Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese New Year

p/s: my didi ady okay =) click on my nuffnang yea =)

CHINESE NEW YEAR!! left 3 more days 2 go....
its a big day 4 all the chinese =)
omg.. so excited 2 gt angpau n c my relatives.. $$$$
well.. tis year.. the goverment veri kind.. they gave us 1 week of holidays! yay!
same lyk previous year.. i've 2 go back 2 SEREMBAN wif my families 4 few days...
maybe i'll be back on next saturday?
Seremban is my hometown.. so terpaksa lar..
its nice tat i gt 2 meet my cousins..
bt its bad tat i've 2 sit in the car for 5 or 6 hours.. haiz.. ass pain lar..
summore.. i'm gonna be bored after all my cousins go back >.<.. so sms me when u r free =)
i guess tis week i wont be back 2 KEDAH.. always wan lar..
Seremban is my dad's side while Kedah is my mom's side..
i dun think i can enjoy my CNY much ler..
there'r lot of hw i need 2 do.. such as karangan.. tatabahasa.. komsas.. kh.. sej.. eng.. sivik.. geo.. n few more.. c.. pity me ler..
bside tat.. i cant attend my friend's open house!!! ahh! i wan 2 go!!!!
hmmm.. hv 2 go setle my stuff de..
2moro hv 2 go Seremban.. its the last post before CNY..

This year is Cow year..
so i wish everyone HAPI NIU YEAR!

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