw, u must be no read my la. i said edi it kns.

Camy said...

John, Piranha is 18+, yea. tat time din follow ur blog yet =X

CherryWillBlossomForever© said...

Piranha is somewhat like a copy cat of JAWS don't you think? with the same poster & all.

But main thing is have fun with ur gals! I miss laughing my ass off in quiet cinemas..hoho!

~Joeanney~ said...

pro girl, can sneak in, haha!

Camy said...

Nicolette, Jaws? a movie? din watch =X. yeaa. its nice laughing in quiet cinema xP

Joanney, ahahahhaha xP