Saturday, January 10, 2009

1st Week Of Skool

p/s : click on nuffnang ads beside when u visit my blog plz.. i'm out of $$$.. thx.. F.Y.I.. i'm still an innocent gurlz.. plz dun suspect me.. all kind of lurve stuff i wrote its juz 4 fun =)

the 1st week of my skool life ady end...
time reali flies reali fast >.< color="#3333ff" size="5">#the day be4 skool reopen.. i slept 4 few hours onli.. lying on the bed until 1 or 2 sumthing *guess so* onli fall asleep.. after tat pulak haven reach the time 2 sleep ady sleepy.. =.=
#my class teacher is Pn Zurina.. tis year is the 2nd year she teach me BM.. haiz.. 4 me.. her class is boring.. >.<
#its the 1st week n i ady gt lots of H/W such as.. kh.. maths.. bi.. bm. geo.. sej.. sivik.. wow.. almost all the sub.. -.-
#i be the AJK tingkatan in the club i joined.. bcos there'r onli 5 ppl in my form n i am the lucky one..
#tuition h/w >.<
#i miss 2 days of studies in skool in tis week..
blahh.. i dunno wat anymore..
i noe i've lots of things 2 do summore..
juz wish my self all the best.. LOL

there's a long journey waiting 4 me.........

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